Christian Privileges

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 2 October 2011
Beginning a series in this remarkable epistle, full of doctrinal, devotional and practical issues. True faults of this church are often exaggerated, distorting the message. Paul's strong commendations show the majority were marvellously converted and walking with the Lord. Here are incomparable Christian blessings.

A Manual for the Godly Life

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 16 January 2022
This first study of a new series explores the great themes of the opening verses - the credentials of a preacher, the definition of a church, grace as the basis of all blessing, the features of conversion, and the wonders of partnership with Christ. You can look at the different…

The Wisdom and Power of God

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 9 October 2011
Corinth was a far better church than many think, but their cultural love of heroes and oratory needed to go (like some of our fads). Paul magnificently elevates the Gospel above all human wisdom. Though foolish to millions, God's call opens minds with converting power.

The True Source of Power

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 23 January 2022
For the Gospel to be credible, (so the Corinthians taught), we need conspicuous personalities or preachers. Here Paul proclaims the true source of spiritual power, the preaching of the cross of Christ, and why it is foolishness to the perishing and power to the saved. You can look at the…

The Distortion of Human Wisdom

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 9 October 2022
Before conversion, we see the cross of Christ as the unfortunate end of a reformer-preacher. It has nothing to say to us. We trust human wisdom for life and happiness; we have no light on the soul. Here is the true meaning of that cross.

What is ‘the foolishness of God’?

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Sunday 31 January 2016
Here is what makes the message of Christ so foolish in the eyes of the world, and why, despite its simplicity, it is really the wisest, most profound, and most effective message for the deepest human needs, in its diagnosis, remedy and outcome.

Bringing Down this World’s Wisdom

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 16 October 2011
How God humbles the wise, mighty and noble both now and at the last day through the witness of ordinary believers holding forth the Cross alone. Also, how Christ is our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption, and how He should be constantly praised by us.

God Overturns Society

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 30 January 2022
This passage begins with man's blindness to the things of God, proving that divine power alone can awaken lost souls. Indeed, God calls the humble to bring light and life to the wise and lofty to demonstrate that all glory is due to Him. You can look at the different…

True Greatness

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 6 January 2013
It is a humbling thought that no 'flesh' shall glory in the presence of God. When He is left out of life, no human ability or accomplishment is acceptable to Him. Here is why; and here is the way, through Christ, to acceptance and union with God.

True Greatness with God

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 16 January 2022
No flesh, says Paul, will glory before God, 'flesh' referring to humanity alienated from God and pursuing its own objectives and desires. This statement offends human pride, but here are the reasons and the way God freely forgives, receives and reconciles individuals to Himself. You May Be Also Interested in……

Finding Acceptance with God

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 17 February 2019
The most jarring aspect of the Bible's message is that people, however accomplished and praised, have no claim to be approved by God if they have no relationship with Him. Human pride is offended, but here are God's reasons and His terms for acceptance.

Never Eclipse the Spirit

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 6 February 2022
Paul's chief rule for preaching (and witness) is frequently lost, leading to the withdrawal of the Spirit. Here is the apostle's golden rule. Here also is why the Gospel is called 'a mystery', together with the riches of the 'eye hath not seen' passage. You can look at the different…

The Deep Things of God

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 23 October 2011
The apostle reproves the Corinthians' taste for over-eloquent preaching decorated in philosophy, showing that Cross-centred persuasions, seemingly inadequate, are the wisdom and the power of God. Would he not condemn today's Christian drama, film, or rock-music centred outreach?

The Greatest Event in History

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 23 June 2013
Why, when there is so much in the world to admire and aspire to, should we follow the Bible and place our hopes on Jesus Christ impaled on a Roman cross? Here are tremendous reasons which have led millions to Christ and to Heaven.

The Centrality of Christ

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Friday 2 April 2021
Christ is the manifestation of God's nature and the only source of pardon and life for those who seek Him. All empires and philosophies pass away, but the crucifixion stands as the greatest ever act of kindness and atonement - the only way to God.

Things Only Believers See

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 13 February 2022
The apostle impresses upon us the spiritual blindness of our unconverted state to the wonders revealed in the Gospel, including future glories (described here). Here also is the meaning of 'comparing spiritual things with spiritual,' judging all things and living the mind of Christ. You can look at the different…

Gaining Life in the Soul

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 12 September 2021
The 'natural man', says the Bible, does not receive the things of God, regarding them as foolishness. Why is this? What are the differences between 'natural' (unconverted) people and those who believe (converted)? How may we find forgiveness, spiritual life and purpose from God? Is it possible to gain life…

Defining Spiritual Meat

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 6 November 2011
Spiritual maturity begins and proceeds with a taste for the 'meat' of the Word, but what is this? It is not sound doctrine alone, for 'carnal Christians' often have this. Here it is defined as passages that specifically promote love for Christ, holiness, obedience and consecration.

Spiritual Building

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 20 February 2022
Paul turns to church growth, warning that believers' hearts may be largely recaptured by the flesh. Soulwinning is God's work and we must take care how we build. Here are applications; with the case of those who will lose a reward, yet be saved 'as by fire'.  You can look…

Christ Real to Us

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 13 November 2011
Here is Christ as the sole foundation for salvation, life, sanctification and eternity. Here also is the local church as God's dwelling place, and the assurance that all things are ours, and precious, whether our present lives, the world, or death, for we are Christ's

Duties and Lives of Preachers

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 27 February 2022
How to assess and regard preachers - here are the apostle's standards. The problem of cliques, their causes and cure; also the simple, reasonable lifestyle of God's servants demanded by the apostolic example, and the contrast seen today in 'celebrity' preachers. You can look at the different epistles in the…

Right and Wrong Aims

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 20 November 2011
Paul warns against being 'puffed up', vaunting earthly accomplishments or gifts, and being satisfied and overconfident. Consider Gospel workers, says Paul, their humility, selflessness, sacrifice, and acceptance of persecution. Live for spiritual and eternal aims, striving for sanctification and witness - whatever the cost.

Restoring Spiritual Power

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 6 March 2022
Preachers at Corinth had thrown aside apostolic authority and failed to address many vital matters (listed here). Paul gives a binding command to follow the 'pattern church' of the scriptures, so neglected today. A full and faithful ministry will be given converting and edifying power. You can look at the…

Christ’s Pattern for the Church

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 27 November 2011
This message shows that Paul is to be keenly imitated in doctrine, conduct, and church policy - all three. Here are the proof-passages showing that a precise pattern is given for churches in the New Testament. Also, proof that Christ has already taught all Paul's major doctrines

In Christ’s School of Power

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 4 December 2011
We look in every passage of the Word for a doctrine, a duty, a reproof, an encouragement, a promise and a view of Christ. All are here, especially how the Lord's loving discipline is exercised, and how His power and blessing rules in a believer's life.

Purity and Happiness of the Church

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 13 March 2022
The Corinthian church was proud when it should have grieved deeply at the polluted state of the 'body' through toleration of incest. Here is the pattern of discipline, also the potential spread of sin, and positively, the true church's continuous 'feast' of joy.

Keeping Church and Marriage Holy

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 11 December 2011
Church discipline is seen to have several aims including the honour of Christ, the purity, witness and protection of the church, and the restoration of the offender. Here, also, is the meaning of Christ our passover, and the beauty of Christian conduct, especially in marriage

The ‘Freedom’ Heresy

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 27 March 2022
A heresy that has swept into evangelical churches everywhere is the notion that Christian liberty frees Christians from all rule-keeping and avoidance of worldly pursuits. Here are Paul's answers to such claims, and his powerful remedy for the avoidance of immorality. You can look at the different epistles in the…

Signs of True Believers

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 18 December 2011
Paul shows the shame when believer takes believer before a secular court, contradicting their calling and mutual love. Then he describes sins never to be committed by believers; the threefold basis of true conversion; and the rules of Christian liberty

The Indwelling Spirit

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 8 January 2012
The Spirit takes possession of the soul purchased of Christ, making it an inner sanctuary. It is the place of communion with God, where assurance and comfort are bestowed, and divine stirrings are felt. How careful we must be to preserve the purity of both body and soul!

The Marriage Bond

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 3 April 2022
The abiding bond of marriage is established with its 'debt' of love, care and pleasure, and its concept of headship blended with partnership. Also explained is Paul's divinely inspired marriage teaching (often contested), the circumstances of divorce, and how the Lord is proved in marriage. You can look at the…

Mutual Debts in Marriage

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 15 January 2012
A key word has slipped out of some modern translations - the marital debt of benevolence, meaning goodwill and kind benefits. Here are seven debts each has to the other in Christian marriage, a sevenfold bond and blessing to the crowning earthly friendship of life's journey, are we paying what…

Christ’s Servants Never Bound

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 10 April 2022
A passage about situations that disadvantage believers and the right way to approach them, beginning with slavery or any other onerous position in life that traps us. Then Paul speaks to both unmarried and married believers. Here are powerful encouragements of priorities for all. You can look at the different…

Urgent Living

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 22 January 2012
Our lives are ever running lower on time to love and serve the Lord. We cannot make earthly matters, including our home, our chief priority in favour of the cause of Christ and of souls. Are we living too much for things that are doomed to pass away?

The Believer’s Pride Battle

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 24 April 2022
Knowledge is both vital and excellent, but it can so easily inflate pride and vainglory. The apostle names three graces (unfolded here) that deflate pride and make knowledge a source of blessing for the church. You can look at the different epistles in the New Testament and identify a particular…

Dangerous Knowledge

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 29 January 2012
Spiritual knowledge, though vital, is merely ego-inflating if unaccompanied by active love for Christ, for His cause, and for souls, as well as by an active conscience warning of sin, and urging to Christian duties. Here is how love and conscience work to make knowledge effective, and to keep us…

The Glorious Burden

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 5 February 2012
Paul earns his own living to avoid hindering the Gospel. However, God commands the normal support of preachers. Here is the obligation of the persuasive offer of the Gospel, and it is consistent with election and regeneration. Also, maintaining fervour for souls, and the woe pronounced against slackness.

Motives and Sincerity

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 1 May 2022
Paul proves his apostleship - here are the unique tasks and qualifications of apostles as the church's foundation. Paul was motivated by his commission for God, by a desire to reach souls (at great personal cost), and by the great joy of seeing a harvest. You can look at the…

Every Preacher an Evangelist

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 3 July 2019
The biblical arguments in favour of regular evangelistic preaching as an essential and divinely central thread in ministry under the text 'Woe is unto me if I preach not the Gospel'. Related Resources Expository Preaching – Benefits and Pitfalls What exactly is ­expository preaching? It is preaching that draws the…

Gospel Priorities

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 12 February 2012
To be saved by the Gospel means to live for the Gospel. 1 Corinthians 9 is often used to justify compromise with the world, so called 'front line' living, even patronising pubs and clubs. It actually condemns this, presenting real dedication to the Gospel, gaining much instrumentality.

Self-Preparation for Service

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 8 May 2022
Paul makes himself all things to all men. Here is the wrong (common today) and the right sense of his words. Then we draw applications from Paul's 'focused athlete' illustration, and his profound conception of the body as a servant of the mind. You can look at the different epistles…

Discerning the Biblical Message

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 15 May 2022
Exodus Israelites included believers and witnessed miraculous deliverances and provisions, yet they fell into various sins. Their actions and God's responses are a pattern for later ages. It is not allegorising to draw these intended lessons (here reviewed) for avoiding sin.

Backsliding Dangers

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 19 February 2012
In the wilderness, the Israelites were punished not only for idolatry and fornication, but also of wanting the foods of Egypt, being dissatisfied with spiritual provisions, and for 'worldly' worship. Astonishingly, the latter offences are widely approved in churches today. Here is the counsel of the Apostle Paul.

Remedies for Temptation

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 29 May 2022
Three factors are given by Paul for countering temptations. First, the necessity of watchfulness - how temptations come and how to prime the heart; secondly, the rule for resisting temptations; thirdly, the power of the Lord's Supper to shame away sin and strengthen our resolve. You can look at the…

Control of Temptations and Trials

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 26 February 2012
Here are eight kinds of trial and seven kinds of temptations possibly arising from them, with God's assurances of how He overrules to fix the limits of these, and helps His people overcome and bear them. Here are the 'ways of escape' enabling us to overcome them all.

Closer to Christ

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 4 March 2012
'The communion of the blood of Christ' is a remarkable term speaking of partnership or sharing with a divine person. Yet Christ is not known by touch, voice or bodily sensation, but by faith. Here is the way in which we know strong personal spiritual familiarity with Christ.

Putting Self Last

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 18 March 2012
Seeking the wellbeing of others above our own is a key objective for Christ's people. How we speak of others as well as to them, and how we help them in deed must be Christ like if we hope to be used by Him, and have spiritual fulfilment.

Christian Dress

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 1 April 2012
Paul tells women to wear the veil of their society, which symbolised subjection. Our society has not had this dress code for decades. Hats no longer signify subjection. Is Paul's requirement to be literally obeyed today, or may the principle be observed in a different way?

True Followers

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 25 March 2012
What Christ left to Paul to reveal. True Christians are to be imitators of the apostles' ordinances - here meaning traditions, i.e. the doctrines and practices they taught, including behaviour, aims, attitude, love, reverence, separation from the world, working for Christ, and living with an eye to eternity.

God’s Order for Men and Women

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 5 June 2022
Paul answers the question on the roles of husbands and wives and affirms conformity to the dress code of head coverings in Greek society at that time. With Calvin and major confessions we show that the 'message' of clothing may change in other ages and lands. You can look at…

The Necessity of the Lord’s Supper

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 19 June 2022
Corinth had combined a fellowship meal with the Lord's Supper, but Paul firmly separates them. The Supper is presented as a spiritual banquet, distinct, and calling for deep earnestness. Here are the symbols and what it signifies to ingest them. Here is the Covenant of Grace. You can look at…

Lord’s Supper Sincerity

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 15 April 2012
At Corinth the Lord's Supper was ruined and invalidated by being confused with a 'love feast'. Paul shows how we should approach the ordinance and what we should derive from it. It is a deeply moving 'proclamation' of Calvary, and either insincerity or absence leads to chastisement from the Lord.

The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 17 July 2022
Paul speaks of the revelatory and sign gifts given while the New Testament was being delivered. These were never for individual benefit, but for the whole body. Here they are reviewed , along with the famous analogy showing the mutual dependence and care of believers.

Hearing God Speak

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 29 April 2012
The purpose of spiritual gifts - revealing the New Testament (and authenticating the spokesmen). Paul lists them, with ongoing spiritual gifts and their features. Never for personal indulgence, they bring God's Word to all. Here also is why the church is gloriously called the body of Christ.

The Real Gifts of the Spirit

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 23 October 2019
Nine revelatory and sign gifts of the Spirit given for the ministry of the Word while the Scriptures were being completed. What they were and how they were eventually given to all believers - in the Word (Ephesians 1.17-19). Also, the gifts of Romans 12.6-8.

The Church is Like a Body

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 6 May 2012
The Apostle speaks of an individual congregation as a 'body', showing the divine design and the wide differences in the contribution of members. If a church is a preacher only, it is ultimately doomed; that is if there are not roles for all, and no mutual care and dependence.

The Supremacy of Love

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 24 July 2022
Love must be the driving virtue and motive of all that is done for Christ, insists the inspired apostle. Then he shows how it acts and reacts in all circumstances concluding with the reasons for its supremacy over all the gifts and graces.

The Components of Love

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 13 May 2012
Only the Christ of Calvary could have composed and inspired this glorious chapter (penned by Paul) about Christian love, its qualities, its strength, and its eternal crowning. Here are our aims in the experience of love, and why it is so much greater than faith and hope.

Knowing the Love of Christ

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 24 July 2022
Paul speaks of knowing 'the love of Christ which passeth knowledge.' This message describes the nature of Christ's love towards those who find and know Him - actions of affection, kindness and power unmatched in human society. Here is how it may be experienced. 'Paul's first letter to the Corinthians,…

God’s Rules for Tongues and Worship

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 7 August 2022
Reading these God-given rules and limitations of the ministry of prophets and tongues speakers we see the enormous gulf between what really happened in the formation stage of the church and what charismatics do today. The path of obedience is the true path of blessing.

Understanding is the Key

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 20 May 2012
Amidst clear teaching on the limited purpose of the temporary gift of tongues-speaking, and the paramount place of understanding in worship, Paul reveals the four 'departments' or objectives of all teaching and ministry, and the nature of evangelism. Here also prophecy is defined.

True Worship

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 27 May 2012
When Paul says everyone had a psalm, doctrine, tongue, etc, for worship, he obviously refers to the recognised leaders of the church, as we prove here. These are his inspired directions for orderly worship that includes the full biblical 'agenda', and glorifies Christ.

The Unique Message of Resurrection

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 3 June 2012
The Cross would have disappeared from history as a terminal failure, had not the Resurrection shown its significance and accomplishments. Christ must save soul and body for God's original plan to be brought to pass - a godly host living bodily on a glorified earth.

Uniqueness of Christ’s Resurrection

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 4 September 2022
Six things unique in world history to the Gospel. The prominent public witness of the resurrection. Its purpose in human history. God's plan and order for salvation, and the judgement at the return of Christ. Here is the message and meaning of Paul's resurrection teaching.

Christ’s Substitutionary Atonement

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 28 August 2022
Paul speaks of Christ as our substitute and sin-bearer. Here are some of the prophecies he refers to about the atonement. Here also are texts from the Gospels and Apostles that show crucial aspects of Christ's redeeming work, these being the basis of our love for Him.

The Mystery of Death

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 3 July 2011
The immortality of the soul makes death either peaceful or terrifying, according to whether we are walking with God. All human life is ultimately a losing battle with death, the unavoidable appointment. Here is Christ's way of breaking its power and bringing souls to eternal life.

The Death of Death

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 31 March 2013
The purposes of Christ's resurrection. Here also are aspects of the tyranny and ugliness of death which the human mind does not like to think of, to show the scale and magnificence of Christ's victory over it on our behalf. The present and eternal benefits of knowing Him.

Resurrection at the End of Time

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 17 April 2022
Paul presents the resurrection as a representative act, guaranteeing total victory over death. He firmly places our resurrection at Christ's return when all sin, unbelief and death will end, and shows the final victory-transaction when Christ hands all to the Father. You can look at the different epistles in the…

End Time Glory

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 10 June 2012
Christ's resurrection guarantees the day when He shall return and His people shall receive their resurrection bodies. Here is the manner of it, and the accompanying acts of Christ that end the tyranny of death and all opposition, ushering in unbreakable glory and bliss

The Imperishable Soul

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 30 November 2014
Biblical facts about the soul and life after death. Here also - facts about our alienation from God, our future judgement, why God would allow it, and what He has done, at great cost, to save us from it. Here is the kindness and power of God to all who…

The Conquest of Death

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 17 May 2015
According to the Bible, death is every person's greatest enemy, and is personified as a seemingly invincible ruler over us. But Christ is the opposite of death, and here the help He offers us is compared with the hostile activities of death. To whom will we yield?

The Destruction of Death

— Dr Peter Masters | 6:30pm | Sunday 20 February 2022
Everyone knows that death is totally destructive, taking away everything in life. All will die, but it is not the end. Beyond this life, a day of reckoning or reception into everlasting glory. It depends on what we have done with the Saviour of Souls. You May Be Also Interested…

Jealous for Truth

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 17 June 2012
At Corinth even good believers lacked backbone to defend the priceless truth of resurrection against a minority of cynics. Here is Paul's call to wake up, his warning of the power of error, and his revelation on the necessity and nature of glorious resurrection bodies.

Resurrection Wonders

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 11 September 2022
So much is here about our transformation to resurrection bodies at the coming of Christ. The bodies that have the likeness of animal life will be adapted to the physical yet heavenly realm of the new heaven and new earth. How? When? Paul tells all.

The Source of Fervour

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 24 June 2012
Our resurrection bodies will be the image of Christ's, constituted for eternal glory: physical, tangible, yet spiritual, powerful and perfect. Death - the great devourer - will be itself swallowed up by the final victory of Christ. Here is how we should be affected and inspired even now.

Indebtedness Our Motivation

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 25 September 2022
Indebtedness to the Lord is the engine of real commitment, and the exhortation to serve Christ Jesus in this verse relies on an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Here are the duties we owe to God. Whoever is not moved to respond is possibly not saved at all.

Paul’s Personal Admonitions

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 8 July 2012
Having shown that there is much opposition to Gospel work, Paul gives five famous directions for resisting and overcoming this, here explained. On these directions, with God's help, the very survival let alone the spiritual advance of a congregation depends. Here also are the apostle's closing encouragements.

Principles for Believers

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 2 October 2022
A number of practical instructions reveal ongoing 'rules' of conduct for believers and churches, including aims to pursue in living for the Lord and responsibilities that rest upon us for the defense of the faith and the work of the Gospel.

Using the Anchor Texts (2)

— Dr Peter Masters | 7:30pm | Wednesday 10 August 2016
Here are Paul's 'stand firm' texts. First, for the faith, embracing doctrine and duties. Secondly, the rooted and grounded analogy of Ephesians 3 – how to maintain living spiritual experience. Thirdly, standing against the wiles of the devil – what they are and how to resist.

The Necessity of Love

— Dr Peter Masters | 11:00am | Sunday 9 October 2022
These closing verses breathe the love and deep concern of the apostle to his readers, and here also is the warmth, commitment, hospitality and 'addiction' to the cause of Christ that make a church a place of zeal, light, holiness and happiness.