The Only Source of Spiritual Life

John 6.68

Belief in Christ is not blind faith. It is based on understanding His message and seeing the authenticating evidences. It follows the discovery that only He has atoned for human sin, and only He has the words of eternal life. A message for all who are searching for meaning.

 ‘Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.’

And our subject is ‘the only source of spiritual life.’ Now, it is being said quite often that Christian people, believers in Christ, are those who engage in an act of blind faith. Or it is being suggested there is no evidence for the existence of God, let alone of Christ. There is no solid, sure evidence of any spiritual reality, any divinity we may approach and come to know and pray to. So we act, this is the charge, in blind faith. Well, this is the charge at any rate made by those people who are rather extreme atheists. There are great many people who are not believers in Christ and describe themselves as agnostic and sometimes even as loosely atheists, and yet believe in the possibility of the existence of God.

But there is a more extreme form of atheism, which is very hostile, and you know it, I’m sure, which is very hostile to belief in God and belief in Christ. This is the more extreme flank of atheism, and they charge us with blind faith. But you know these words, this isn’t blind faith. I read the next verse, the words of the Apostle Peter, ‘and we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.’ Christian belief is never blind faith. It’s never a leap in the dark. It never involves the suspension of the faculty of reason.

We believe because we have evidence to believe. We believe because we have seen the credibility of the message of Christ, because of evidences of the design in creation, the existence of God, because of our own instincts within. We believe on the basis of evidence, things that make sense, a message which is vital and coherent, and we understand it, and we believe on the basis of that. Now I don’t want to be in attacking mode, but you know there are many people who are persuaded by the extreme flank of atheism that it is foolish to believe, that it is, as I’ve said, blind faith. And people are carried away by this..

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