The Drama of Sinai

Exodus 19

Here are stirring spiritual parallels in God’s words to the typical church at Sinai: eg being borne on eagles’ wings, a peculiar treasure, and a kingdom of priests. Here also is distinctiveness from the world, knowing God by faith alone, and reverence.

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Moses – Ministry Rejected

The Israelites did not accept that unbelief and disobedience should shut them out of Canaan, Korah and the people demanding both a new priesthood, and a no-repentance, non-sifting ministry. Here are the parallels for our time, and the lessons of the wanderings.

God’s Parallel Covenants

A divine covenant is an undertaking, a pledge by God, to relate to mankind on certain conditions. It is a form of compact or agreement. God does not relate to man in a haphazard, random, disorderly way, but in accordance with clear principles and purposes, reflecting his holy nature and requirements. The divine covenants of the Bible enable us to grasp God’s ways much more clearly. 

The ‘Evangelical Covenant’ of Moses

This article will sweep through Deuteronomy 29 – 30 to demonstrate that it records how Moses presented an ‘evangelical covenant’ which was set beside and distinct from the covenant of Sinai, the latter being a ‘works’ covenant that could only condemn. (This is how Paul expounds it in Romans 10.) Chapter 29 verse 1: ‘These … Continued