Turning Desolation Into Blessing

Judges 6

Midianite oppression drives Israel to prayer – and rebuke! Conviction must precede restoration. Gideon by faith seeks divine authority for action. The altar of compromise is destroyed, and further authority sought for war (the fleece). Here are rich lessons, lost if Gideon is thought faithless.

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The Golden Chain of Blessing

The apostle is about to unfold the great ‘cycle’ of spiritual experience for Christian workers by teaching the golden chain of pressures (prayer: encouragement: thanksgiving). He wants all Christians to see pressures turn into spiritual encouragements, such as deliverances, provisions, strength and fruitfulness.

Humility Essential for Blessing

‘Humility of mind’ – what a term! We do not always see this on the evangelical scene today. We see ministers revelling in what they call authority and power and gifts, endlessly expressing their opinions and devising new methods of worship and outreach with huge self-confidence. But the motto of Paul is ‘all humility of mind’.