God’s Call in Hostile Times

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 17 April 2013
In 627 BC the long ministry begins. His call is our call - analysing the features, terms and privileges. Jeremiah's good reluctance, his anointing and level of conviction; the certain outcome of his words (and ours). Are we in the last phase of the age?

Jeremiah Speaks to Us

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 24 April 2013
Modern translators and writer destroy the message of Jeremiah by calling his words charges or accusations against Judah rather than pleadings (KJV). Here is how we are meant to read these pleadings and apply them to ourselves, to derive challenge and comfort.

The Two Worst Steps of Life

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 4 December 2022
The prophet identifies in a single verse the two great missteps in life, giving two contrasting illustrations of human experience. One is a free-flowing fountain of meaning and happiness with God, and the other is a broken cistern representing toil and failure without Him.

Our Two Greatest Mistakes

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 6 December 2015
God's message through the 'reasoning prophet' was that society in general makes two massively harmful decisions. One is to reject spiritual life from God, and the other is to live for short-lived material things alone. Here the gains and losses are compared.

Forgetting the Purpose of Life

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 3 June 2018
What do we lose by forgetting God and the soul, and building our lives without interest in these things? Society currently urges us into unbelief, but here is how God reasons with us about the purpose of existence and the way to eternal life.

Remembering Your Soul

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 19 February 2012
Other issues in life may sweep God out of our thought, or we may be indifferent to Him, or deliberately forget Him. But God and the soul are the most tragic losses to any person. Here is what we lose, and how we may find all we have lost.

Two-Timing the Lord

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 1 May 2013
The unfaithful wife called back shows God's patience to rebellious Israel. How much more to true believers who should never delay repentance after waywardness. Compromised Judah prayed to the true God from idol shrines! Reasons why worldly evangelicals forfeit real blessing today.

Christian Era Prophecies of Jeremiah

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 12 June 2013
Here are the prophecies of Christ, the Branch, and of His ransom for sinners; of the return of the exiles; of the calling out of believers in the Gospel age; of the calling of the Gentiles; of the New Testament ministry, and the regenerate character of the church.

The Urgency of Spiritual Life

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 2 December 2018
It is astounding how many illustrations and arguments the prophet Jeremiah uses to persuade people in 586 BC to turn back to God. Yet today his reasoning is just as vital, as he stirs us to see our need of spiritual life.

How to Plead With Souls

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 15 May 2013
Why does the prophet appeal to Judah to repent, when he knows they never will? So that God's heart in the matter will be seen, obstinacy revealed and so that individuals may find the Lord. Here are lines of appeal still to be used today.

Peace, When There is no Peace

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 21 December 2014
The quest for safety, success and satisfaction is the story of life, but are they spasmodic or delusory? And do we seek them only in the material realm? Here is the reality of our spiritual needs and standing before God, and how we may know Him.

The Direction of Your Life

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 30 December 2012
With graphic and intriguing appeals the prophet presents our typical approaches to life, our expectations and desires. Each brief picture says something startlingly true about life, and points to our need of the Saviour of the world to bring an eternal direction into our earthly journey.

God Describes Human Need

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 2 June 2019
Appealing to individuals to seek the Lord, Jeremiah uses powerful illustrations to show how we are seen by God. He speaks of the inevitable things in life, of our vulnerability to unbelief, of things that distract us from God, and of how we may find Him.

Imaginations of the Heart

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 10 March 2024
What is the source and authority for our views about life, its source, how it should be lived, what standards we adopt, what we value and support, or what we believe in? Is the authority no more than the imaginations or desires of the heart?

The Features of Vain Religion

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 25 June 2017
Why should vague or false ideas about God so offend Him? Here are the marks of wrong religion, and how they differ massively from the faith of the Bible. Here also are the motives for false faith, and the benefits of the true.

The Danger of Spiritual Delay

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 3 April 2011
Why are we often so resistant to reconciliation with God? This is about our various reactions to the call of Christ, and how we avoid spiritual and eternal issues. Here, also, are some of the real dangers of delay, and the way to respond to God, and find His blessings.

Why We Shy Away From God

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 24 February 2019
Suggested by the teaching of Jeremiah, here are the reasons why people are inclined to turn away from God, and to block out thoughts of His help and of eternity. Here also is a summary of all that is lost, and how to find Him.

A Prophet’s Advice to Christian Workers

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 22 May 2013
Here we glean the necessity of 1) strong sorrow for the lost, 2) ministering for conviction, 3) humbling ministry, 4) expansive labouring, 5) readiness for trials, 6) closeness to Christ. Precious and powerful verses to challenge and enliven sincere students of the Word.

Counsel for Hostile Times

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 5 June 2013
Although almost alone in his stand, Jeremiah obeyed God's express command in these chapters to make no concession to apostate culture (unlike many evangelicals today). Here also is the source of his strength, his occasions of doubt, meeting with God's reproof, and his preaching emphasis.

Paralysis of the Soul

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 2 October 2022
According to the Bible, alienation from God is entirely due to the problem of sin. But what is sin, why should it be so offensive to God, and what is the biblical method of bringing about forgiveness and reconciliation with God?

Why We Are Alienated From God

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 29 May 2016
Like someone in denial about an illness, we somehow shut out all thoughts of our relationship with God and of eternity. We cannot see why God would reject us. The Bible tells us how much we need to find Him, and how He has made it possible.

Jeremiah’s Consolation

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 19 June 2013

Turning Life Round

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 23 February 2014
Drawn away from God by various influences (mentioned here), we become our own god, requiring 'worship' and admiration, and inventing our own ruler. Then God intervenes, and we see ourselves as we really are. Only He can turn us round to find and walk with Him. Here is how.

The Moment of Truth

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 10 January 2021
A passage that highlights the key moments in conversion to God; when personal sovereignty collapses, we see our separation from God, and then - the crowning moment - we see the price Christ the Saviour has paid for our forgiveness and reconciliation with Him. You May Be Also Interested in……

Everyone’s Inner Battle

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 1 May 2016
The actions of a king in choosing earthly counsels in times of trouble, rather than God's solution, amazingly mirrors the actions of most of us as we fashion our policy for life. Here are our reactions to life's troubles, and the earthly or heavenly options before us.

How Atheism Steals our Hearts

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 7 August 2022
In the disastrous decision of the ungodly king who took Judah into 70 years of captivity we see the very influence that manipulates away from God, and into rationalism and atheism. Here are the 'levers' used by unbelieving society to keep us from God.

Comforts from the Fall of Babylon

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 17 July 2013