What Do We Think of Christ?

Matthew 22.42

This is the question an atheistic society will never put to you, yet it is the most important, urgent, pivotal and constructive of all possible questions. Happiness and eternal life depend on what we make of Christ. Here is the life-transforming knowledge of Him.

While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, Saying, What think ye of Christ?

Now I don’t intend to expound the passage but just fix on this question. It’s the greatest question that could possibly be asked, ‘What think ye of Christ?’ Of course the scribes and the Pharisees they answered it in a hypothetical way as if to say when Christ comes we know that he will be the Son of David. The question was meant in a much greater way than that, ‘What think ye of Christ?” Christ himself was asking the question. ‘What do you think about me, and my status, and my purpose?’ and they dodged that, they had to, because they were against him, but the question lives on beyond this occasion, it’s for us. What do you think of Christ, what was he about? It’s not just what you know about him in a general sense, most people know something about him, can identify him roughly historically, but what’s your opinion of him, what’s your view of him? And to answer that you need to know really who he was and his purpose and what he set out to do and what it was all for. Do you know the answer to any of these things? What do you think, what is your view, what is your opinion about Christ?

So much depends upon your answer to this question. It’s the unasked question today. Nobody, apart from perhaps a Christian, might ask it of you, to get talking to you, but nobody else will ask you this most vital of all questions. Of course there are many questions rather like this in a sense.

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