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Lessons for Life 3

There are four books in the Sunday School Lessons for Life series, designed to cover a four year Sunday School programme.

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Gains and Losses in Following Jesus

(Mark's Gospel – Part 3)
Repentance, faith and conversion, and their alternatives.

Great Differences

(1 Samuel - 2 Chronicles)
Contrasts drawn from the lives of David and Solomon to illustrate conversion and the believer's privileges .

Early Reactions to the Apostles' Message

(Acts – Part 3)
Various categories of hearer and the Holy Spirit's work in their lives.

Sin and its Cure

(1 and 2 Kings – Elijah and Elisha)
The nature of sin and its punishment, with God's remedy graphically presented.

The Saviour Comes and Begins His Work

(Matthew's Gospel — Part 1)
A chronological account of the life and teaching of the Lord highlighting His attributes and saving purpose.


The Sunday School lessons in each book cover specific topics and parts of the Bible with a distinctive theme of special interest to the modern child.

The Lessons for Life books have been well structured to ensure each Bible lesson is undated and the Old Testament and New Testaments are methodically interleaved.

An advantage of this structure is that the volumes may be adapted by Sunday School teachers to local plans.

Visual aids are designed in such a way the teacher can build up the lesson.
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Sunday School Visual Aids

To complement the enthusiastic teaching of each lesson, full colour visual aids have been designed to further captivate the curiosity and interest of the Sunday School children.

Every Sunday School lesson is accompanied by a take-home Bible Learning Course worksheet. These sheets provide an outline for children to colour as well as a day by day plan of Bible verses to read and questions to answer.

A sample take-home sheet for the children to complete during the week. See more info

Training for Sunday School teachers

Persuading the young, lesson by lesson, to urgently seek the Lord is the privileged role of every dedicated Sunday School teacher. Specific instructions for Sunday School teachers on how to adapt lessons for older or younger children is included as part of each lesson.

Teachers can select the amount of Bible narrative and application appropriate for the classroom age group. Explore an example Sunday School lesson here.



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