Looking More Closely at Calvary

John 1.29

A review of the wonders of the Cross: as a sacrifice, the ‘stripes’ of suffering, the heights of love, the obedience of Christ, His purchase of creation, assurance secured, the power, the example, and the defeat of Satan. How to appreciate Calvary.

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Seven Voices of Calvary

In John 12 there are seven ‘voices’ about the Messiah. There is the voice of the people, first of all. Then the voices of prophecy, the witnesses to the raising of Lazarus, the Pharisees, the Gentiles, Christ speaking of his own death, and finally the voice of God speaking from Heaven.

The Unseen Calvary

The cross of Calvary is the heart of the Christian message, for without an atonement for sin there can be no reconciliation with God. Here is God’s call to us from the mysterious three hours of darkness that occurred while Christ suffered for sin. You May Be Also Interested in… Article: Seven Voices of CalvarySermon: Aspects … Continued

Fruits of Calvary

Three verses that present four distinctive aspects of the eternal accomplishments of Christ on Calvary, 1) our personal crucifixion with Him, 2) our deliverance from Satan’s power, 3) our redemption and transfer into the kingdom, and 4) our purifying.  So great was the price paid!