God Begins a Plan with Abraham

The Call of Abraham (Genesis 11.27-12.9; 15.1-7; 17.1-27; Hebrews 11.8-16)

God Tests Abraham and Reveals His Plan

The Offering of Isaac (Genesis 22.1-19; Hebrews 11.17-19)

Lot Experiments with His Own Plan

Abraham and Lot Part Company (Genesis 12.4; 13.5-13; 14.10-16; 18.16-33; 19.1-30)

God’s Plan for Finding Isaac’s Wife

Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24; Ephesians 3.17-20)

Esau Sells His Share in God’s Plan

Esau Despises His Birthright (Genesis 25.19-34; 26.34-35; 27.1-41; Hebrews 12.16-17)

God’s Plan of Grace

Jacob Is Shown a Ladder up to Heaven (Genesis 27.41-28.5; 28.10-22; Hosea 12.4-6)

Jacob Becomes Israel

The Reunion with Esau (Genesis 32-33)

Joseph is Shown God’s Plans in His Dreams

Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him (Genesis 37.1-35)

The Plan Unfolds – Strangely at First

Joseph’s ‘Ups and Downs’ in Egypt (Genesis 39-40; Isaiah 55.8-9)

The Dreams Come True

Prime Minister of Egypt (Genesis 41 & 42)

The First Plan Completed

The Family Moves to Egypt (Genesis 43-46.27)