Actively Anticipating Christ the Lord

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 26 November 2023
Introducing 1 Peter with the opening themes, including - why we should love and worship the whole Godhead, the significance of the 'sprinkling' of the blood of Jesus Christ, and the fruit of constantly keeping active and alive our anticipation of eternal glory.

The Life of Anticipation

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 3 December 2023
We are, with Peter, born again into an ever active anticipation (expectation) of a heavenly inheritance. Our duty is to reflect on this, resulting in security and loyalty to Christ. Here, also is the testing and refining of faith.

Refining our Faith

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 2 October 2013

Training for the Christian Life

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 5 September 2012
Girding up the loins of the mind is vital protection from the unprecedented self-indulgence and self-seeking of today's culture, in which what we want, like and enjoy determines everything. Here is Peter's exhortation to manage our thoughts and emotions, with inspired encouragements.

Life in the Light of the End

— Dr Peter Masters | 1:25pm | Wednesday 25 March 2020
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