What Can You Trust?

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 21 April 2013
Life is a search for dependable things in an unreliable world. Apart from wilful lies there are countless mistaken ideas, half-truths, empty promises, excuses and exaggerations, not to mention gossip and slander. Here the truthfulness of God is presented and His solid promises to all who come to Him.

The Search for Truth

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 12 December 2021
What is truth? Whether the meaning and purpose of life, or the uttering of truthful words? Why do people lie, while God never does? Here is how we may be certain that God's Word is true, with His call to seek and find Him. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermon: Finding…

God’s Training of Believers

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 5 December 2021
A seemingly unusual but crucial concept given by Paul in this passage is that grace disciplines and trains. Here is how, with the apostle's remarkable summary of the believer's aim and objectives in this present world, as they look eagerly for the Lord's return. Full chapter _____________ Titus 2 But…

The Believer’s Good Works

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 12 December 2021
The apostle commands subjection to ruling authorities and forbids slander of them or others. He reviews our past lives, and gives a 14 point overview of God's mighty work within us, moving us to work for the salvation of others. Full chapter _____________ Titus 3 Put them in mind to…