Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship

This collection of metrical psalms and hymns was inspired by the spiritual riches of Our Own Hymn Book, compiled by C.H. Spurgeon in 1866, and once widely used among Particular Baptist Churches – especially causes pastored by Spurgeon’s numerous students.  Although this is an entirely new hymnal, the link with Our Own Hymn Book is emphasised because the ethos and design of that outstanding collection has been keenly imitated, though in modern context.

This book begins with an evangelical psalter – ‘Spirit of the Psalms’ (the first 150 hymn numbers correspond to the 150 psalms of the Bible) – followed by 591 carefully-selected hymns.

Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship (Music Edition)

Christopher Laws (Editor)

472 tunes including the best-loved compositions of the past, many new tunes, and fresh arrangements of some excellent ‘lost’ tunes. Over 100 tunes will not be found in other British tune books in current use. The chief intention of this selection is to present tunes that are melodic, memorable, and consistent with intelligent worship. Tunes are in metrical categories, in alphabetical order of name. (Music only, without words.)

Worthy the Lamb

Christopher Laws

A quality hardback with 53 recently-composed hymn tunes.  The majority have been tried in the Metropolitan Tabernacle services, before being adopted into regular worship.

Great Hymns & Psalms of the Faith CD

The glories of ‘traditional’ praise are often swept aside by ‘contemporary’ compositions lacking depth and spiritual quality. This selection of 26 well-known hymns includes many sung to tunes of recent composition, or older tunes revived in recent years.

All are from the Metropolitan Tabernacle Sunday services. Here is inspiring, heartfelt worship by believers of all nationalities.

The CD is provided in a case with a booklet with the words of each hymn. All hymns and tunes are from Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship.