Explaining Ezekiel’s River of Life

Ezekiel 47.1-12

Ezekiel has lamented the failure of separation from the world, and now the river symbolises the church’s positive work in the world. Here is the meaning of its secret source and miraculous expansion, with our soul-winning priority, and the incidental yet mighty social benefits in times when there is great acceptance and blessing of souls.

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Paul’s Blueprint for a Working Church

It is a glorious sight to see a church where the people work willingly to press forward the Gospel and to keep the coals of the testimony glowing hot. Pastors and elders will need to initiate a programme, enthuse God’s people, train the young, and so implement the work. Let us build working churches, for these are growing churches.

The Work of the Future Gospel Church

With further inspired insights into the Gospel era the prophet describes an entirely new order in which the church will proclaim Christ and His accomplished salvation, sing a new hymnody extending the book of Psalms, and labour as the church militant in evangelism. Full Service Recordings: Home » Sermons » The Work of the Future Gospel Church Related Resources … Continued

The Loss of the Working Church and its Restoration (1)

A survey of the texts and how to honour them
Pastor Buss examined a frequently-buried aspect of church life, yet so prominent in godly evangelicalism of the past, namely, the operation of the working church, viewing the church as an organisation of willing activity for the Lord. He surveyed the texts and the means of honouring them within the voluntary principle.

The Loss of the Working Church and its Restoration (2)

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Pastor Ibrahim expounded the ‘working’ verbs that call all believers to contribute to the service of the church family. In an age when a false view of church liberty has taken so many believers out of commitment to the Lord’s service, the working verbs cry out for renewed attention and reflection.

The Doctrine of the Working Church

Do we but barely fulfil the work of the Gospel in our church? Pastor Ibrahim will outline the exhortations and the outworking of the calling of believers to work together for Christ.