Four Life-Giving Surprises

Here are essential facts (from John the Baptist) that many people do not know about Christ. (1) He has come to earth, (2) He alone takes away sin, (3) There is no other Saviour of the world, (4) He is easy to approach. You May Be Also Interested in… Video Tract: What is life? Hymns: Alas! And … Continued

The Lamb of God

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Looking More Closely at Calvary

A review of the wonders of the Cross: as a sacrifice, the ‘stripes’ of suffering, the heights of love, the obedience of Christ, His purchase of creation, assurance secured, the power, the example, and the defeat of Satan. How to appreciate Calvary.

Four Unexpected Features of Faith

Most people are surprised – even shocked – when they hear these four vital facts of the Christian faith. Yet these have been the means of drawing vast numbers to seek Christ since He came to earth. Here is how John the Baptist introduced the Saviour

Behold the Lamb of God

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