Scripture teaches that husbands and wives have dues or debts or obligations to each other which must be paid, and paid with love.

It hardly needs to be said that ­­­­parenthood is a tremendous responsibility, and we are very glad of the help we have in the Bible.


Mutual Debts in Marriage

1 Corinthians 7.3

A key word has slipped out of some modern translations – the marital debt of benevolence, meaning goodwill and kind benefits. Here are seven debts each has to the other in Christian marriage, a sevenfold bond and blessing to the crowning earthly friendship of life’s journey. Are we paying what is ‘due’?

Marital Oneness

Genesis 2.24

A brief study of what it means to be ‘one flesh’, mainly expounding and applying to marriage the terms used by the apostle in 1 Corinthians 13. Often surprising and always challenging, these provide the principles for harmony and happiness in the sanctified life.

Precious Marriage Texts

Genesis 2.24 et al

Marriage at the beginning established for all time; man’s headship in the light of the equality of men and women before God; marriage as a covenant; the nobility of the unmarried; the way of courtship; a husband’s duties and the divine promise of 1 Peter 3.7.

Paul’s Counsel for Parents

Colossians 3.21

A single practical study for developing good behaviour in children, including Paul’s priority to avoid frustration and resentment; the goal of preparing for adult life; the place of punishments and restrictions; key texts of promise and warning; duties for children and good manners.


Steps for Guidance

Peter Masters

In recent years the subject of how to find God’s guidance has become controversial. Some say that God does not have a specific plan for the lives of his people, but allows us to please ourselves. Others say God’s will is known by dreams, visions, and ‘words of knowledge’. By contrast with these sadly unbiblical ideas, this book presents the time-honoured, scriptural view that Christians must seek God’s will in all the major decisions of life, such as career, marriage, location, and church.

Six essential steps are traced from the Bible, and principles are given on additional practical issues such as possessions and leisure activities; ambition and wealth; joining or leaving a church.

Here is a strong challenge to authentic Christian commitment, with an abundance of pastoral advice.

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