Dr Peter Masters

Sermons on 1 and 2 Kings. An obscure prophet explodes on to the scene. Here are wonderful lessons and spiritual illustrations for God’s people, from two of the most notable prophets in the Word of God.

Spiritual Lessons from Elijah

– Wednesday PM November 23, 2011

Spiritual Lessons from Mount Carmel

– Wednesday PM November 30, 2011

Elijah’s Vindication at Horeb

– Wednesday PM December 7, 2011
The spiritual meaning behind Elijah’s withdrawal (not desertion!) from Jezebel’s murderous threats, his deep dismay and despondency at the seeming failure of Carmel events to move hardened Israelites, and his pilgrimage to Sinai seeking light. God’s gracious treatment of His faithful prophet, and his new commission.

God Blesses Individuals

– Wednesday PM January 18, 2012

Analysing Semi-Conversion

– Wednesday PM January 25, 2012
Analysing semi-conversion – Elisha’s servant despite his spiritual advantages fell, and the reasons show pseudo-conversion, its signs, causes and dangers. By contrast the miracle of the floating axe shows a student prophet with marks of grace and dependence on the Lord.

What Elisha’s Prophets Taught

– Wednesday PM February 1, 2012
What Elisha’s prophets taught – alongside the law, salvation and the psalms of spiritual life, they taught God’s lessons from events, including the miracles of Elijah and Elisha. Here are examples of their sermons from miracles, including the siege of Samaria and its overthrow.

Elisha Still Lives

– Wednesday PM February 8, 2012