A major topic for reaching out to lost souls in preaching. How do we view the order of salvation, the place of persuasion and the offer of the Gospel?

A mistaken view of Calvinism may drain all zeal from evangelism and witness. Here are examples of passive armies which forfeited victory by inertia. By contrast, here are Paul’s warfare texts.


Paul’s Use of Persuasion

Acts 17.1

There is a treasury of information about Paul’s methods in Thessalonica, in both Acts and 1 Thessalonians. We note, for example, that Paul reasoned with the active minds of his hearers, which is rather different from plain exposition. Here is authentic apostolic evangelism.

Gospel Persuasion

John 3.7-8

A consideration of this vital topic from a different perspective as it is pivotal and decisive in securing instrumentality in both witness and preaching. What is the correct view of the order of salvation? Dr Masters showed the authentic Calvinistic doctrine and the practice of Puritan preachers and 18th-19th century worthies of awakenings alike.

The Necessity of Dedicated, Persuasive Evangelistic Preaching

1 Corinthians 9.16

A presentation of the biblical arguments in favour of regular evangelistic preaching as an essential and divinely central thread in ministry under the text ‘Woe is unto me if I preach not the Gospel’.

Sermons for Souls

Exodus 20.3

The Word of God is a mine of appeals to lost souls, having persuasions and urgings for every kind of sinner, with soul-winning words and warnings. Two addresses will show how to recognise and deploy the powerful and varied evangelistic reasoning found in all parts of the Bible, providing an agenda for soul-winning sermons every week of the year, and supplying fuel and illustrations for the personal witness of believers. (Part 2 here)


Physicians of Souls

Peter Masters

‘Compelling, convicting, persuasive preaching, revealing God’s mercy and redemption to dying souls, is seldom heard today. The noblest art ever granted to our fallen human race has almost disappeared.’

Even where the free offer of the Gospel is treasured in principle, regular evangelistic preaching has become a rarity, contends the author. These pages tackle the inhibitions, theological and practical, and provide powerful encouragement for physicians of souls to preach the Gospel.