The Role of Faith in Spiritual Work

Joshua 1.6

The literal history of Joshua, showing the pastoral parallels for our spiritual lives today in chapter 1. Here is Joshua’s momentous call, the certain promise of instrumentality, the effort needed, the necessity of a focus for faith, and other principles often neglected yet so vital today.

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Joseph’s Spiritual Work

While the guiding providence of God is notable in Joseph, equally vital is his life-long goal for the repentance and restoration of his brothers (a church typified). Here his strategy is traced for securing conviction, change, reconciliation and provision, mirroring (perhaps including) evangelical conversion

Paul’s Blueprint for a Working Church

It is a glorious sight to see a church where the people work willingly to press forward the Gospel and to keep the coals of the testimony glowing hot. Pastors and elders will need to initiate a programme, enthuse God’s people, train the young, and so implement the work. Let us build working churches, for these are growing churches.