Being Endurers

Luke 21.19

The Lord Himself tells us that patience possesses or holds firm the soul in communion with God. This is an active form of patient endurance, including spiritual hope and joy, and here are key texts illustrating its promotion in all the pressures of life.

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Patience and Godliness

To enjoy the multiplying of God’s blessing, faith must be clothed with seven virtues. Here, patience (endurance) is defined with (biblical) hindrances and helps. Also, here is godliness, shown to mean reverence, and its powerful influence is our spiritual lives.

The Practice of Patience

Patience is described by James as a means of proving the Lord’s affection and compassion, and also a route to great happiness. Here are the kinds of affliction that require patience; how it is obtained and exercised, and what it accomplishes in the spiritual life.