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Original testimonies of converts during Spurgeon’s early years

Drawn from the early years of Spurgeon’s remarkable London ministry, these 138 testimonies of conversion form part of an archive of some 15,000 such accounts at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Here is a powerful reaffirmation of the transforming power of the Gospel in individual lives. Also provides insights into the signs of conversion looked for by the elders, and the questions put to converts.

Here too is a fascinating glimpse into life in Victorian London, with accounts of servants, crossing sweepers, hatters and factory workers, artisans and middle class converts, brimming with social interest.

Illustrated with facsimile pages of notes by C H Spurgeon and elders, and photographs of London life at that time.

Read some example testimonies in the article Tabernacle Conversions in 1860.

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43 Alfred Road, Kennington Park

Had a pious mother who now lives in Devonshire. As soon as out of parental control by coming to London, took up with wicked and ungodly companions, became fond of the theatre and ballroom and became a ringleader in vice. He and two of his companions resolved one Sabbath day to go to hear Mr S when a sermon from the words ‘Whosoever will let him come and take of the water of life freely’ was by the Spirit of God applied to his heart. After the service was over he left his ungodly companions, went home and fell upon his knees in prayer being sorrowfully impressed on account of sin, and prayed the Lord would forgive him. He then opened the Bible and there found the passage ‘though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow &c’. All this time he came without a Mediator, and wondered his prayer was not heard for he was sure he was the person described, until at length light dawned in upon his soul.

He then pleaded the blood of Christ and while upon his knees this time he believes the Lord heard and answered him for ever since then he has become a changed man. The things he once hated he now loves and those he once loved he now hates. He feels very anxious for his soul’s salvation. His only hope is in a crucified Saviour. Is also anxious for his fellow workmen and speaks to them as often as he can although subjected to great ridicule and contempt. Is anxious and willing to do something for Christ either in the Sabbath School or wherever he can be useful. Knows the grace of God has kept him up to the present time and believes it will keep him until the end. It was with pleasure and also with gratitude to our Heavenly Father I gave this dear brother a card for Sunday. He is a brand plucked from the burning. His wife is coming forward next week.

W Mead 

14 White Hart Street, Kennington

Is the son of Bro May. Was impressed from early age with sense of the need of religion and under those feelings used to attend the house of God on Sabbath days, but having been induced to go to Park St to hear Mr S the first sermon which was upon the ‘Canopy of Heaven’ made a great impression and induced him to attend the next Sabbath morning at the Music Hall which he thinks was ‘A Call to the Unconverted’ which produced the impression that up to that time all had been wrong, and indeed he had wasted his time, and went home very sad. Could not explain to anyone what he felt but was greatly exercised on account of the great sinfulness he discovered. He had been in the habit of deceiving his customers behind his employer’s counter. But now he felt he could not pursue that course, felt great compunction of conscience for what he had done and would gladly have restored what he had wrongfully got of them. Believes that he is regenerated by the Spirit of God or he could never have looked to Christ. Trusts entirely to the blood of Christ for salvation.

I was much pleased with this young man. Believe him to be sincere and well informed having had a good religious training. Gave him a card.

J M Ward

12 Perry St, Brompton. Age: 20s

Wants to join the membership but does not attend Tab. He is very chatty – has very little knowledge but apparently a great deal of self-satisfaction. He can’t attend Mr Hanks’ class and thinks Mr Royes too dry for him – he seems to have only half an ear but seven tongues.

Thomas Moor

This ‘youth’ applied for admission to the College. Recommended him to the evening classes; he attended for a short time. I think the above a very accurate description. CB

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