Dr Peter Masters

Sermons on Nehemiah. Jerusalem is in a poor state, leading Nehemiah to prayer. Here see Nehemiah ‘call’ to the civic and spiritual recovery of the land and the entry of the enemy.

Recovery from Spiritual Decline

– Wednesday PM January 23, 2013
Introducing Nehemiah; background information, the shocking news of failure from Judah, the diagnosis (‘our fault’), the admirable prayer, the sacrificial decision to go, and the plea to the king. Twelve key applications – qualifications which secured Nehemiah’s ‘call’ to a mission of civic and spiritual recovery

The Prayers of Nehemiah

– Wednesday PM April 3, 2013
All the prayers of the book reviewed, long and short, to see how God’s servant prayed; his petitions, anxieties, and arguments up to his final ‘eschatological’ pleas looking forward to the revealing of Christ. All the prayers may be ours, and have the last Great Day in view.

Precautions for Recovery

– Wednesday PM January 30, 2013
The demoralised state of Judah (because faith failed) compared with the torpidity of our reformed churches in Britain. Lessons from the hostility of enemies to the stirring of Zion, plus weaknesses within and the need for watchfulness by churches and individual believers. Things to be watched.

Recovery from Spiritual Decline: Enemies and Separation

– Wednesday PM February 13, 2013
Progress reveals enemies who show friendship but plot to kill, and other subtle attempts to stop the work – applications for today. Here also is a brief survey of the duty of biblical separation, its necessity, and the scope for discretion.

Recovering from Spiritual Decline – Priorities in Reform

– Wednesday PM February 20, 2013
The order of reform (temple-walls-populating) equals: (1) worship, (2) defining and defending the faith, (3) evangelism. The calamitous reinvention of the church by evangelicals who reject God’s pattern. Also the revival of exposition and reverent worship, and the promotion of true joy in the Lord.

Recovery from Spiritual Decline: The Obligated Life

– Wednesday PM February 27, 2013
The remnant re-establishing Jerusalem were to enter into formal covenant with God, a type of the sense of obligation and commitment of believers today. Here is the remarkable pattern for true worship and consecration and a list of personal obligations, derived from the chapter.

Recovery from Spiritual Decline: The Enemy Enters

– Wednesday PM March 13, 2013
The wall is complete, but within a few years the enemy is given quarters in the Temple. Confessions of faith are vital but the enemy may still enter by polluted practices. The entry of the world into the church, and what we should do.