Remembering Your Soul

Jeremiah 2.32

Other issues in life may sweep God out of our thought, or we may be indifferent to Him, or deliberately forget Him. But God and the soul are the most tragic losses to any person. Here is what we lose, and how we may find all we have lost.

‘Can a maid forget her ornaments or abide her attire? Yet my people have forgotten me days without number.’

The subject is very simply ‘remembering your soul.’ Now the forgetting of God is a major theme in the Bible and the ‘forgetting’ word occurs very frequently. The charge, the accusation that people forget God. And Israel in olden times or many of the Israelites forgot God, despite having unusual and conspicuous demonstrations of his power and all those miracles, despite having so many wonders, and despite their nation having been given a very special purpose – namely that they would have a great descendant who would be the Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ the Messiah.

And yet so many people would forget God and all the things that he [had done] – which is translated here ‘forget’; an interesting word and it comes from a verb ‘to lose’ or to literally ‘mislay’ something. ‘You have mislaid me’ says the Lord, in effect – but it means a little more than that, because not only was it used about mislaying things but also of just being oblivious to them, or giving no attention to something. And so the charge is against the people here: ‘my people have forgotten me days without number’. To mislay God. His being is forgotten by us, his ownership of us is forgotten, and there is unintentional forgetting. You know that well enough – you forget things without meaning to. [With] the complexities of life all sorts of things happen, and so other things get forgotten, swept out of view and out of mind. But it is foolish to forget the most important things and the most important thing of all. God is the maker of all things, the one to whom we must give an account at the end of life’s journey. He is the highest being we can possibly have any connection or relationship with..

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