From Limited Faith to Fullness of Faith

John 4.48

‘I would ask you to turn this evening to the second scripture passage that we read in the Gospel of John, chapter 4. We shall be thinking this evening of the healing of the nobleman’s son, but more particularly of the progression in faith of this nobleman here himself.

Now, the unusual thing about this particular miracle of the Lord is that all he did was speak the word. He refused to go to the nobleman’s house. He didn’t perform anything that was notably wondrous and physical. He simply spoke the word. And there was reason for that. If you look back to verses 44 and 45, you will see that the Galileans, we are told, received him, having seen all the things that he had done at Jerusalem at the feast. And if you go back to Chapter 2, you will see that he had performed many miracles up in Jerusalem.

So there was a considerable crowd who were following the Lord and willing to receive the Lord, if you like, for sensational reasons. They had noted the phenomena. They had seen the marvellous and interesting things that he had done. And so here, the Lord deliberately deals with this man with none of those things. And it’s to show us that true faith is not based upon sensation, upon things that we may see.

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