All preaching and church activity has God-given multiple goals, the pursuit of which is a pathway to great blessing and usefulness. This year’s School sought to champion and promote these ideals in the communication of Truth.

Within evangelical churches there has been a noticeable drift away from application in preaching, and also an erosion of trust in the integrity of parts of the Bible, such as the creation account.

This year we focussed on the relevance of the Word to encourage pastors and Christian workers, and to uphold its trustworthiness, scope and rich abundance of pastoral meaning.

We were delighted to welcome two American speakers: Dr Kurt Wise, the renowned paleontologist and creationist who gave five remarkable illustrated lectures on the truth of the creation account, and Dr Scott Aniol (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) who gave several thought-provoking lectures on the non-neutrality of culture and its implications for us as Christian pilgrims.

Six Victories of Creation

Dr Kurt Wise

Six major features of the world that can be explained by the creative work of the God of Scripture, but that cannot be explained by evolution.

Truth is Greater than Fiction – 1. The Youth of The Creation

Dr Kurt Wise

The truth that God created everything only about 6000 years ago explains the data of the world better than that the universe and things in it are billions of years old, and life on the earth is hundreds of millions of years old.

2. The Creation Week

Dr Kurt Wise

The truth that God created the biological world explains the data of biology better than that all organisms evolved from non-living things by evolution.

3. Noah’s Flood

Dr Kurt Wise

The truth that God judged by means of a global deluge explains the data of geology better than plate tectonics.

4. Recovery from the Flood

Dr Kurt Wise

The truth that God created the world capable of recovering from the judgement of the Flood explains the data of biology and geology better than atheistic science.

Ephesians – the Epistle of Indebtedness and Obedience

Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed

Pastor Ibrahim provided two addresses on New Testament books with a view to discerning their applicatory aspects, with supporting arguments and exhortations. Where the objective of the doctrine is spiritual life, holiness and fervour, this needs to be recognised and honoured, for it is what God is saying to his people. The first of two addresses.

Philippians – Exalting Christ and Filling Christian Hearts

Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed

The second of two addresses.

An All-Round Ministry

Dr Peter Masters

The Scriptures provide comprehensive practical instruction and guidance for the carrying out of all preaching, worship and church activity, and for every instruction there is a divine promise of help and reward. Do we review adequately or often our teaching, or the work of our church? In one evening address Dr Masters presented the ‘departments’ of preaching to be honoured, the elements of worship and the essential components of a church ‘programme’, together with the attached promises.

Identifying the Key Spiritual Pastoral Themes in a Psalm

Dr Peter Masters

A study of a selection of psalms to show how they minister to communion with God, and the securing of spiritual strength and perception in all conditions of life.

The Surprising Themes of Leviticus

Dr Peter Masters

A book of great complexity if approached only for a technical grasp of Mosaic worship, but of ongoing lively application and delight if searched for the spiritual purpose behind each of the ceremonies presented.

The Synod of Dort – the Contentious Event

Dr Nick Needham

One of the greatest ‘councils’ for the coining and defining of foundational theological terms was the Synod of Dort, which began in November 1618 and deliberated for eight months. This year sees the 400th anniversary of a dispute where the gulf between Arminianism and Calvinism was so clearly marked and concepts clarified for subsequent generations. Theologian and historian Dr Nick Needham gave two addresses on this event, the first of which dealt with the background and tensions of the memorable theological conflict and its risks.

The Synod of Dort – the Enduring Teaching

Dr Nick Needham

The biblical truths formulated, with nuggets from the small print. The second of two addresses.

Was Isaac Watts Unitarian?

Dr Scott Aniol

The outstanding hymnwriter’s compositions have formed the backbone of numerous hymnbooks for three centuries, unfailingly expressing biblical doctrines and themes, and it is profoundly unsettling to believers to see his theological integrity attacked by ill-informed articles, blogs and forums. Dr Aniol has researched the literature very thoroughly and presented a balanced picture of where Isaac Watts laid himself open to such criticisms, while retaining solid Trinitarian convictions.

Christian Cultural Engagement (1)

Dr Scott Aniol

A biblical view of Christian citizenship in the light of our standing as exiles, or strangers and pilgrims, and the non-neutrality of culture. The first of two addresses.

Christian Cultural Engagement (2)

Dr Scott Aniol

The second of two addresses.

Reformed Witness in Colombia

Pastor Cesar Garcia

Pastor César García, Pastor of Redeeming Grace Baptist Church, Pereira, spoke of his pioneer ministry and of the reformed scene in Colombia.

The Biblically Imperative Warrant for Sunday Schools

Pastor Richard Clarke

Pastor Richard Clarke, Pastor of Beacon Park Baptist Church, Plymouth, presented The Biblically Imperative Warrant for Sunday Schools, with attention to modern arguments against such ministry.


The Gospel Call


The Fully-Functioning Church of Christ


The Fallible Prophets of New Calvinism


The War Against the Authentic Biblical Text


The True Dynamism of the Local Church


The Depth and Scope of God’s Truth


Our Glorious Reformation Legacy


Calvary and Covenant


Pathway to Power


Rightly Dividing the Word


Four Rare Lectures