Wholehearted Submission to God

Proverbs 16.1

Remarkable and profound verses show the necessity of being wholly submitted to the Lord in all departments of the spiritual journey – including the direction of life, self-examination, advance in holiness, pride-abatement, and persecution. Almost every verse couples a human action with a divine response.

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How Rare is Christian Obedience!

True faith produces obedience and obedience is the proof of true faith. Strangely, today, much right doctrine does not always lead to obedience. Here are God’s objectives in the proving of Abraham by the offering of Isaac, showing parallels with our provings by the Lord.

Christ’s Compassion and Our Obedience

After showing the superior sympathy of Christ over His Old Testament type – the high priest – this chapter challenges dullness of hearing. The cause is failure to personally prove Christ. The learning, deepening life depends on a truly obedient, non-worldly walk.