Testing Eternal Life

Deuteronomy 30.15

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

A challenge about the soul from Moses, who sets out the issue of choosing life or death, urging us to see what we miss by rejecting God, and calling us to weigh the eternal advantages and results of walking with Him. ‘Choose life!’ he pleads.

‘See, I have set before thee this day life and good and death and evil.’

And our subject is ‘testing eternal life’.  This is from a speech by Moses in the land of Moab. And in this speech he is urging the people, the Jews of old, to love God. And this is the issue for every one of us. Will we love the Creator? Will we love and appreciate Almighty God? Are we on the road to heaven or are we on the road to eternal banishment and punishment from God? 

Well, I’d like to tell you about these words in a very straightforward way now and perhaps a few verses beyond this point. But look at the opening words of Moses as he reasons with the people. See, I have set before thee this day life and good and death and evil. See,  he uses the word in this sense, look at this, consider what I am laying out before you. I have put before you a plan. We call it the plan of salvation. I have told you about life and he doesn’t just mean earthly life. He means full life, spiritual life, lived here on earth and then on in glory in heaven.   I have set before you life in its fullness, the real meaning of life. And I have set before you death, not just death at the end of life, but living death.