The Necessity of Spiritual Power

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 19 November 2023
After the Great Commission (Mark and Matthew) and the personal, pastoral Great Commission (of John) we turn to the commission in Luke and Acts, noting the accelerated education of the apostles, new reliance on the Holy Spirit and primary work of evangelism.

A New Era Of Power

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 28 February 2016
Luke's magnificent inspired record of the first decade of the church provides far more than history. Here are doctrines, duties, patterns for church life, methods and priorities, joined with examples of faith and patience in both blessing and persecution. This is authentic Christian living.

God’s Sanctifying Work Within

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 6 March 2016
In the interval between the resurrection and Pentecost, remarkable advances were accomplished in the apostles. Here we see their inner lives, grasp of the Word, high view of service and total submission to God's authority, and our own inner development is challenged.

The Necessity of the Local Church

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 15 February 2023
'And in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples, and said... Men and brethren, this scripture must needs have been fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost by the mouth of David spake before concerning Judas, which was guide to them that took Jesus. For he was numbered…

The Purpose of Pentecost

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00pm | Sunday 13 March 2016
How could the apostles survive the inevitable hostility of Jews and Gentiles after the Lord's ascension? The miracle of Pentecost was powerfully reassuring, but it also conveyed to them vital principles for the church age. These are here reviewed, along with the power given.

The Astounding Sermon

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 20 March 2016
The first sermon of the Christian church (and of Peter) is amazing in structure and clarity, never swerving from lifting up Christ and pressing the necessity of repentance and faith. It also reflects the powerful work of Christ in preparing the apostle for such a task.

God’s Overwhelming Power

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 22 March 2015
Conversion occurs when God's call suddenly cuts and pierces the heart as never before. It so often comes when a preacher, without histrionics, presents the needs of the soul. Here is the first sermon of the Christian church, that had this effect on thousands.

Fruits of Pentecost

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 3 April 2016
The characteristics of people converted through the first sermon of the young church. These serve today as the signs of spiritual life to comfort and encourage (or to challenge) all who hear the call of Christ. Also, the community of goods applied today.

The Living Christ

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 10 April 2016
The healing of the disabled man in the temple before the evening sacrifice led to Peter's second recorded sermon - an inspired 'masterclass' in convicting contrasts, resulting in thousands of conversions, and yielding lessons on Christ's presence in the lives of His people today.

The Gospel Proved

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 17 April 2016
In his second temple sermon, Peter proves from prophecy that Jesus is Christ. When arrested, he trusts God in answering the Sanhedrin, receiving a marvellous measure of vindication. The pattern for this being - prove the Gospel, trust the power of God, see vindication in witness.

The Power of Faithfulness

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 1 May 2016
With the leading apostles arrested, the new church suffers an apparent major setback, but the superior power of God is honoured in prayer, not for relief, but for success of the word, and they are answered in transformed hearts. Here are the lessons.

The Struggle for Sincerity

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 8 May 2016
The judgement upon Ananias and Sapphira for their hypocrisy stunned the early church and the wider public. This exceptional event marked God's hatred of insincerity, to which believers are constantly pressed by Satan. Here are the lessons for promoting personal integrity and freedom from self.

Impact of The Word

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 15 May 2016
Explaining first the sign miracles and their special purposes for the apostolic age. Secondly, the primacy of preaching for the conversion of the lost. Thirdly, the differences between the disciples and the chief priests and rulers, and their significance for us today.

Counted Worthy to Suffer

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 22 May 2016
The apostles face an enraged Sanhedrin, but stand firm. Council members want them dead, but the counsel of Gamaliel (though proud and foolish) came to their aid and they are flogged and released. Boldly they teach and evangelise everywhere. Here are the applications to us.

The Rule for Church Expansion

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00pm | Sunday 29 May 2016
In this record of extraordinary awakening among people in and around Jerusalem comes the implementation of Christ's first rule of church government, the two approved 'methods' of ministry, the inevitability of opposition and the necessity of preaching for conviction of sin.

Faith in the Ultimate Promise

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 5 June 2016
Stephen, in showing the Sanhedrin the roots of their hostility to Christ, also traces the typical call of God out of the world, the obedience and trials of faith, and the supreme promise of eternal glory that keeps believers all for Christ.

Only God Can Change People

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 3 February 2013
Moses tried in vain to liberate Israel from slavery at 40 years of age. Then at 80 he succeeded, by divine intervention. He applied the lesson to any person seeking a new life from God. Here are remarkable parallels which show us the way.

Stephen’s Finest Hour

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 19 June 2016
Stephen proved to the Sanhedrin the disaster of Israel devoting herself to visible symbols while opposing real faith in Messiah. Here are the lessons for us. When they stoned him, he prayed for their salvation, a prayer notably answered in the conversion of Saul.

Simon of Samaria

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 26 June 2016
Luke's record of how intense persecution served to spread the Gospel extensively; how a city in superstitious subjection to sorcery was captivated by the Gospel, and how a double-minded 'convert' and prototype prosperity preacher was exposed by apostles. Encouragement and warnings for us.

The First African Profession

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 3 July 2016
The risen Lord had sent the Gospel to the 'uttermost part of the earth' and now Philip is made the historic instrument who would begin that mission. The core of his witness was Calvary, and the result a full-hearted profession. Here are the lessons.

Preparing Paul the Apostle

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 10 July 2016
How Saul the persecutor experiences conviction of sin, transformation, and the proving work of God to prepare for his magnificent work - the Gentile mission. Here also are the elements of church life to be honoured to secure the 'comfort of the Holy Ghost' and growth.

The Gentile Door Inches Open

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 17 July 2016
Saul's 3 years in Damascus and 7-8 years in Tarsus - the long years of preparation and proving, and the reasons why. Then the significance of Peter's two great miracles as God prepared the way for the Gentile mission.

The Great Event for Gentiles

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 24 July 2016
The 66 verses devoted to the visit of Peter to Centurion Cornelius tells us that God's orchestration of the start of Gentile evangelism with the sealing of the ceremonial law, was an epochal event. No wonder it required authenticating angels and visions.

How to Think as Christians

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 14 August 2016
Steeped in mistaken Jewish culture, early converts shunned the Gentiles, but God amazingly transformed them to embrace Gentile salvation. The Word still trains believers to think, saving them from conforming to the unreasoned opinion-culture of social media, and rooting them in obedience to Christ.

Flesh Against Spirit

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 18 September 2016
Only inspired history could provide this view of the war between fallen human nature (driven by Satan), and the work of the Spirit. Here is Herod Agrippa's attempt to crush the church, and the power of prayer in keeping Gospel mercy flowing.

Miraculous Assurances

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 25 September 2016
At Antioch the Lord established an autonomous church, and here He begins the Gentile mission. Paul is soon endorsed by a God-given miraculous deed as His apostle. But young Mark fails to grasp the historic moment, and leaves. What about us?

How Paul Preached Christ

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 2 October 2016
Here is the first sermon of the Gentile mission, and the first of Paul's to be reported in detail. Preached in a synagogue to Jews, and yet made understandable to Gentiles, we see the apostle's method, his emphasis on Christ, and his urgings and warnings.

Conditions for Blessing

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 9 October 2016
As the Gentile mission reaches Iconium and Lystra, great lessons emerge about times of soul winning and blessing, especially how persecution is provoked, the tenacity of God's people is increased, and any form of accommodation with the culture and religions of the world is shunned.

The Sole Source of Authority

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 16 October 2016
The independent Church of Antioch protests to Jerusalem about false teachers from there who have visited them. Wrongly called a 'Church Council', here are the facts of what took place and how apostles asserted divine revelation as the only source of doctrine and directions.

The Surprising Journey

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 23 October 2016
The beginning of Paul's second missionary journey is full of unexpected events – a key helper appears, the Spirit blocks progress, redirection to Europe takes place, Luke amazingly coincides with the mission – all events reflecting the sovereign hand of God in the Christian life.

Imitating Paul at Philippi

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 30 October 2016
At Philippi on the second missionary journey Paul and Silas are falsely charged, flogged and flung bleeding into jail. But their deportment and witness manifests sincerity, steadfastness, and sympathy for individuals to a degree that commends them and challenges us as believers today.

Earthquake of the Soul

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 8 February 2015
The preaching of Paul in Philippi led to his jailing and to the conversion of the hostile jailer, providing a model of how God turns people from spiritual lifelessness and even antagonism to himself, bringing them to a burning awareness of their need of His pardon and power.

One Word that Leads to God

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 18 April 2021
When the jailor of Philippi cried 'What must I do to be saved?', Paul replied in one word: 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ'. No works or deserving or ceremonies were required, only trust in Christ to bring about the transforming power of conversion. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermons: The Characteristics…

Paul’s Use of Persuasion

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 6 November 2016
There is a treasury of information about Paul's methods in Thessalonica, in both Acts and 1 Thessalonians. We note, for example, that Paul reasoned with the active minds of his hearers, which is rather different from plain exposition. Here is authentic apostolic evangelism.

Filling an Empty Life

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 8 July 2012
The dramatic narrative of Paul preaching to deeply cynical philosophers at Athens reveals the collision between opposing views of life - atheistic or Christian. What is the aim and purpose of life? What makes sense? May God be found and known? Here are the timeless answers of God's Book.

The Penalties of Pride

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 13 November 2016
Athens, where pride in learning and culture disabled ability to grasp truth; where pride disdained a supreme God; where pride refused to repent; and where pride displayed its greatest obstinacy. Here grace was largely withheld, and the city of idols left in their 'power'.

Life So Full, Yet So Empty

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 7 April 2019
Why were the philosophers of Athens so eager to hear Paul? What were their beliefs? How did he go about showing their emptiness of thought and their need of Christ, and what were their various reactions? How closely their ideas of God reflect those of today!

The Conversion of Damaris

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 24 April 2022
'A woman called Damaris' appears as a footnote in the biblical account as one who believed in Christ through hearing Paul's great sermon at Mars Hill, Athens. What convinced her? Why did she from that time 'glue' herself to Christ and His teaching? You May Be Also Interested in… Booklet: Seven…

Knowing the Living God

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 7 February 2016
The name of Damaris has been preserved for centuries in every language through the Bible, yet nothing is known of this obscure lady except Paul's sermon that brought her to believe. Here is how she became known to God, and how we may be also.

Unfolding Providences

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 20 November 2016
At Corinth great encouragements came repeatedly to Paul and his fellow missionaries, as they do to all faithful servants of God. First, we review his steadfastness, then see the provision of work, home, fellow-labourers, meeting-place, assurance, and (in Corinth) a special peace from violence.

Signs of Christ’s Presence in the Church

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 27 November 2016
Genuine, living churches will manifest the effects of Christ at work shown in this passage – Christ becomes all to believers, the offence of the cross is known, godly fear is present (alongside joy), believers renounce worldliness, and the Word prevails. Lukewarm churches, show no signs.

Gospel Opposition

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 4 December 2016
From Ephesus the Gospel spread mightily by preaching. Without choirs, vocalists, bands, entertainment or over-the-top preachers, great numbers were saved. Here is the sad mindlessness of the opposition (like today), and views of the apostle Paul's courage and modesty, an example to be followed for instrumentality.

Five Aspects of Apostolic Life

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 11 December 2016
In his ministry, Paul had aims and objectives, seen here, never being in a rut. Much exhortation was given, reviewed here. He endured the rigours of life, and here is why, and saw God's power, as we should also in ways here stated

Paul’s Life Displayed

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 18 December 2016
This most moving (and challenging) farewell address of Paul, given to the Ephesian elders, shows the heart, manner and commitment of a true minister of the Gospel, indebted and loyal to his charge even in the knowledge of very great trials ahead.

Humility Essential for Blessing

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 7 August 2011
Paul's humility not merely partial, but extending to intellect, judgement, spiritual power, preaching and personal requirements. Here are the major forms of pride for us to avoid. How is humility (a conversion gift) lost? Here are helpful answers along with the marks and virtues of humility, and its rewards.

“I Commend You To God”

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 1 January 2017
Paul's charge to the elders of Ephesus urged self-scrutiny, the care and protection of the flock, awareness of the spiritual warfare, emphasis on the Word, and obedience to Christ's command to find happiness as givers of Gospel grace and needed help.

The Church and the World

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 15 January 2017
From Miletus to Jerusalem, believers knew Paul was heading into suffering, and tried to dissuade him. But emotions must yield to God's way, and the age-long hostility to Christ must be demonstrated. Here is the example of the apostle and the lessons for us.

God’s Amazing Overruling

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 22 January 2017
At the end his third missionary journey Paul's long foretold 'captive ministry' is about to begin, his violent arrest serving to repair a serious defect in the vast Jerusalem church. Here is the problem, the shock, the Lord's overruling, and Paul's remarkable 'pulpit'.

“A remnant shall be saved”

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 29 January 2017
Accused by a vast Jewish crowd of being their enemy, Paul, flanked by Roman soldiers, tells of his conversion, and his call to preach to Gentiles. Here are the evangelistic lessons for us, and also the perilous position of the Jewish people and Temple.

Paul’s Final Appeal to Jerusalem

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 5 February 2017
The dramatic record of how God brought the apostle through murderous mobs and organised assassination, to take him under Roman escort on the first step to the capital of the empire, where as 'ambassador in bonds', he would gather many souls.

The Divine Confrontation

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 12 February 2017
Paul's trial in Caesarea shows the hostility of the human heart to the Gospel, the apostle's unchanging priority as he turns his defence into a witness, the impact of God's Word on Governor Felix, and his rejection of amazing mercy. Here are the lessons.

The Christian’s Purpose

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 19 February 2017
Paul, after two years captivity in Caesarea is tried before a new governor of Judea, and offered a 'retrial' in Jerusalem. What will he decide? Here is how he discerned God's guidance. Here also is the relentless hostility of unbelief against him, and its equivalent today.

Christ – Our Supreme Message

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 5 March 2017
In days when so many evangelical leaders make social efforts equal to the Gospel, here is God's commission to Paul, the message to be declared, the apostle's obedience, and the response of human rulers. The Gospel is unquestionably the priority for God's people. The Acts of the Apostles is an…

Hindrances in Finding Christ

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 5 October 2022
Conversion is entirely the work of God, yet Paul is commissioned to open eyes and turn people to repentance. Why do so many struggle to find the Lord? Here are the common faults in repentance which may delay conscious salvation.

Almost a Christian

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 20 July 2014
King Agrippa said, in effect, to Paul, 'You will make me a Christian any moment now'. Here are the differences between knowledge of the Faith, and real experience of God's saving power; also, why we may pull back from yielding to God, and how to resolve this.

Almost a Christian

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 1 August 2021
King Herod Agrippa II exclaimed "almost you persuade me to be a Christian" on hearing Paul's testimony. What so gripped his mind and conscience? And why did he shy away? His reason may be ours also, if we recoil from faith in Christ. You May Be Also Interested in… Video…

Paul’s Triumph in Shipwreck

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 12 March 2017
Paul's fourth shipwreck is recounted, showing that believers will know trials. Paul is the principal person in this event, praying, trusting and encouraging, and God gives him all lives on board. Here are the spiritual lessons that stand out in this unique narrative.

Paul’s Worldwide Pulpit

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 19 March 2017
Paul's journey to Rome, where he would gain the souls of many Jews as well as Gentiles in a 'protected' ministry in the capital of the world. Here are the wonders of God's ways and the apostle's example of determination, compassion and faithfulness.

Why People Do or Don’t Believe

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 19 March 2017
When the apostle Paul preached to the gathered leaders of many Jewish Synagogues in Rome, about half truly believed in Christ, but others did not. But why did half respond and others reject? The answers help us to examine our own response to Christ.