The advertising wizards of new Bible translations always proclaim the new version to be meticulously translated from the original Hebrew and Greek – but they do not tell the buyer about the variant renderings that have been adopted. A mongrel hash-up produced by unbelieving liberal theologians holding in contempt the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture is sold to the unsuspecting believer.

Dr Jeff Riddle, pastor of Christ Reformed Baptist Church, Louisa, Virginia, is a specialist in the text of Scripture and a strong defender of the Traditional Text. He gave three addresses aimed at all who love and live by the Word of God.

1. A Defence of the Traditional Text of Scripture
2. A Defence of the Authenticity of the Traditional Ending of Mark
3. A Defence of the Authenticity of the Woman Taken in Adultery

The last two of these topics were featured in a recent online debate between Dr Riddle and Dr James White, who sought to defend the modern critical text (viewed by over 30,000). In that debate the weightiest and most convincing arguments clearly vindicated the Traditional Text. These two cases presented by Dr Riddle provided powerful examples of the tragedy of passages being altered or omitted at the whim of textual critics.

School of Theology 2021 took the form of a Day of Special Studies on Saturday 27th November, followed by a Pastors’ Fraternal on the following Monday.


The Gospel Call


The Fully-Functioning Church of Christ


The Fallible Prophets of New Calvinism


The War Against the Authentic Biblical Text


The True Dynamism of the Local Church


The Depth and Scope of God’s Truth


Our Glorious Reformation Legacy


Calvary and Covenant


Pathway to Power


Rightly Dividing the Word


Four Rare Lectures