Measured by Our Hopes

Ephesians 2.12

Having no hope of God’s friendship and eternal life forces all our hope and anticipation to look for short-term earthly gains. This message is about the human necessity of hope, its origin and its penalties, and especially the only satisfying hope and how to possess it.

‘That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenant of promise, having no hope and without God in the world.’

And that’s the state of affairs with every one of us before we come to Jesus Christ and find him. Having no eternal blessing from God, no communion with him, no walk with him. This is called in the Bible a lively, valid, well-founded hope, which is alive and true. Well, this is secured for those who believe in Christ by him, by Jesus Christ. It’s secured by his suffering and death on Calvary when he paid the price of sin and took the punishment of sin for all who believed in him. So that they need not be judged and condemned by God in the last day when they give account for themselves before God. It is is secured by the death of Christ and his resurrection from the dead which proves that he wholly accomplished what he set out to do on Calvary’s cross.

Everybody has hope. It plays a much larger place in your life than you may realise. Hope is about the future. Everybody must have it. The near future, the next hour or two, tomorrow, next week, you have hopes that certain things will happen, that you’ll accomplish certain things, that you’ll have certain pleasures or whatever. And your life is sustained by them. It is an immense thing. It’s a massive thing. We depend upon it. Hope for the near future, for the middle distance future, for the distant future. We depend upon it. It’s constitutional. It’s in every human being..

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