God’s Plan for the World

Psalm 72.1

David’s last prayer is one of the most remarkable and detailed prophecies of the Old Testament, describing what the coming Messiah (Jesus Christ) would do for the world. Every major act of Christ is here, and what these mean for our eternal souls.

Sermon details

Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king’s son.

And our subject is ‘God’s plan for the world.’ This is an astonishing psalm. Here it is written a thousand years before the coming of Christ. It is headed in our King James Version ‘A Psalm for Solomon’. This is was always thought in the past to be David’s last psalm, and what a climax to all the others it is. It isn’t the last psalm in the Book of Psalms by any means, by David, there are more by him even though the Psalms of Asaph follow. But let’s come into this because the great thing about this psalm is that it is one of the most magnificent and comprehensive prophecies in the Old Testament that’s what it is pure prophecy from beginning to end. There’s no doubt that David composed it with Solomon in mind to some degree – that his son and his successor would answer in many respects to the characteristics of this psalm, this statement, but it’s also quite clear that David is looking far beyond Solomon to the coming of Messiah..