Getting the Spiritual Sense

Leviticus 21.1

Rules for discerning the ongoing message for today in the ceremonies of the law, eg: the vital spiritual application (not digestive!) of the embargo on eating the offering after two days; the priests’ funeral restrictions, the giving of children to Molech, and especially spiritual sincerity.

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Five Keys to God’s Law

There is nothing quite like the Ten Commandments for stimulating progress in sanctification, once our minds are primed to see all that they teach. In the New Testament we read that keeping them is an act of love to Christ, and also the basis of assurance.  This article employs five biblical keys to unlock the riches of the ‘royal law’.

It Always Was By Faith

The moral and ceremonial laws of the Jewish era spelled out the barriers to being accepted by God, along with many lessons of forgiveness through trusting in the coming Christ. But finding this mercy was always through faith, not works, as these great verses prove.