The Cure of the Mind

Galatians 2.20

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Here are famous words of Paul identifying our greatest problem of thinking and outlook. Life is all a matter of how we feel, want, like and need. We do not see our spiritual needs. Paul points to a far better life walking with God.

‘I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ liveth in me. And the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.’

And I’ve given a title to this message which is ‘the cure of the mind’ or perhaps more accurately the cure of our mindset before we come to Jesus Christ and seek him and find him. What a striking phrase this is. I am crucified with Christ. Is it what the Apostle Paul meant, we might think? I am crucified with Christ. He clearly wasn’t literally and yet he makes this statement and it is accurate. He has died. I am crucified with Christ and yet he lives. In what sense does he mean this?

Well he’s been converted to Christ. He has been crucified with Christ. How? In what way? And that’s what we’re going to explore this evening. This text has been called a text about the cure of ‘I’ disease. Not the eye as an organ but the ‘I’ as every member of the human race and the reason why we need Christ and why we need conversion, why we need him to bring us to God and to heaven. The cure of the mind or the outlook of every man and woman born.

It’s the former religion of every Christian, every converted person who can say with the Apostle Paul ‘I am crucified with Christ’, once had this religion, the religion of me, the religion of ‘I’, the disease of ‘I’. Everyone has this ‘god’, whatever else they may think and believe. Everyone is an idolater if you like, an idol worshiper and the idol is me.