The Resurrection is a Saving Truth

The Lord’s famous words to Martha, ‘I am the resurrection and the life,’ are required by him to be believed for salvation. Here are the life-giving features of the resurrection, and how these revived the flagging faith of doubting disciples.

A Long-Foretold Resurrection

A review of prophecies that Messiah would rise from the dead, coupled with the sevenfold purpose or message of this supreme act of power. Here is understanding, incentive and authority for a life of holiness, service and dedication to Christ.

Resurrection at the End of Time

Paul presents the resurrection as a representative act, guaranteeing total victory over death. He firmly places our resurrection at Christ’s return when all sin, unbelief and death will end, and shows the final victory-transaction when Christ hands all to the Father. You can look at the different epistles in the New Testament and identify a … Continued