Miracles of Conquest

Joshua 10

Joshua’s defence of the Gibeonites teems with spiritual lessons that still apply and bless God’s people. Among them are once-only miracles that establish Joshua and his principles and crushed pagan deification of sun and moon. Here is Joshua’s promoting of faith.

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Joshua’s Sixteen Resolutions

Around 1375 BC Joshua proclaimed his ‘farewell’ address to all the elders and heads of the families of Israel. Speaking by divine inspiration the aged leader gave the people sixteen profound and heart-searching resolutions that stand to this day as monitors of the committed spiritual life. Although given in the form of exhortations, they are clearly intended to be embraced as personal resolutions or pledges by those who love and serve the Lord.

Series: Joshua

Joshua’s Sixteen Resolutions Joshua 23 Bible Study – Wednesday PM April 10, 2019 After twenty years of historical silence, Joshua’s last convocation of Israel is recorded, with his remarkable speech presenting sixteen distinctive exhortations or ‘resolutions’ for the lives of God’s children. There is nothing quite so searching and comprehensive in all the Bible. Spiritual … Continued