Christ Himself Answers Our Doubts

Luke 7.19

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Doubts about God have always disturbed people wondering about their souls and the possibility of life after death. Here is how Christ helped doubters in His day to determine what was true, and how He could be approached, found and proved.

‘And John, calling unto him two of his disciples, sent them to Jesus, saying, Art thou he that should come, or look we for another?’

Well, our subject is how Christ himself answers our doubts. When people have not found the Lord, and when they begin to think about the things of the soul, the things about Jesus Christ, when they begin to seek, then inevitably they get some doubts. And you probably have had many doubts if you’re in this position. So it’s very interesting that we read here in this passage about doubts. The doubts appear to be on the surface, doubts held by none other than John the Baptist. I don’t think it’s necessarily John the Baptist who had the doubts. Possibly it’s his disciples. And of course he cannot speak to them as he would like to. He’s in prison. He’s been arrested. He’s in a terrible dungeon.

Fortunately in those days, however badly you were treated, you had to have some visitors because you had to be fed. And the state in those days wouldn’t feed a prisoner. So friends or family had to come in one at a time with food, some of which we’re told by the experts would be stolen by the guards. But there would be contact. And so John the Baptist’s disciples were able to speak to him. And there had been tremendous events in the region. And Jesus Christ had been carrying out remarkable healings. We read about it from verse 11.

‘Now it came to pass the day after that he went into a city called Nain. And many of his disciples went with him and much people. And there was a dead man being carried out to his burial, a young man, the only son of a widow. And much people followed that procession.’ But the Lord, he raised up this young man and he gave him life. And his reputation on the strength of this went round. And in verse 16 we read, ‘there came a fear on all and they glorified God.’ They thought that Christ was undoubtedly from God.

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