A Long-Foretold Resurrection

John 2.19

A review of prophecies that Messiah would rise from the dead, coupled with the sevenfold purpose or message of this supreme act of power. Here is understanding, incentive and authority for a life of holiness, service and dedication to Christ.

‘They believed the Scripture..’ What Scripture? A reference Bible will, no doubt, take you to Psalm 16 – though some, interestingly, will take you to Psalm 22. And others will take you to Psalm 72. Which Scripture? Well, it’s compounded from the general teaching of the prophets – the sum total of many different passages. ‘They believed the Scripture and [in addition] the words Jesus had said.’ He had told them some three times, on different occasions, that he would be crucified and he would rise from the dead. And he had indicated in other places also. So here is the resurrection of Christ. And what we often do, on Easter Sunday, is go through the events of the resurrection. Sometimes we look at the prophecies. And it’s this latter approach I’d like us to take today – to consider just some of the prophecies of the resurrection of Christ.

Actually, there are many long foretellings. And they fall into two categories. There are prophetic statements in which the resurrection of Christ is implied, very strongly implied – but it isn’t spelled out in plain terms. And then there are a number in which the resurrection is spelled out much more plainly.

But then there’s another category of long prediction in the Old Testament. Because there are so very many passages in the Old Testament that predict Messiah, the coming Christ, as a Redeemer, as a suffering servant – as one who would die. And he is portrayed this way in the ‘types’ and ‘shadows.’ We notice that Christ said, with an intended dual meaning, ‘Destroy this temple, and I will raise it up in three days.’

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