Lessons for Pre-school children, aged 3-5 years old

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God’s Great Plans

Lessons for Life 1, series 5
Genesis, Part II; 11 lessons
Lessons from Abraham to Joseph

Character Studies from Daniel

Lessons for Life 4, series 19
Daniel; 4 lessons
Studies on Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar

Miracles Demonstrating Jesus’ Power

Lessons for Life 1, series 1
Mark’s Gospel, Part I; 4 lessons
Lessons on Jesus’ power over illness, death, nature and need

Gains and Losses in Following Jesus

Lessons for Life 3, series 12
Mark’s Gospel, Part III; 6 lessons
Lessons on the costs and eternal benefits for followers of Christ

Early Reactions to the Apostles’ Message

Lessons for Life 3, series 14
Acts, Part III; six lessons
The effect of the Gospel on the fickle crowds, religious leaders and Gentile seekers