Precious Marriage Texts

Genesis 2.24 et al

Marriage at the beginning established for all time; man’s headship in the light of the equality of men and women before God; marriage as a covenant; the nobility of the unmarried; the way of courtship; a husband’s duties and the divine promise of 1 Peter 3.7.

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Mutual Debts in Marriage

Christ has purchased us, freed us from condemnation, and given us a better life and a glorious eternal home, by His precious blood. How readily we should now pay our due debts to the one God has given us for the journey of life – our very own spouse. Are we meeting our obligations?

Christ on Marriage and Divorce

What it means for husbands and wives to ‘cleave’ to each other – listing the aspects of responsibility that honour God and cement the marriage union. The tragedy of divorce and its causes. Also the real nature of headship, contrary to today’s common idea.

Guidance in Courtship and Marriage

Not surprisingly, more questions are asked about finding God’s direction for marriage than about any other aspect of divine guidance, especially by young people. They also seek the Lord’s will about their future work, but here the mechanics of guidance seem easier to apply, and in any case, a mistake can be rectified, whereas marriage is for life.