When eminent ministers from afar visited the Tabernacle in the time of C H Spurgeon, they invariably recorded their wonder at how the church functioned in numerous ministries involving so many members. Today many see Spurgeon as a man of the pulpit, not always realising his promotion of earnest Christian service by all, through the Lord’s enabling.

The individual congregation exists by divine design. Autonomous and self-governing, it is the pillar and ground of Truth, the Saviour’s appointed instrument for the proclamation of his Word. It is a house of worship, of prayer and also of service to the Lord, for which we need to uphold the biblical concept of a ‘working church’.

The Fully-Functioning Church

Dr Peter Masters

Metropolitan Tabernacle

Dr Masters unfolded the theme The Fully-Functioning Church, presenting the New Testament exhortations to serve, the fields of labour, and the mighty rewards in the life, unity and happiness of a church.

The Foundation of Consecration

Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed

Uxbridge Road Tabernacle

Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed emphasised The Foundation of Consecration or dedication to the cause, the crucial foundation for building a ‘working church’.


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