Disciples Trained to Discern Conversion

Matthew 13.10-23

First, the genius of parables, their purpose and the Lord’s reason for using them. Then, His interpretation of the sower, teaching the four kinds of response to the Gospel, only one amounting to true conversion, an event attributed to light being ‘given’.

It is remarkable how the Lord shaped and fashioned his disciples.

All his instruction to them, all his correction of them, every intervention in their lives, everything he showed them was out of love for them. And he did not stop loving them, not to the very end, and of course, beyond. And then, in his resurrection appearances, he appeared to them, and dealt with them in the same familiar, kindly manner that he had before his crucifixion on Calvary’s Cross.

Even in his own time of trial, He made sure that his disciples were safe. He made provision for them. He made sure they were not arrested with them. He loved them to the end of his earthly life. And all his instruction and correction was in the light of that intense love.

Here are lessons for us as ordinary believers – for we are all disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour and our Example.

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