When God Calls

Ezekiel 1

The personal spiritual message of Ezekiel 1 – the call of a prophet certainly, but also the commission that should dawn dramatically on all believers, bringing a powerful sense of God, His glory and omniscience. How this brings fruitfulness, while its absence has ruined much evangelical witness.

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Explaining Ezekiel’s River of Life

Ezekiel has lamented the failure of separation from the world, and now the river symbolises the church’s positive work in the world. Here is the meaning of its secret source and miraculous expansion, with our soul-winning priority, and the incidental yet mighty social benefits in times when there is great acceptance and blessing of souls.

When God Commissions

Many Bible-believing Christians, sadly, do not seem to have realised that each one has a personal commission. They think of themselves in a very humble way as recipients of the grace of God, but not as having received a special call to the service of Christ.

God Teaches Ezekiel How to Preach

It is remarkable how the vision-messages given by God to Ezekiel are structured and divided to ideal sermonic form, as if they are inspired lessons in delivery. Here we see the Lord’s own subject, shape and divisions for several major ‘sermons’.