The Calling of a Preacher

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 2 November 2022
The inner calling of a preacher and its ratification; the required ministerial gifts; the preparation, testing and formation of character; the combined honour and lowliness of the calling, and the assured results, all surveyed in 1 Timothy.

The Real Power of Truth

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 15 July 2012
Timothy was not a special delegate, but a prototype pastor in the Bible's pattern for church order. Here is the true aim of the Gospel - to produce holy and dedicated hearts. Here also is the glory of the Gospel, and how Paul's conversion is a pattern for all others

The Necessity of Conversion

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 14 February 2021
Conversion involves a colossal change in status before God, in our eternal future, and in our character. But why do people recoil from it? Here is the answer, looking at the motives of Saul of Tarsus for rejecting conversion, and the transformation when God drew him to Himself. You May…

How God Turns Hearts

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 1 January 2012
Paul again speaks about his own conversion, showing how God has mercy even for enemies, and how the most unbelieving and hostile heart may be brought to seeking and faith. Here are the details of how cynical unbelief is dissolved, and reconciliation with God comes.

The King Eternal

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 22 July 2012
This magnificent expression of praise describes the Sovereign Ruler. Here is how God determines all things without being the author of sin, together with rich observations drawn from God being eternal, immortal, invisible and exclusively wise. Thinking of His Being promotes our communion, love, holiness and service.

Spiritual Vigour

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 29 July 2012
We are meant to see ourselves as people commissioned by God to engage in a noble warfare, sent on our way with strong promises of success. To avoid failure, and to know the nearness of Christ, we must constantly exercise faith and heed conscience, but do we? Here is how…

Praying for Souls

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 27 November 2013

The Only Mediator

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 26 May 2019
The Bible asserts there is one mediator between God and man. Why is a mediator necessary? Why is there only one? Why cannot people reconcile themselves with God? Why must God do this Himself? Do other religions offer a mediator? What does a mediator achieve for us?

Alternatives to God

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 4 November 2012
A world without God does not recognise God-given standards. It has no 'Book of God' explaining His purpose. It denies life after death. It offers no motives, or effective help to overcome personal wrongdoing, and to live a better life. Here, by contrast, is God's life-plan for us.

The Beauty of the Church

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 13 November 2013

Defining the Church

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 20 November 2013
Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Christ’s Directions to the Church

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 12 July 2023
'But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.'

Greatness of the Truth

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 26 August 2012
Conforming a church to God's pattern must begin with a glimpse of the greatness and glory of Christ and His church (which would shame away today's trivialisation and entertainment). Here is the all-surpassing wonder of 'God manifest in the flesh', and the five powerful proofs.

Avoiding Modern ‘Heresies’

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 27 November 2019
Today numerous false teachings flourish even within conservative and reformed churches, crippling the work of God. Here are common major wrong views of the Bible, of the Godhead, and of salvation spread by leading teachers. The great need of clarity, discernment and a faithful stand.

Constant Communion

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 2 September 2012
The word 'godliness', as used by both Paul and Peter, does not mean holiness but devotion or reverence. Knowing this brings all the exhortations to godliness to life. Here we see what constant devotion is, how it is to be exercised and maintained, and the blessings it brings.

Exercising Gifts

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 24 August 2011
  Related Resources The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts Paul speaks of the revelatory and sign gifts given while the New Testament was being delivered. These were never for individual benefit, but for the whole body. Here they are reviewed , along with the famous analogy showing the mutual dependence and…

The Duty of Contentment

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 25 September 2013
Godliness (reverence) is firmly coupled with contentment (satisfaction), and together they are the source of true riches. Reverence sees God's wisdom, power, love, goodness, providence, protection and plans, while contentment feels them in personal experience, causing us to be lost in wonder, love and praise.

Readiness for the Afterlife

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 2 May 2021
Just as we came into the world with nothing, so we shall leave it. When we appear as souls before our Maker, how will we be provided for? Will we have a Saviour, a pardon for all sin, and eternal life? You May Be Also Interested in… Sermons: The Source of…

The Purpose of Life

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 26 October 2014
Life's end point challenges all our values and goals. Is there a 'next world'? Here are the indications. Also, God's amazing description of Himself, our alienation from Him, and how we may be reconciled to be sure of safe passage on the ultimate day of life.

The Snares of Prosperity

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 21 August 2011
Love of material gain, status and appearance begins with mental desire. Here is why these aims are deceitful, leading to a threefold fall or snare. Here are the hurts, and the vital antidotes that protect and promote spiritual contentment and fruitfulness.

An Agenda for Blessing

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 16 September 2012
Striving for earthly gain and satisfaction makes believers vulnerable to the snare of many longings and lusts, leading to severe spiritual decline and sorrow. Paul appeals to us to flee from these things, giving a six-point agenda for the consecrated life that leads to spiritual fruitfulness.

The Battle for Eternity

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 9 September 2012
'Lay hold on eternal life' was spoken to a preacher, showing the need to grasp eternity as the supreme objective and inspiration and the antidote to complacency and backsliding. Here, too, is why the historic two-nature model for sanctification is the best practical aid to believers.