Features of Christian Marriage

11:00am | Sunday 18 February 2024
This challenging and informative passage begins with God-given roles, urging conduct and hope for an unbelieving spouse, extolling the beauty of Christ's character, and showing how the equality of saved husbands and wives (in spirituality, illumination, sanctification and usefulness to God) is consistent with male headship.

The Eternal City of God

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 February 2024
'And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.'

The Two Truths that Lead to God

6:30pm | Sunday 11 February 2024
The message of the Bible has two major truths that illustrate our need of God and how to find Him. These are LAW and GRACE; the first warns, the second saves. Found throughout the Bible, here is what they mean, and what they do.

Never Out of His Care

11:00am | Sunday 11 February 2024
This passage shows that the believer's duty of respect for civil authorities applies also to employers, even the unjust. Our obedience is rewarded by God. When we were called to Christ we saw His patient endurance. It saved us, and called us to be like Him.

The Vision of the New Jerusalem

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 February 2024
'And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.'

What Makes Christ Supreme

6:30pm | Sunday 4 February 2024
Paul esteems the cross of Christ as the greatest event in history. You might think a horrific death ending Christ's earthly mission would be a disaster. But it was a matter of WHO died and WHY. Here are the eternal achievements secured for us on Calvary.

Obeying Civil Rulers

11:00am | Sunday 4 February 2024
God rules all men through civil authorities whether good or bad, but here are circumstances in which believers obey God rather than men. Here are our biblical duties - for the Lord's sake and glory - including abstaining from any abusive speech toward authorities.

The Millennial Vision

7:30pm | Wednesday 31 January 2024
'And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years.'

Why Resist Almighty God?

6:30pm | Sunday 28 January 2024
Human life is viewed here as a message sent to God, demanding that He gets out of our way, because we have no interest in Him. Here is what lies behind our hostility, what we lose by it, and the way to acceptance by Him.

Attacks On The Soul

11:00am | Sunday 28 January 2024
With words only meaningful to believers, the apostle warns of the desires of the 'lower', fallen nature residual in them. Here are the core fleshly lusts and how they may be launched at believers, the need of vigilance and the remedies for their defeat.

The Only Valid Approach to God

6:30pm | Sunday 21 January 2024
The way to know God never changes throughout the Bible. This approach from a prophet-preacher 700 years before Christ is exactly the same as that found throughout the New Testament. Here are the steps of Hosea, to which the Lord will respond.

Immeasurable Advantages

11:00am | Sunday 21 January 2024
In five verses, Peter lists six magnificent blessings given to believers to mark them out, and to adorn them as God's special treasure. Awareness of these is uniquely uplifting and strengthening through all the rigours of life. Here is the happiness and security of our walk.

The Triumph of the Redeemed

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 January 2024
'And after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying, Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God.'

To Know the Divine Shepherd

6:30pm | Sunday 14 January 2024
When we first hear it, the analogy of humanity as a flock of sheep shocks us, and we recoil from it. But here are the unmistakeable similarities, and how Christ the Lord operates as a shepherd to gather and restore individuals to spiritual life.

The Ongoing Faith of a Believer

11:00am | Sunday 14 January 2024
The inspired apostle shows the way believers should approach God, and how they should think in corporate and individual prayer, to secure a true sense of Him. Our approach should include a full commitment to our role as a 'holy priesthood'.

Lessons from Babylon

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 January 2024
'So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.'

The Seven Last Plagues

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 January 2024
'And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God.'

Becoming Spiritually Alive

6:30pm | Sunday 31 December 2023
At first it shocks us that the Bible describes us as spiritually dead - walking dead; physically alive but inert and lifeless in the soul. But this picture shows what we lose and miss while away from God, and how our souls may be brought to life.

The Stages of Sanctification

11:00am | Sunday 31 December 2023
The apostle's call for brotherly love depends on sanctification - being made holy. Beginning with the new birth (with treatment of the doctrine of perseverance), this involves our putting off the soiled clothes of named sinful traits, as challenged and moved by the Word of God.

God’s Astonishing Announcement

11:00am | Monday 25 December 2023
'And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.'

Brotherly Love

11:00am | Sunday 24 December 2023
Beginning with the work of the Spirit at conversion, the apostle shows the plan of the resurrection in saving faith, then describes purifying of the soul and obedience to the truth, as he builds up to the great exhortation to brotherly love, here explained.

Believers At The End Of Time

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 December 2023
'And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.'

How Can God Be Loved?

6:30pm | Sunday 17 December 2023
How can the invisible, unfelt God be loved? It is not possible without some unmistakable experience of His intervention in our life. Here is how that may happen, so that we exclaim with the Psalm, 'I love the Lord because he hath heard my voice.'

Greatest Motives for Holiness

11:00am | Sunday 17 December 2023
The first motive is the goal and purpose of our calling- obedience to God and His Word in all aspects of life and behaviour. The second is the purity of God. The third is the eminence of the Redeemer who shed His blood for us.

The Vital Turning Point Of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 10 December 2023
A towering figure in world history, Moses achieved remarkable things while remaining uniquely untarnished and unspoiled by power. A turning point in life had led him to remove royal status to find life with God. Here is how this may be our experience today.

Joy Should Never Fail

11:00am | Sunday 10 December 2023
Inexpressible joy is the privileged possession of every believer, a joy distinct from the short-lived pleasure of, say, amazement or humour, or of unexpected kindness, or a gift. Spiritual joy endures alongside trial and grief, but it must be held tightly. Here is how.

Satan’s Earthly Agents

7:30pm | Wednesday 6 December 2023
'And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.'

Why God Hears Some Prayers But Not Others

6:30pm | Sunday 3 December 2023
King David imparts his experience of prayer and lays out the key conditions for prayer to be heard and answered. So much prayer, we learn, is distasteful to God and disregarded. May the fundamental human instinct to pray lead to life and peace with God.

The Life of Anticipation

11:00am | Sunday 3 December 2023
We are, with Peter, born again into an ever-active anticipation (expectation) of a heavenly inheritance. Our duty is to reflect on this, resulting in security and loyalty to Christ. Here also is the testing and refining of faith.

Satan’s War Against Christ

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 November 2023
'And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.'

Actively Anticipating Christ the Lord

11:00am | Sunday 26 November 2023
Introducing 1 Peter with the opening themes, including - why we should love and worship the whole Godhead, the significance of the 'sprinkling' of the blood of Jesus Christ, and the fruit of constantly keeping active and alive our anticipation of eternal glory.

The True Nature of Saving Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 19 November 2023
We see that faith is 'receiving' Christ, our taking hold of Him for rescue, pardon and life, because we have become convinced that He is the Saviour who has paid in suffering to secure our forgiveness, and we are lost and condemned without Him.

The Necessity of Spiritual Power

11:00am | Sunday 19 November 2023
After the Great Commission (Mark and Matthew) and the personal, pastoral Great Commission (of John) we turn to the commission in Luke and Acts, noting the accelerated education of the apostles, new reliance on the Holy Spirit and primary work of evangelism.

The Last Days of the Church’s Witness

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 November 2023
'And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto…

The Greatest Power in the World

6:30pm | Sunday 12 November 2023
Even if surrounded by the might and superiority of imperial Rome, Paul cannot be intimidated, for he proclaims a message of over-towering power, that illuminates minds, transforms hearts, unites people to God and grants eternal life - this is the only message of spiritual rescue.

The First and Greatest Duty of Believers

11:00am | Sunday 12 November 2023
From study of the great commission we turn to Christ's personal word to Peter and other disciples. Here is the searching question to all who are saved, and its implications for bearing fruit. Our answer determines the kind of service we will render to Him.

Satan’s Little Season

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 November 2023
'And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.'

Christ Commissions His Own

11:00am | Sunday 5 November 2023
To Mark's Gospel we add the promise of the great commission in Matthew, viewing the scope of the Lord's words to all who uphold His name and message to this hostile world. Here is the essence of the nearness and power of the risen Lord.

The Seven Trumpets of Present Warnings

7:30pm | Wednesday 1 November 2023
'And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.'

We Are What We Worship

6:30pm | Sunday 29 October 2023
An idol is any object or idea that substitutes for the true God. The Bible shows that idolatry is rampant in every life. Today the worship of self claims that individuals have the right to be themselves and have their desires - we become 'God'.

The Saving Grace of Repentance

11:00am | Sunday 29 October 2023
The risen Lord's command and commission to the disciples (and their successors) refers to their hearers who 'believe'. Here we show that belief in Christ means dependence upon Him as a Saviour from sin; faith and repentance being inseparable graces. We define true repentance.

When God Directs Our Course Of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 22 October 2023
All who have responded to the call of Christ can say with Paul, 'We know that all things work together for good to them that love God'. Is our course of life disordered, or planned by the Lord all the way to eternal glory?

The Unbelief of Believers

11:00am | Sunday 22 October 2023
None of the Lord's disciples and immediate followers, men or women, expected the resurrection. All lost sight of His teaching of His rising again the third day. Only the hostile chief priests remembered it. Here is why, and what we should learn from it.

The Calling and Security of God’s People

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 October 2023
The meaning of the sealing of the 144,000, and the distinctive marks of true believers presented by this imagery, together with their eternal security.

Christ’s Most Famous Call to the Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 15 October 2023
Nothing can compare with the call of Christ, made uniquely to mind, heart and will; a summons, yet an appeal, even a pleading call; inaudible and yet penetrating and drawing. Here is a call to radical change, yet requiring a response made so easy.

While Christ Lay Dead

11:00am | Sunday 15 October 2023
What provision was made for the Lord at death? Where did His soul go? Are there two departments of Sheol? Did the Lord literally descend into hell? First, we see how Calvary galvanised Joseph of Arimathea, then provide answers (with application) to these questions.

Opening The First Six Seals

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 October 2023
'And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.'

How Christ Appeals to our Hearts

11:00am | Sunday 8 October 2023
'Incidental' events at the cross of Calvary that have momentous significance for the soul, showing how God has made salvation possible, and how this is experienced by all those who turn to Christ and trust in Him.

Three Core Experiences in Personal Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 1 October 2023
The apostle Paul names three overwhelming experiences that come to all who seek and find the Lord. These are the chief marks of conversion. Named as power, love and a sound mind, here is the form in which they come to believers in Christ.

The Price of Forgiveness

11:00am | Sunday 1 October 2023
The scene at Christ's crucifixion, especially the words of onlookers, who showed their guilty rejection of His mighty miracles, their blindness to what was really taking place, and who unwittingly (in their jeers) affirmed the necessity of His atoning work. Also - the dark hours.

The Church-Age Visions Begin

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 September 2023
'After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.'

How To Connect With Almighty God

6:30pm | Sunday 24 September 2023
Here is a remarkable appeal by Moses to the people of his time about their souls being lifeless and non-operational. Are his famous signs of an inactive soul true of us? Here is how Moses unfolds the way to connect with God.

Rejecting Christ the Lord

11:00am | Sunday 24 September 2023
The events of Christ's three hearings before Pilate, the monumental choice of Barabbas over the Lord, and the Saviour's humiliation by the imperial guard all show the full depravity of unbelief, and the immeasurable love of God in redemption.

Revealing the Church Age

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 September 2023
'I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.'

God’s Plan for His Church in Revelation

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 September 2023
Of the three great ‘secrets’ fully unveiled in the New Testament this book is the third – revealed by Christ. It is the explanation of the great struggle between the church and the world throughout the Gospel age. Here is great wisdom and discernment for us.

Our Argument With God

6:30pm | Sunday 3 September 2023
God calls us to think, setting before us the unreasonableness of turning our backs on Him. He shows us what we are rejecting – namely, His forgiving love, the rebuilding of our character, the imparting of life to the soul, and everlasting joy and peace.

The First Trials of Christ

11:00am | Sunday 3 September 2023
What a scene of dishonesty, hostility and brutality! Christ, the creator of all, the Holy One, put on trial by corrupt sinful people! How far He would go for our redemption! Here also is His proof that Scripture had promised a divine Saviour.

The Parable of the Harmful Eye

6:30pm | Sunday 27 August 2023
Christ's parable of the 'evil' eye portrays our inability to grasp spiritual matters. It shows that blurred spiritual vision is a wilful condition, for we do not want to know about the Lord. Here is how we may 'see', and find God's forgiving love.

Lessons For Us From Peter’s Denial

11:00am | Sunday 27 August 2023
Peter's collapse from bravado to denial was rapid and humiliating. How did fear so quickly overpower him? Here are the five failings that led to his fall, including the failing of love. Here also are the means to keep us from failing today.

If Only You Knew Christ – The Gift of God

6:30pm | Sunday 6 August 2023
Whether we live in a Christian age or in an atheistic culture, people, by nature, are unaware of the goodness and power of God if He is found and known. Here is why we are so far from Him, and how we may find Him.

Arresting the Lord of All

11:00am | Sunday 6 August 2023
When Christ submits to being arrested like a criminal, we see the outcome of 'nominal' belief (in Judas), the venom of the Lord's enemies, the deceitfulness of that shocking night, the reaction of 'the flesh' in believers, and a shining example of tenacious faith.

God Appeals to Our Souls

6:30pm | Sunday 16 July 2023
Isaiah, 700 years before Christ, prophesies the last phase of the world, from the time of Christ to the end of the age. Throughout, many will be appealing to and urging people to turn to Christ. Here is how God reaches out to us.

Only Christ Can Prevail

11:00am | Sunday 16 July 2023
When the disciples were told by the Lord that they would forsake Him, all of them (Peter first) contradicted Him. Yet in Gethsemane Christ bore the crushing foretaste of Calvary unsupported. Self-confidence (with us also) leads to prayerlessness, weakness and failing the Lord.

Christ’s Directions to the Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 July 2023
'But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.'

The Riches of a Life Knowing God

6:30pm | Sunday 9 July 2023
A convert to Christ is someone who discovers the gospel (meaning the momentous news) of Christ, and the new life that He gives, and who surrenders all to Him. Here are the tremendous differences between the materialistic life and the Christian experience of life.

The First Lord’s Supper

11:00am | Sunday 9 July 2023
The 'last supper' that led to the first Lord's Supper. Here is how Christ ordained the supper for His people, and the six purposes of the supper, all of which are so greatly strengthening to the church and individual members. The 'rite' that shows Christ.

Glorious Promises of God to Believers

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 July 2023
A selection of the magnificent promises of God, noting their conditions, and resting on the fact that Christ by his righteousness and atonement secures their benefits for us. An inspiration to collect and embrace the texts of care, love and strength.

Answering Doubts About God And Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 2 July 2023
Here are several troubling objections to Christian faith drummed into modern society, and why they are entirely wrong. Here also are the chief evidences for the being of God, the basis for finding and knowing Him, and the proving of His life-changing power.

A Woman Who Surpassed The Disciples

11:00am | Sunday 2 July 2023
Before Christ's entry into Jerusalem, at a supper at Bethany, Mary, sister of Lazarus, anointed His head and feet with spikenard, to the dismay of the disciples. But her understanding and act of support outstripped theirs, and here is how, and the lessons for us.

Dispersing Gloomy Seasons of the Soul (2)

7:30pm | Wednesday 28 June 2023
'Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.'

Four Essential Components of Saving Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 25 June 2023
If an encounter with God, or reconciliation, comes by faith (trust) what does this exactly involve? Here are the few things we need to understand and believe in order to approach Him, all seen in the experience of a Roman centurion who trusted in Christ.

Christ Describes the End of the World

11:00am | Sunday 25 June 2023
As they sat with the Lord on the Mount of Olives overlooking the golden side of the temple, four disciples asked about the end of the world, and He told them about the imminent end of the temple, and also of His own later return.

Dispersing Gloomy Seasons of the Soul

7:30pm | Wednesday 21 June 2023
'Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of…

What Do We Think of Christ?

6:30pm | Sunday 18 June 2023
This is the question an atheistic society will never put to you, yet it is the most important, urgent, pivotal and constructive of all possible questions. Happiness and eternal life depend on what we make of Christ. Here is the life-transforming knowledge of Him.

Being Conformed to Christ

11:00am | Sunday 18 June 2023
In this passage, the first step for advancing in communion with Christ is a full appreciation of His person. The second is the mortifying of self-love. The third is to see everything we possess as His, entrusted to us for godly management.

The Bible’s Own Rules For Personal Study

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 June 2023
'For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.'

The Lord Answers Hostile Questions

11:00am | Sunday 11 June 2023
During the Lord's final week, He answered a series of hostile questions. His answers are often seen as remarkable 'tactical' ways of confounding His critics, but they were, in fact, completely relevant to the questions, leaving principles for all ages.

Difficulties in Finding the Lord

6:30pm | Sunday 4 June 2023
Christ's parable of the vineyard tenants, preached in the temple, speaks to hostile Jewish leaders, but it contains a life-saving message for us, showing the elements of our rebellion against God that must be recognised and regretted in order to approach and find Him.

Christ’s Person, Manner and Power

11:00am | Sunday 4 June 2023
Christ's last days on earth show His divine nature, redeeming purpose and power to end the Jewish era and bring in the Gospel age. He also teaches the crucial elements of true worship, and the way to experience God's power in fruitfulness.

The Fellowship of Believers

7:30pm | Wednesday 31 May 2023
 'Let brotherly love continue.' 'I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called, with all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.'

Finding the Astonishing Love of God

6:30pm | Sunday 28 May 2023
Militant atheists caricature Christian belief, reducing it to something childish and abnormal. They seem unable to grasp anything of God's being, or the necessity, scope and kindness of His love. Here is the work of Christ, and how His love may be tasted and proved.

Ambition in Believers

11:00am | Sunday 28 May 2023
Beginning the final journey to Jerusalem, where He would die at Calvary, Christ spoke of His death and resurrection. Then James and John revealed their earthly ambitions. The snare of pride in God's people, how it is stimulated, its consequences and its curbs.

Under the Direction of the Lord

7:30pm | Wednesday 24 May 2023
'The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.'

God’s Plan for the World

6:30pm | Sunday 21 May 2023
David's last prayer is one of the most remarkable and detailed prophecies of the Old Testament, describing what the coming Messiah (Jesus Christ) would do for the world. Every major act of Christ is here, and what these mean for our eternal souls.

Christ on Marriage and Divorce

11:00am | Sunday 21 May 2023
What it means for husbands and wives to 'cleave' to each other - listing the aspects of responsibility that honour God and cement the marriage union. The tragedy of divorce and its causes. Also the real nature of headship, contrary to today's common idea.

Communion with Christ

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 May 2023
'He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.'

Everlasting Glory

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 May 2023
'To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:..But glory, honour, and peace, to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.'

How God Sees Our Lives

6:30pm | Sunday 7 May 2023
We are not stirred to seek the Lord until we see ourselves as He sees us. Here are the differences between our view of ourselves and His. Here also are Christ's own illustrations of us, our need, and how we may receive new life from Him.

Christ’s Conditions of Service

11:00am | Sunday 7 May 2023
The Lord calls His disciples to live modestly, without substance and eminence, and requires humility and approachability. He prepares them for the founding of autonomous churches, and commands them to give up any activity, pursuit or desire that spoils spiritual life and service.

The Causes of Apostasy

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 May 2023
'On that day they read in the book of Moses in the audience of the people; and therein was found written, that the Ammonite and the Moabite should not come into the congregation of God for ever.'

Hope for the Searching Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 30 April 2023
Job's words, spoken so long ago out of very great need, are amazingly profound, revealing the vital steps in a search for God. Such a cry will lead to a great discovery of the soul and a 'meeting' with Him. Here is what may be found.

Lessons from the Transfiguration

11:00am | Sunday 30 April 2023
First we review seven purposes of the transfiguration; secondly, we ask how three disciples merited such privileged communion, setting an example to us; thirdly, we define the 'secrets' of the kingdom. Finally we find the special key in the transfiguration to Old Testament prophecy.

Lordship Salvation or Not?

11:00am | Sunday 23 April 2023
The Lord's call to denial of ourselves and cross bearing has been used to teach salvation by works. It has also been used to insist on embracing His Lordship as a condition of salvation. Should it be added to repentance and faith? We answer from the Word.

God-Given Components of Worship

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 April 2023
'Now in the twenty and fourth day of this month the children of Israel were assembled with fasting, and with sackclothes, and earth upon them. And the seed of Israel separated themselves from all strangers, and stood and confessed their sins, and the iniquities of their fathers.'

The True Condition of Those Unsaved

6:30pm | Sunday 16 April 2023
The state of a severely affected youth healed by the Lord illustrates the serious condition of being away from God and spiritually lost. Here also is the power and kindness of Christ's saving work, and how it operates in the lives of all who trust in Him.

Stages of Conversion to God

11:00am | Sunday 16 April 2023
Conversion begins with regeneration, an instantaneous, invisible act of God in the soul imparting life, and immediately beginning to illuminate the mind, move the heart and incline the will. This proceeded in bursts in the disciples. Here is the Lord's own illustration of this.

Attacks on God’s Work

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 April 2023
'Now it came to pass when Sanballat, and Tobiah, and Geshem the Arabian, and the rest of our enemies, heard that I had builded the wall..that Sanballat and Geshem sent unto me, saying, Come, let us meet together.. but they thought to do me mischief.'

The Answer to Inner Yearnings

6:30pm | Sunday 9 April 2023
The appeal of Christ to a vast assembly in the courts of the temple was - 'If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink.' Here are the only two conditions for coming to Christ to receive life, pardon and eternal happiness.

A Long-Foretold Resurrection

11:00am | Sunday 9 April 2023
A review of prophecies that Messiah would rise from the dead, coupled with the sevenfold purpose or message of this supreme act of power. Here is understanding, incentive and authority for a life of holiness, service and dedication to Christ.

How Christ Saves Us

11:00am | Friday 7 April 2023
First, we must know who He is who cares for our souls, then observe the nature of this love, then ask who gains from His love, then in what way He gave Himself for us, and how this obtains for us new life and Heaven.

To Know The Power of God

6:30pm | Sunday 2 April 2023
Knowing the scriptures and experiencing the power of God go together (declared Christ). Why God's book is vital for understanding human life and God's plans. How it traces all the powerful acts of God to the end of time, and brings us to know Him.

The Roots of Unbelief

11:00am | Sunday 2 April 2023
Beginning with lessons from the Lord's feeding of the 4,000, the Jewish leaders attempt to discredit Him. Here is why they would obtain no sign. Here also are their doctrines, why they should be avoided (with their modern equivalents) and how Christ is Himself the greatest sign.

Hardness in the Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 March 2023
"And there was a great cry of the people and of their wives against their brethren the Jews. For there were that said, We, our sons, and our daughters, are many: therefore we take up corn for them, that we may eat, and live." Nehemiah 5:1-2

Removing Faith’s Greatest Obstacle

6:30pm | Sunday 26 March 2023
The apostle's famous words, 'I am crucified with Christ,' points out the greatest hindrance to reconciliation with God: the problem of self-regard. Here is how it 'requisitions' every part of a person to dominate life, and how Christ forgives and remakes us to walk with Himself.

What is Saving Faith?

11:00am | Sunday 26 March 2023
The Lord delayed His healing of the Syrophenician's daughter to bring out her faith. A seeker may have to wait for salvation. Sometimes it is defective repentance; sometimes faith is not set on the right object - Christ and His work and compassion. Here is help from a notable case.

The Church and the World

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 March 2023
'Then Eliashib the high priest rose up with his brethren the priests, and they builded the sheep gate; they sanctified it, and set up the doors of it; even unto the tower of Meah they sanctified it, unto the tower of Hananeel.'

The Losses and Gains in Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 12 March 2023
Conversion to God is a remarkable phenomenon that altogether changes a person spiritually and morally. Here are its elements, highlighting the immeasurable gains for life and eternity, and the losses - the latter being deceptive and destructive features of life. Here is the wonder of finding Christ.

Seeing into the Heart

11:00am | Sunday 12 March 2023
In rejecting extra-biblical customs of Jewish tradition the Lord was not freeing believers to live as they liked but calling for genuine holiness rather than ceremonial cleansing. Here is His searching review of the state of the unforgiven human heart.

Identifying Enemies of the Word

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 March 2023
'Moreover I said unto the king, If it please the king, let letters be given me to the governors beyond the river, that they may convey me over till I come into Judah.'

Things God Gives Only to Those Who Ask

6:30pm | Sunday 5 March 2023
All things come from God, but the greatest and most significant benefits in life come by application to Him. Here are the 'deep things' of God - His mercy and benevolence, and what the promises (in the Scriptures) do for all who ask.

Having Spiritual Reality

11:00am | Sunday 5 March 2023
Crossing the Sea of Galilee at night against the storm, the disciples are 'seen' by Christ from miles away. He comes to them walking on the water. Why does He demonstrate His divinity this way? Here are six lessons for all believers and for seekers.

God’s Call to Rebuild The Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 1 March 2023
'And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of heaven.'

A Life Transformed

6:30pm | Sunday 26 February 2023
The narrative of Zacchaeus, a loathed tax-chief at Jericho, and how a germ of curiosity and inner need led him to an encounter with the Saviour that changed his entire nature and disposition. Here are the features and the effects of conversion to Christ.

The Supreme Teaching-Miracle

11:00am | Sunday 26 February 2023
Miracles authenticated Christ and illustrate the way He heals and gives life to the soul. We learn of His compassion, and of His test of faith for the disciples. Then the eight purposes of the miracle, all showing Christ and how He should be proclaimed.

The Greatest Imaginable Legacy

6:30pm | Sunday 19 February 2023
At the end of His earthly life Christ spoke of His leaving a legacy to many millions of people in the history of the world. It was of infinitely greater value than anything that could be given by this present world. Here is what he gives.

Natural and Spiritual Convictions

11:00am | Sunday 19 February 2023
This history of Herod Antipas and his imprisonment and execution of John the Baptist tells of the conscience, both its power and weaknesses. Here are lessons for believers and seekers from Herod, Herodias and 'Salome', far richer than the dramas from successful Hollywood screenwriters.

The Necessity of the Local Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 February 2023
'And in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples, and said... Men and brethren, this scripture must needs have been fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost by the mouth of David spake before concerning Judas, which was guide to them that took Jesus. For he was numbered…

The Destination of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 12 February 2023
Pictured here is the church in Heaven, the people who have come to God from every nation. What is this vast company like, and how did they gain access to Heaven? What is the 'fountain' of salvation? And why do many people never find it?

The Sending of the Twelve

11:00am | Sunday 12 February 2023
Early in their training by the Lord the disciples are sent on their first preaching mission. They were 'apostles', a special office for the first phase of the church, but their terms of service apply in principle to all believers, and especially preachers.

Separation for Christ

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 February 2023
'Then Ezra rose up from before the house of God, and went into the chamber of Johanan the son of Eliashib: and when he came thither, he did eat no bread, nor drink water: for he mourned because of the transgression of them that had been carried away.' 

A Time Bomb of Truth

6:30pm | Sunday 5 February 2023
The parable of the good Samaritan exposes the self-righteousness of a hostile questioner. But it also has a fuse attached. Once Christ had died and risen again it would be obvious that the Lord depicted Himself, and how to obtain eternal life.

Access to God

11:00am | Sunday 5 February 2023
We trace, via the raising of a girl to life, stages in receiving the gift of salvation. First, recognition of Christ; second, the birth of faith; third, surmounting setbacks; fourth, sincerity; fifth, the vital filter of faith; sixth, how Christ acts; seventh, immediate life.

Is God With Us Or Against Us?

6:30pm | Sunday 29 January 2023
Paul spells out how God has made salvation possible by the atonement of Christ and the work of the Spirit in the heart. Are our minds set on material things and the 'here and now' or do we know Christ inseparably for life and eternity?

Healing The Haemorrhage

11:00am | Sunday 29 January 2023
A woman’s struggle for healing illustrates our quest for spiritual life. Do we search? Her ‘touch’ expresses faith, of itself powerless, yet seeking life. Her faith made her ‘whole’, but the Greek says it ‘saved’ her. Here also is the message of the miracle to believers.

A Revival of Repentance

7:30pm | Wednesday 25 January 2023
'...the princes came to me, saying, The people of Israel, and the priests, and the Levites, have not separated themselves from the people of the lands, doing according to their abominations...for they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the holy seed have mingled…

Why We Should Believe in Christ the Lord

6:30pm | Sunday 22 January 2023
Christ said, "I most solemnly assure you" indicating the certainty of a conversion experience to all who hear His word, believe and respond. Here are the chief exclusive and verifiable facts taught in the Bible, and how Christ may be found personally.

The Legion of Demons

11:00am | Sunday 22 January 2023
The unique casting out of demons miracle once debated publicly over months by Gladstone (Prime Minister) and Huxley ('Darwin's bulldog'). First: the event reviewed; secondly: the Gospel it portrays, especially the three pleas of mankind; and thirdly: its counsel for believers on avoiding backsliding.

The Quiet Hero of Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 January 2023
'Then I proclaimed a fast there, at the river of Ahava, that we might afflict ourselves before our God, to seek of him a right way for us, and for our little ones, and for all our substance.'

The Chief False Hopes of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 15 January 2023
King Solomon spoke for humanity throughout time when he listed the greatest false promises in favour of living an entirely material life without reference to God or spiritual matters. Here are few of them, believed by millions, and how they fail.

Sowing Divine Seed

11:00am | Sunday 15 January 2023
Christ begins with an evangelistic commission for all believers. Why do we fail in this? Rewards are promised in this life. Then a parable shows our part and God's, in witness. Finally comes the quelling of the tempest, the encouragement of faith for the work.

A Minister’s Credentials and Life

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 January 2023
'This Ezra went up from Babylon; and he was a ready scribe in the law of Moses, which the Lord God of Israel had given: and the king granted him all his request, according to the hand of the LORD his God upon him.'

Testing The Things We Believe About Life

6:30pm | Sunday 8 January 2023
Most people cannot live without having opinions and views about life, and how matters should work out for them. From where do we get these views? How do we know if they are true? Will they really help? Can they connect us with God?

Valid or Invalid Prayer

6:30pm | Sunday 1 January 2023
Christ's parable of the unforgiving servant is partly a plea for patience and forgiveness on the part of Christians. But it is chiefly a challenge to sincere prayer rather than self-seeking prayer as the only way to reconciliation with God.

A New Beginning

11:00am | Sunday 1 January 2023
A new beginning for a new year from the parable of the sower. Why the Lord used parables. The universal tender of salvation vital. The various states of heart of hearers, with counsel to the unsaved and to believers.

The Search of the Magi

6:30pm | Sunday 25 December 2022
The wise men were noble scholars, priests, and philosophers from the distant East. This search for the incarnate Christ constituted a message from God about the status and future work of Mary's child. Here is their search — and how it may be ours also, leading to God.

The Pre-eminence of Christ the Lord

11:00am | Sunday 25 December 2022
First - why born of a virgin? Secondly: 'God with us' - the Saviour's incomparable attributes. Thirdly: why a poor family and lowly birth? Fourthly: why shepherds and what did they symbolise? Treasures of the nativity increase admiration of Christ.

Priorities for Christ’s People

7:30pm | Wednesday 21 December 2022
'Then the prophets, Haggai and Zechariah, prophesied unto the Jews that were in Judah and Jerusalem in the name of the God of Israel, even unto them. Then rose up Zerubbabel and Jeshua, and began to build the house of God which is at Jerusalem: and with them were the…

God Keeps His Promises

6:30pm | Sunday 11 December 2022
The goodness of God is fully demonstrated in the promises He makes in the Bible. That the Creator and Sovereign God should deign to give promises to us is amazing. Here are the major promises, how Christ makes them possible, and how we receive them.

Christ Prepares His Church

11:00am | Sunday 11 December 2022
The call of the disciples, their unique role, and the care and patience of Christ in their training. Then the preparation of the church for extreme and persistent opposition, the reasons why demons were cast out, the unpardonable sin, and the supreme mark of true conversion.

Adversaries of God’s People

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 December 2022
'Now when the adversaries of Judah and Benjamin heard that the children of the captivity builded the temple unto the LORD God of Israel; Then they came to Zerubbabel, and to the chief of the fathers, and said unto them, Let us build with you..'

The Two Worst Steps of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 4 December 2022
The prophet identifies in a single verse the two great missteps in life, giving two contrasting illustrations of human experience. One is a free-flowing fountain of meaning and happiness with God, and the other is a broken cistern representing toil and failure without Him.

Withered Affections

11:00am | Sunday 4 December 2022
Christ was indignant and grieved at the scribes' hardness of heart, and here is why. We also see what gives believers times of coldness, and show the remedies. The healing of a man's withered hand illustrates the way saving faith operates to bring conversion.

What Were They Like?

7:30pm | Wednesday 30 November 2022
'And when the seventh month was come, and the children of Israel were in the cities, the people gathered themselves together as one man to Jerusalem.'

Why Faith is the Key to Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 27 November 2022
It is not difficult to believe in God but to have a general kind of belief does not lead to true reconciliation with Him. 'Saving faith' is the vital key. Why should this be essential? What is it and how is it expressed?

Lord of the Sabbath

11:00am | Sunday 27 November 2022
Here are the purposes of the sabbath, the additional purpose after deliverance from Egypt, and the even greater purpose after the resurrection of Christ. Here also is the error of rejecting the fourth commandment today, and how Christ is the Lord of the sabbath.

May Truth Be Found?

6:30pm | Sunday 20 November 2022
We hear of 'your truth'. Can 'truth' be known by viewing material facts only, and ignoring the spiritual? Christ's words, 'I am the Truth' show how He presents Himself as the reason for everything, the Creator of all and the revealer of spiritual life.

The Mind of Christ

11:00am | Sunday 20 November 2022
First - what Christ saw in Matthew; second - Christ viewed as the Physician; third - why the disciples did not fast; fourth - the patching of the old garment and the new wine into old bottles: the distinctiveness of the testaments, and the necessity of total conversion for seekers.

A World-Changing Miracle

7:30pm | Wednesday 16 November 2022
'Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled, the Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing.'

Spiritual Apathy

6:30pm | Sunday 13 November 2022
The Jews of Paul's day were intensely religious, and so were the Gentiles in their paganism. Yet neither understood nor sought to know God and His purposes. Here are the losses due to vagueness in matters of the soul, and here are the gains of finding Him.

Model Conversions

11:00am | Sunday 13 November 2022
The first recorded healing of a leper by Christ and how it illustrates conversion, together with the healing of a paralysed man of Capernaum and its parallels with salvation. More than a demonstration of power, here is the call of Christ in miracles.

The Calling of a Preacher (II)

7:30pm | Wednesday 9 November 2022
'Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.'

The Greatest Event in World History

6:30pm | Sunday 6 November 2022
The cross of Christ is without parallel in world history. Comprehensively prophesied, nothing has accomplished so much for countless millions of people. To be unaware of the reason of the cross of Christ is to miss the entire purpose and destiny of life.

Christ’s Purpose Displayed

11:00am | Sunday 6 November 2022
We begin with Capernaum - a city of spiritually dead though religious Jews, and a significant healing in the synagogue. Then we give seven proofs that Christ's healing miracles pictured His spiritual healing of souls. Then two special miracles and the message of salvation to us today.

The Calling of a Preacher

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 November 2022
The inner calling of a preacher and its ratification; the required ministerial gifts; the preparation, testing and formation of character; the combined honour and lowliness of the calling, and the assured results, all surveyed in 1 Timothy.

Escaping the Limited Life

6:30pm | Sunday 23 October 2022
In the parable of the great supper the Lord speaks of three representative refusals to attend, each one picturing our refusal to the call of the Gospel. Why do we not respond to Christ? Here is what we miss, boxed in by the material realm.

The Unique Call of Christ

11:00am | Sunday 23 October 2022
Tracking the first months of the Lord's ministry, including the three successive calls of the first disciples: 1) the elements of the call; 2) the work to which they were called; and 3) their phased response to the point of full yielding to Christ.

Living in the Last Days

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 October 2022
The 'day of the Lord' is the return of Christ, when He gathers in all His redeemed people. While human plans are so easily swept away, here is how it will come, and all its mighty events — together with what should be our response, saved or unsaved.

Restoring a Broken Life

7:30pm | Sunday 16 October 2022
The healing of a speechless sick youth by Christ was not only an act of compassion, but an illustration of the spiritual disorder that racks all of us before conversion. Here is the problem and the healing of the soul.

The Gospel Age Begins

11:00am | Sunday 16 October 2022
Mark places the beginning of the Gospel era from the ministry of John the Baptist, who calls the nation to repentance and change, and who witnesses Christ's endorsement by the Father. Here also is the reason for Christ's baptism and the deep meaning of His 'beloved' status.

Quit You Like Men

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 October 2022
What does Biblical manhood really mean? The so-called Patriarchy movement and others advance an absurd level of male headship including domination of wives, even an almost priestly standing, while genuine headship is seen in humility, self-control, respect and gentleness.

The Distortion of Human Wisdom

6:30pm | Sunday 9 October 2022
Before conversion, we see the cross of Christ as the unfortunate end of a reformer-preacher. It has nothing to say to us. We trust human wisdom for life and happiness; we have no light on the soul. Here is the true meaning of that cross.

The Necessity of Love

11:00am | Sunday 9 October 2022
These closing verses breathe the love and deep concern of the apostle to his readers, and here also is the warmth, commitment, hospitality and 'addiction' to the cause of Christ that make a church a place of zeal, light, holiness and happiness.

Hindrances in Finding Christ

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 October 2022
Conversion is entirely the work of God, yet Paul is commissioned to open eyes and turn people to repentance. Why do so many struggle to find the Lord? Here are the common faults in repentance which may delay conscious salvation.

Paralysis of the Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 2 October 2022
According to the Bible, alienation from God is entirely due to the problem of sin. But what is sin, why should it be so offensive to God, and what is the biblical method of bringing about forgiveness and reconciliation with God?

Principles for Believers

11:00am | Sunday 2 October 2022
A number of practical instructions reveal ongoing 'rules' of conduct for believers and churches, including aims to pursue in living for the Lord and responsibilities that rest upon us for the defense of the faith and the work of the Gospel.

Authentic Revelation

6:30pm | Sunday 25 September 2022
It may seem strange that God should reveal His purpose and plan for mankind in a book. Here are the reasons why this is precisely what we should expect and how the Scripture and their message are proved to be authentic, and vital to knowing God.

Indebtedness Our Motivation

11:00am | Sunday 25 September 2022
Indebtedness to the Lord is the engine of real commitment, and the exhortation to serve Christ Jesus in this verse relies on an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Here are the duties we owe to God. Whoever is not moved to respond is possibly not saved at all.

Christ Dwelling Within

7:30pm | Wednesday 21 September 2022
'That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled…

The Impregnable Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 September 2022
The Lord said that the gates of hell would not prevail against the church, yet we live in a time of severe spiritual decline, when unbelief triumphs everywhere. Here are five great aspects of the victory of the true church seen even at the present time.

Instead of God

6:30pm | Sunday 11 September 2022
There are many substitutes for God in human society - things to admire, live, serve or possess. Perhaps they are preferred to the true God because they have no moral authority over us. Let Isaiah unfold the differences between these and the true God.

Resurrection Wonders

11:00am | Sunday 11 September 2022
So much is here about our transformation to resurrection bodies at the coming of Christ. The bodies that have the likeness of animal life will be adapted to the physical yet heavenly realm of the new heaven and new earth. How? When? Paul tells all.

One or Two Natures in the Christian?

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 September 2022
‘Two natures’ was the position of the Reformers, the Puritans and the mainstream evangelical position until the 1950s. Here is the scriptural support, also the mistakes of the one-nature view, and how the old view gives the most realistic view of the struggle for holiness.

The Most Influential Sin of All

6:30pm | Sunday 4 September 2022
One human trait stand out in the Bible as the 'master sin', which leads to so many others and becomes more entrenched as time goes by, yet is widely promoted. But God's immeasurable love has provided a way of escape and eternal life.

Uniqueness of Christ’s Resurrection

11:00am | Sunday 4 September 2022
Six things unique in world history to the Gospel. The prominent public witness of the resurrection. Its purpose in human history. God's plan and order for salvation, and the judgement at the return of Christ. Here is the message and meaning of Paul's resurrection teaching.

Comprehending the Glory of God

7:30pm | Wednesday 31 August 2022
Isaiah was overwhelmed and convicted by it. The four and twenty elders of Revelation fell down before it. What is it like to sense God’s glory – its perfections and attributes? Here is how it is known through Christ, and how it must be honoured.

The Dream of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 28 August 2022
What happens when the dream of life is over and the reality of God's existence dawns? The Psalmist describes the futility of a life lived without God, and the inevitability of final judgement. Will we face Christ the Lord as our Saviour or as our Judge? 'As a dream, when…

Christ’s Substitutionary Atonement

11:00am | Sunday 28 August 2022
Paul speaks of Christ as our substitute and sin-bearer. Here are some of the prophecies he refers to about the atonement. Here also are texts from the Gospels and Apostles that show crucial aspects of Christ's redeeming work, these being the basis of our love for Him.

How Atheism Steals our Hearts

6:30pm | Sunday 7 August 2022
In the disastrous decision of the ungodly king who took Judah into 70 years of captivity we see the very influence that manipulates away from God, and into rationalism and atheism. Here are the 'levers' used by unbelieving society to keep us from God.

God’s Rules for Tongues and Worship

11:00am | Sunday 7 August 2022
Reading these God-given rules and limitations of the ministry of prophets and tongues speakers we see the enormous gulf between what really happened in the formation stage of the church and what charismatics do today. The path of obedience is the true path of blessing.

Knowing the Love of Christ

6:30pm | Sunday 24 July 2022
Paul speaks of knowing 'the love of Christ which passeth knowledge.' This message describes the nature of Christ's love towards those who find and know Him - actions of affection, kindness and power unmatched in human society. Here is how it may be experienced. 'Paul's first letter to the Corinthians,…

The Supremacy of Love

11:00am | Sunday 24 July 2022
Love must be the driving virtue and motive of all that is done for Christ, insists the inspired apostle. Then he shows how it acts and reacts in all circumstances concluding with the reasons for its supremacy over all the gifts and graces.

The Abandonment of Consecration

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 July 2022
Why is there virtually no concept of Christian consecration today among Reformed evangelicals? Why do so many churches and Christians find worldliness acceptable? James demonstrates how the Holy Spirit yearns for our entire consecration to the Lord — beginning with humble submission to Him. Related Resource: The Merger of Calvinism…

Christ’s Illustration of Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 17 July 2022
Christ's healing of a man born blind was a liberal act of compassion which is also intended to demonstrate the way a person may be forgiven and renewed. Here are the striking similarities between his healing and the receiving of spiritual life from the Lord.

The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts

11:00am | Sunday 17 July 2022
Paul speaks of the revelatory and sign gifts given while the New Testament was being delivered. These were never for individual benefit, but for the whole body. Here they are reviewed , along with the famous analogy showing the mutual dependence and care of believers.

Discerning Between Saved and Unsaved

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 July 2022
A survey of the book of Malachi, God's final prophetic interaction with his people before the appearance of John the Baptist. It is cast in six sections: Israel’s spiritual apathy, condemnation of the priests, the charge of treachery, a great prophecy of Christ, a charge to consecration and the destinies…

How God Evaluates Prayer

6:30pm | Sunday 3 July 2022
Christ tells of a man with a great need who is obliged to get help from a friend already retired for the night. He obtains more than he needs, but only by his 'importunity', showing how we may successfully pray to God.

Christ and His Work in Zechariah

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 June 2022
'Thus saith the Lord of hosts; It shall yet come to pass, that there shall come people, and the inhabitants of many cities: And the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to pray before the Lord, and to seek the Lord of hosts:…

Forgiveness, Our Greatest Need

6:30pm | Sunday 19 June 2022
Why do we need forgiveness? Why should we be accountable to God? What are God's motives in requiring repentance? What is the role of Christ in reconciling people to God? How does a person seek forgiveness? Is forgiveness and reconciliation with God a verifiable experience? If we confess our sins,…

The Necessity of the Lord’s Supper

11:00am | Sunday 19 June 2022
Corinth had combined a fellowship meal with the Lord's Supper, but Paul firmly separates them. The Supper is presented as a spiritual banquet, distinct, and calling for deep earnestness. Here are the symbols and what it signifies to ingest them. Here is the Covenant of Grace. You can look at…

Church-Age Blessings Foretold

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 June 2022
'Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying roll. And he said unto me, What seest thou? And I answered, I see a flying roll; the length thereof is twenty cubits, and the breadth thereof ten cubits.' Related Resource: Church Age Predictions

The Spirit and Word All-Sufficient

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 June 2022
'Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.' Related Resource: The Sword of the Spirit

Reasons for Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 5 June 2022
People may be brilliant and accomplished in several fields of learning and skill, yet unreceptive and unaware when it comes to the purpose of life and reconciliation with God. Here are miniature parables of Solomon that appeal to us all to be open to God. As snow in summer, and…

God’s Order for Men and Women

11:00am | Sunday 5 June 2022
Paul answers the question on the roles of husbands and wives and affirms conformity to the dress code of head coverings in Greek society at that time. With Calvin and major confessions we show that the 'message' of clothing may change in other ages and lands. You can look at…

Spiritual Lessons from Zechariah

7:30pm | Wednesday 1 June 2022
'In the eighth month, in the second year of Darius, came the word of the Lord unto Zechariah, the son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo the prophet, saying, The Lord hath been sore displeased with your fathers. Therefore say thou unto them, Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Turn…

The Process and Scope of Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 29 May 2022
The deranged man of Gadara desperately sought Christ's help, but on meeting him shouted to be left alone. His healing sparked alarm among his neighbours. Why is there such antipathy to Christ? Here is our resistance to Him, and the depths of conversion. And they arrived at the country of…

Remedies for Temptation

11:00am | Sunday 29 May 2022
Three factors are given by Paul for countering temptations. First, the necessity of watchfulness - how temptations come and how to prime the heart; secondly, the rule for resisting temptations; thirdly, the power of the Lord's Supper to shame away sin and strengthen our resolve. You can look at the…

Temple Prophecies

7:30pm | Wednesday 25 May 2022
'Then came the word of the Lord by Haggai the prophet, saying, Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell in your cieled houses, and this house lie waste? Now therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways.' Related Resource: Christ Purges His Temple

Being Without God in the World

6:30pm | Sunday 15 May 2022
If we have no connection with Christ we have only physical life, but no experience of spiritual life, no understanding of the purpose of life, no acceptance by God, no power to shape character, and no eternal life. Here is how Christ provides all these.

Discerning the Biblical Message

11:00am | Sunday 15 May 2022
Exodus Israelites included believers and witnessed miraculous deliverances and provisions, yet they fell into various sins. Their actions and God's responses are a pattern for later ages. It is not allegorising to draw these intended lessons (here reviewed) for avoiding sin.

When God Sows Seed

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 May 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies entitled ‘Lessons in Faith’.

Is Your Soul Dead or Alive?

6:30pm | Sunday 8 May 2022
The Saviour's first incident of raising the dead took place at Nain, as a funeral party headed to the burial place. He showed his divinity and power, his vast compassion, and his readiness to impart spiritual life to the dormant and inactive souls of men and women.

Self-Preparation for Service

11:00am | Sunday 8 May 2022
Paul makes himself all things to all men. Here is the wrong (common today) and the right sense of his words. Then we draw applications from Paul's 'focused athlete' illustration, and his profound conception of the body as a servant of the mind. You can look at the different epistles…

Lessons in Prayer From Nehemiah

7:30pm | Wednesday 4 May 2022
'And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of heaven.' Related Resources: Awakening under Hezekiah & Lessons in Faith From Hezekiah

The Shadow of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 1 May 2022
King David looks back to his experiences of deep cynicism, describing how it gave way to a realisation of the futility of life without God. He saw life as a 'shadow', and provides us with a prayer for approaching and finding a forgiving God. You May Be Also Interested in……

Motives and Sincerity

11:00am | Sunday 1 May 2022
Paul proves his apostleship - here are the unique tasks and qualifications of apostles as the church's foundation. Paul was motivated by his commission for God, by a desire to reach souls (at great personal cost), and by the great joy of seeing a harvest. You can look at the…

Awakening under Hezekiah

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 April 2022
From a series entitled 'Lessons in Faith' from the life of Hezekiah. Related Resource: Lessons in Faith From Hezekiah

The Conversion of Damaris

6:30pm | Sunday 24 April 2022
'A woman called Damaris' appears as a footnote in the biblical account as one who believed in Christ through hearing Paul's great sermon at Mars Hill, Athens. What convinced her? Why did she from that time 'glue' herself to Christ and His teaching? You May Be Also Interested in… Booklet: Seven…

The Believer’s Pride Battle

11:00am | Sunday 24 April 2022
Knowledge is both vital and excellent, but it can so easily inflate pride and vainglory. The apostle names three graces (unfolded here) that deflate pride and make knowledge a source of blessing for the church. You can look at the different epistles in the New Testament and identify a particular…

Lessons in Faith From Hezekiah

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 April 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies from 2 Kings entitled 'Lessons in Faith'. Related Resource: Awakening under Hezekiah

Resurrection at the End of Time

11:00am | Sunday 17 April 2022
Paul presents the resurrection as a representative act, guaranteeing total victory over death. He firmly places our resurrection at Christ's return when all sin, unbelief and death will end, and shows the final victory-transaction when Christ hands all to the Father. You can look at the different epistles in the…

Behold the Man!

11:00am | Friday 15 April 2022
'Then came Jesus forth, wearing the crown of thorns, and the purple robe. And Pilate saith unto them, Behold the man!'

A View of the Heart

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 April 2022
Lessons in faith including Elisha with Hazael, showing the mechanism which begins all wars, and the deathbed act of Elisha exposing a king's indolence, with spiritual applications. Related Resource: Rend Your Heart

Why Christ Healed Blindness

6:30pm | Sunday 10 April 2022
The four reasons why Christ performed so many spectacular healing miracles in His ministry, and how they illustrate His transforming work in the lives of those who come to Him. The striking message of the restoration of sight to the blind Bartimaeus begging at Jericho. You May Be Also Interested…

Christ’s Servants Never Bound

11:00am | Sunday 10 April 2022
A passage about situations that disadvantage believers and the right way to approach them, beginning with slavery or any other onerous position in life that traps us. Then Paul speaks to both unmarried and married believers. Here are powerful encouragements of priorities for all. You can look at the different…

The Eye of Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 6 April 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies on 2 Kings entitled 'Lessons in Faith from the Life of Elisha'. Related Resource: Answering Doubts About God And Faith

Christ Defines Spiritual Life

6:30pm | Sunday 3 April 2022
In the Sermon on the Mount, Christ makes many mind-opening 'shock' statements, asserting the very opposite of what people expect. His opening theme is how we become Christians. Here is the frame of heart that brings us to forgiveness and spiritual life. You May Be Also Interested in… Book: The…

The Marriage Bond

11:00am | Sunday 3 April 2022
The abiding bond of marriage is established with its 'debt' of love, care and pleasure, and its concept of headship blended with partnership. Also explained is Paul's divinely inspired marriage teaching (often contested), the circumstances of divorce, and how the Lord is proved in marriage. You can look at the…

The Phenomenon of Love

6:30pm | Sunday 27 March 2022
The nature and scope of human love is impressive, but Divine love, made visible in history and, supremely in the atoning sacrifice of Christ, is limitless, freely bestowed and certain toward all who find Him. Here are the 'lovingkindnesses of the Lord' they experience. You May Be Also Interested in……

The ‘Freedom’ Heresy

11:00am | Sunday 27 March 2022
A heresy that has swept into evangelical churches everywhere is the notion that Christian liberty frees Christians from all rule-keeping and avoidance of worldly pursuits. Here are Paul's answers to such claims, and his powerful remedy for the avoidance of immorality. You can look at the different epistles in the…

The Counterfeit Christian

7:30pm | Wednesday 23 March 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies on 2 Kings entitled 'Lessons in Faith from the Life of Elisha'. Related Resource: The World’s Most Notorious Counterfeiter & Sincerity First and Foremost in the Christian Armour

The Mighty Outcome of an Act of Witness

7:30pm | Wednesday 16 March 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies on 2 Kings entitled 'Lessons in Faith from the Life of Elisha'. Related Resource: Inspiring Strong Personal Witness

Living for the Flesh or for the Spirit

6:30pm | Sunday 13 March 2022
There are two classes of people in the Bible, those who focus on 'the flesh', and those who relate to the Spirit. Here are the characteristics and goals of each, and how God can free us from the captivity of flesh to know communion with Himself.

Purity and Happiness of the Church

11:00am | Sunday 13 March 2022
The Corinthian church was proud when it should have grieved deeply at the polluted state of the 'body' through toleration of incest. Here is the pattern of discipline, also the potential spread of sin, and positively, the true church's continuous 'feast' of joy.

Preparing the House of the Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 6 March 2022
When the prophet Isaiah told a king to set his house in order, the king knew that he meant the house of his soul, as well as his earthly affairs. Here are the five 'departments' of the soul, and how God may bring them to life. You May Be Also…

Restoring Spiritual Power

11:00am | Sunday 6 March 2022
Preachers at Corinth had thrown aside apostolic authority and failed to address many vital matters (listed here). Paul gives a binding command to follow the 'pattern church' of the scriptures, so neglected today. A full and faithful ministry will be given converting and edifying power. You can look at the…

The Prayer of Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 March 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies on 2 Kings, entitled 'Lessons in Faith from the Life of Elisha'. Related Resources: David’s Prayer of Faith & Lessons in Prayer From Nehemiah

Duties and Lives of Preachers

11:00am | Sunday 27 February 2022
How to assess and regard preachers - here are the apostle's standards. The problem of cliques, their causes and cure; also the simple, reasonable lifestyle of God's servants demanded by the apostolic example, and the contrast seen today in 'celebrity' preachers. You can look at the different epistles in the…

How We May Negate Our Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 23 February 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies on 2 Kings, entitled 'Lessons in Faith from the Life of Elisha'. Related Resources: Faith, Doubts, Trials, Assurance & Answering Doubts About God And Faith

The Destruction of Death

6:30pm | Sunday 20 February 2022
Everyone knows that death is totally destructive, taking away everything in life. All will die, but it is not the end. Beyond this life, a day of reckoning or reception into everlasting glory. It depends on what we have done with the Saviour of Souls. You May Be Also Interested…

Spiritual Building

11:00am | Sunday 20 February 2022
Paul turns to church growth, warning that believers' hearts may be largely recaptured by the flesh. Soulwinning is God's work and we must take care how we build. Here are applications; with the case of those who will lose a reward, yet be saved 'as by fire'.  You can look…

How the First Disciples Were Converted

6:30pm | Sunday 13 February 2022
When John the Baptist diverted the first two disciples to follow Christ a remarkable new process began in their lives. Here are the stages of their transformational attachment to Christ, the terms, and their experience, together with that of others who joined with them. You May Be Also Interested in……

Things Only Believers See

11:00am | Sunday 13 February 2022
The apostle impresses upon us the spiritual blindness of our unconverted state to the wonders revealed in the Gospel, including future glories (described here). Here also is the meaning of 'comparing spiritual things with spiritual,' judging all things and living the mind of Christ. You can look at the different…

Twin Pillars of Ministry

7:30pm | Wednesday 9 February 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies on 2 Kings, entitled 'Lessons in Faith from the Life of Elisha'. Related Resources: An All-Round Ministry & Correcting the Ministry

Components of Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 6 February 2022
How is God to be approached in order to experience real conversion? Here are the two essential elements - repentance and faith - what they are, and how they must be expressed to God. Throughout the Bible these are always the two vital steps. You May Be Also Interested in……

Never Eclipse the Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 6 February 2022
Paul's chief rule for preaching (and witness) is frequently lost, leading to the withdrawal of the Spirit. Here is the apostle's golden rule. Here also is why the Gospel is called 'a mystery', together with the riches of the 'eye hath not seen' passage. You can look at the different…

Elijah’s Triumphant Last Years

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 February 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies on 1 Kings, entitled 'Lessons in Faith from the Life of Elijah'. Related Resource: Spiritual Lessons from Elijah

The Burden Only God Can Remove

6:30pm | Sunday 30 January 2022
The Bible speaks of the record of sin kept in the depths of every conscience, suppressed by us, but brought out on the day of judgement. Only God can blot out our guilt, and here is why, how and when this may happen for us. You May Be Also Interested…

God Overturns Society

11:00am | Sunday 30 January 2022
This passage begins with man's blindness to the things of God, proving that divine power alone can awaken lost souls. Indeed, God calls the humble to bring light and life to the wise and lofty to demonstrate that all glory is due to Him. You can look at the different…

Spiritual Strengths Displayed

7:30pm | Wednesday 26 January 2022
Related Resource: Spiritual Joy

Life’s Gains and Losses

6:30pm | Sunday 23 January 2022
The vanishing benefits of life wholly invested in this material world are here set against the solid, lasting experience of knowing Christ and His lovingkindness and power. Here also is the unreasonableness of unbelief, and how God is to be sought and found. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermon: Christ…

The True Source of Power

11:00am | Sunday 23 January 2022
For the Gospel to be credible, (so the Corinthians taught), we need conspicuous personalities or preachers. Here Paul proclaims the true source of spiritual power, the preaching of the cross of Christ, and why it is foolishness to the perishing and power to the saved. You can look at the…

Alternating Blessings and Trials

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 January 2022
Related Resource: Church-Age Blessings Foretold

True Greatness with God

6:30pm | Sunday 16 January 2022
No flesh, says Paul, will glory before God, 'flesh' referring to humanity alienated from God and pursuing its own objectives and desires. This statement offends human pride, but here are the reasons and the way God freely forgives, receives and reconciles individuals to Himself. You May Be Also Interested in……

A Manual for the Godly Life

11:00am | Sunday 16 January 2022
This first study of a new series explores the great themes of the opening verses - the credentials of a preacher, the definition of a church, grace as the basis of all blessing, the features of conversion, and the wonders of partnership with Christ. You can look at the different…

Elijah’s Godly Jealousy

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 January 2022
Part of a series of Bible Studies on 1 Kings, entitled ‘Lessons in Faith from the Life of Elijah’. Related Resource: Spiritual Lessons from Elijah

The Church’s Dangers

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 January 2022
Related Resource: Backsliding Dangers

The Decisive Call of God

6:30pm | Sunday 2 January 2022
Matthew's account of his conversion could not be shorter. So little is said, but much is implied. Here are the events that led to the moment that the Gospel writer yielded his life to Christ, and how two words made all the difference. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermons: The…

Christian Certainty

11:00am | Sunday 2 January 2022
Should believers suffer many doubts and fears? Here is a sure footing for assurance - firstly what the Word does for us: its explanations and convicting power. Secondly, the approachability of Christ and His constant provision of needed help. Doubts cannot persist when God speaks and answers. Full chapter _____________…

Be Filled with the Spirit

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 December 2021
Related Resource: Filled with The Spirit

The Search for Truth

6:30pm | Sunday 12 December 2021
What is truth? Whether the meaning and purpose of life, or the uttering of truthful words? Why do people lie, while God never does? Here is how we may be certain that God's Word is true, with His call to seek and find Him. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermon: Finding…

The Believer’s Good Works

11:00am | Sunday 12 December 2021
The apostle commands subjection to ruling authorities and forbids slander of them or others. He reviews our past lives, and gives a 14 point overview of God's mighty work within us, moving us to work for the salvation of others. Full chapter _____________ Titus 3 Put them in mind to…

Solomon’s Fall and Recovery

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 December 2021
Related Resource: Solomon’s Fall and Repentance

God’s Training of Believers

11:00am | Sunday 5 December 2021
A seemingly unusual but crucial concept given by Paul in this passage is that grace disciplines and trains. Here is how, with the apostle's remarkable summary of the believer's aim and objectives in this present world, as they look eagerly for the Lord's return. Full chapter _____________ Titus 2 But…

The Case for Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 28 November 2021
King Solomon's compelling illustrations of our spiritual need urge us to see the tragedy of living without the help of God, and without ever knowing the way to the city of pardon and blessing.  You May Be Also Interested in… Booklet: Seven Certain Signs of True Conversion Sermon: What exactly is conversion?,…

The Spiritual Heights of Solomon

7:30pm | Wednesday 24 November 2021
Related Resources: Sermon Series: Spiritual Lessons – Samuel to Solomon

What is True?

6:30pm | Sunday 21 November 2021
The unshakeable certainty and assurance of an apostle who can say, 'We know that we are of God.'  How? Here is the solid basis of truth of the Christian message and the quality of evidence that runs through the lives of Christian believers. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermon: The…

An Apostle’s Concept of Ministry

11:00am | Sunday 21 November 2021
Paul's dependence on the prayers of believers comes first, especially for openness and plainness of speech - and this is what this should mean for today. Here also are the vital components of biblical ministry, and the stirring concept of an ambassador in bonds. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

Christ in the Temple

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 November 2021
Related Resource: Christ Purges His Temple

The Captured Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 14 November 2021
The Bible speaks of the deceitfulness of sin, which acts like a person within us. People do not realise how manipulative and controlling sin is. Here is the secret work of sin in every life, and how only the Lord can deal with it. You May Be Also Interested in……

Praying in the Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 14 November 2021
Explaining the words Paul uses in his great 'armour of God' exhortations to pray, words such as 'always - supplications - watching thereunto - perseverance' and particularly 'in the Spirit'. Here is what he does not mean, and what he does mean by this most remarkable term.

Solomon’s Prayer for Wisdom

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 November 2021
Related Resource: Four Aspects of Wisdom

The Sword of the Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 7 November 2021
In the soldier image the sword of the Spirit represents the Gospel work of the church. Here is the penetrating, searching, persuasive power of the Gospel as proclaimed by the apostles. A church or believer not proclaiming salvation is a soldier without the sword. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

The Final Shock of History

6:30pm | Sunday 31 October 2021
Do not be astonished, said Christ, that the hour is coming when the dead shall hear His voice and stand before God. Here are the reasons for the unreadiness of many for God's intervention at the end of time, and how to prepare for it. You May Be Also Interested…

The Helmet of Salvation

11:00am | Sunday 31 October 2021
The helmet is the hope or anticipation of final salvation, when Heaven's glory dawns on the soul and we see Christ - the greatest possible incentive to serving Him. Here is the Lord's emphasis on eternal life, and the believer's experience of death. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one…

David and Solomon

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 October 2021
Related Resource: Sermon Series: Spiritual Lessons – Samuel to Solomon

The Shield of Faith

11:00am | Sunday 24 October 2021
Why is faith described as a shield? What are the fiery darts? Here is the centrality of faith in the Christian life, how it is tested in our earthly journey, how the shield is taken up, and the gracious accomplishments of faith. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one of…

The Only True Freedom

6:30pm | Sunday 17 October 2021
True freedom means liberty from all forms of fame and power. Antagonistic to our wellbeing,  freedom from sin and its consequences, and all other hindrances to spiritual life and happiness. Here is why it can only come through meeting with Jesus Christ. You May Be Also Interested in… Article: Sermon: True Freedom…

The Christian’s Great Purpose

11:00am | Sunday 17 October 2021
The third component of the Christian armour, the footwear, portrays us on the march for Gospel witness. It is readiness for Gospel work. Here are seven essential parts of readiness, and the means provided by God for these to remain present in the heart. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

The Disaster of Fleshly Show

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 October 2021
Related Resource: Living for the Flesh or for the Spirit

The Roving Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 10 October 2021
The best known of all Christ's parables (The Prodigal Son) traces the journey of a lost soul into a far country away from God, before circumstances conspire to awaken and bring the wanderer to seek reconciliation, pardon, purpose, happiness and eternal life. Here is the lovingkindness of the Lord. You…

The Breastplate of Righteousness

11:00am | Sunday 10 October 2021
The apostle shows how righteousness acts to be protective of the heart or affections in a saved person - a large target of the devil. Here is how self-denial, love for Christ and obedience to the commandments garrison the heart from pollution and shame. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

Barriers to Finding God

6:30pm | Sunday 3 October 2021
When a likeable rich young ruler asked Christ what he should do to gain eternal life, the Lord's questioning uncovered massive obstacles that blocked his progress. Barriers to finding God: They are common to us all, but Christ can remove them and bring us to Himself. You May Be Also…

The Belt of Truth

11:00am | Sunday 3 October 2021
The foundational piece of the Christian's armour is firstly objective truth - the unchanging doctrines of the faith. (The sword, later, is Scripture used 'offensively' to make Christ known). Secondly, the belt is also subjective truth, truthfulness and sincerity for which here are helpful rules. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians…

Soldiers of Christ Arise

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 September 2021
Related Resource: Sincerity First and Foremost in the Christian Armour

True Freedom

6:30pm | Sunday 26 September 2021
In a parable of servants waiting for their Lord, Christ portrays the human race, enslaved by endless alternatives to God, and spurning the liberty of His kingdom. Here are the futile masters we serve and the contrasting lovingkindness of the Lord in conversion to Him. You May Be Also Interested…

Be Strong in the Lord

11:00am | Sunday 26 September 2021
The introductory passage to the magnificent description of the Christian 'armour' - all that is needed in the spiritual warfare to defend against the wiles of the devil and to preserve and enhance instrumentality for the Lord. Each item is a wonder of grace and effectiveness. Paul’s letter to the…

Proofs of God

6:30pm | Sunday 19 September 2021
Why does God not make Himself more obvious? - so the question goes. Though His existence is obvious, it is obscured by mankind's attitude to Him. Here are the reasons for our hostility and alienation, and how God ends the 'war' by the conversion of seekers. You May Be Also…

Mutual Ministry and Worship

11:00am | Sunday 19 September 2021
Beginning with the duty of conversation, admonition and encouragement between believers the apostle moves to the blessing of singing psalms plus hymns and spiritual songs (here defined), the elements of true worship (public and personal) and the importance of melody of the heart. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one…

The Direction of Life

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 September 2021
Related Resource: The Personal Spiritual Life

Gaining Life in the Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 12 September 2021
The 'natural man', says the Bible, does not receive the things of God, regarding them as foolishness. Why is this? What are the differences between 'natural' (unconverted) people and those who believe (converted)? How may we find forgiveness, spiritual life and purpose from God? Is it possible to gain life…

Filled with The Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 12 September 2021
Charismatic thinking mistakenly sees similarities between the effects of alcohol and the filling of the Spirit. This verse describes tremendous differences between them. Here are the details of Spirit-filling together with the fruit and the means of obtaining this filling. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one of the crowning…

Disorderly Emotions

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 September 2021
Related Resource: Answering Doubts About God And Faith

God Orchestrates Deliverance

7:30pm | Wednesday 25 August 2021
Related Resource: Exercising a True Deliverance Ministry

Milestones of Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 22 August 2021
A brief biography of Peter, one of the first disciples, showing his calling by Christ (and partial response), then his conviction of personal sin, his realisation of Christ's divinity and work, and the critical stage - the full dawning of faith and surrender. You May Be Also Interested in… Article: The…

Walking In and For Light

11:00am | Sunday 22 August 2021
In a marvellous overview of the Christian's walk and duties, the apostle shows how they should demonstrate the light of Christ in new life; how they should channel the message of light, and how they may enlighten their surroundings or new posting in this fallen world. Paul’s letter to the…

External Beauty and its Dangers

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 August 2021
Related Resources: The Origin of Beauty & Sarah’s Christ-Like Beauty

The Greatest Rescue of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 15 August 2021
In a simple verse Paul pictures the captivity of a materialistic, unbelieving life in which we are unaware of God and the need for rescue. Here are the limitations and the chains that bind us, and Christ's manner of deliverance and restoring to life. You May Be Also Interested in……

Kindness, Cleanness and Substance

11:00am | Sunday 15 August 2021
The duty and treasure of kindness toward God's people, its impediments contrasted with the great motive - the full readiness of the nature of Christ's love to us, and how He yielded Himself up for eternity. Also the necessity of cleanness, and the pitfalls of jesting.  Paul’s letter to the…

Almost a Christian

6:30pm | Sunday 1 August 2021
King Herod Agrippa II exclaimed "almost you persuade me to be a Christian" on hearing Paul's testimony. What so gripped his mind and conscience? And why did he shy away? His reason may be ours also, if we recoil from faith in Christ. You May Be Also Interested in… Video…

The Nearness of the Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 1 August 2021
The apostle's appeal never to grieve the Holy Spirit. Here are the sins that do, causing Him to withdraw from (but never leave) us. Here also is what the sealing of the Spirit means for us, and the folly of undervaluing His grace. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one…

‘Formative’ Sins

11:00am | Sunday 25 July 2021
Formative in the sense that in addition to being deeply offensive to God, they form deep roots in the character, promoting other sins and shaping the whole person, whereas new opposite virtues (performed by the Lord's help) lead to lifelong blessing and usefulness. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one…

The Fall of David

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 July 2021
Related Resource: David as King

The Scope of God’s Love

6:30pm | Sunday 11 July 2021
The Bible's most famous verse mentions the astonishing scope and depth of Christ's love in sending a member of the Godhead into our corrupted world. In what sense could God love this world? And what was it that Christ did to save lost people? You May Be Also Interested in……

The New Person

11:00am | Sunday 11 July 2021
First, an analysis of the sad state of the unsaved heart. Then two levels of transformation: (1) conversion, where putting off the old and putting on the new life is God's work, and (2) details of sanctification, where believers are empowered to act by God. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians…

Christ’s Kingdom Foretold

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 July 2021
Related Resources: How to Enter the Kingdom

Valuing your Life

6:30pm | Sunday 4 July 2021
'What is your life?' asks James, 'it is even a vapour'. Here is material, physical life without God, its instability and brevity, its insubstantial character and its lack of merit and value for eternity. How very different it could be with the intervention of Christ the Lord. You May Be…

The Riches of Truth

11:00am | Sunday 4 July 2021
The apostle lays down the vital role of the entire congregation functioning together in evangelism and sanctification. The chief agent of this is 'the truth'. Here we seek to appreciate more fully the privileges and power of the faith entrusted to us. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one of…

The Pride of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 13 June 2021
The biblical view of man held for centuries until recent times and very obvious to all, is that human nature is flawed, especially by pride. Here is how pride steers us, its characteristics, its consequences and how it may be pardoned and cured by Christ. You May Be Also Interested…

Spiritual Growth

11:00am | Sunday 13 June 2021
Unity defined, not as membership of an organisation, but as a bond between those in union with Christ and bearing His likeness. Then, the opposition believers will know and the answer of holy living. Lastly: service and loyalty to the body, the local church. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

David Reforms Worship

7:30pm | Wednesday 9 June 2021
Related Resource: David Dances Before the Lord

Spiritual Indifference

6:30pm | Sunday 6 June 2021
Christ explains the militant and orchestrated presence of evil in the world, and speaks of the hold that Satan has on human souls. He also shows the love of God in providing a way of reconciliation and life for all who desire and seek Him. You May Be Also Interested…

The Purpose of Pastors

11:00am | Sunday 6 June 2021
The apostle first shows that the ministry of Christ's church is described in prophecy. He then identifies the different kinds of teacher by their tasks (expounded here), and states the great objectives of all ministry - soul-winning, sanctification, and closeness to Christ. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one of…

David Dances Before the Lord

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 June 2021
Related Resources: How King David Found God

Life for the Withered Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 30 May 2021
Christ's healing of the man with the withered hand is amazingly descriptive of the need and healing of the soul. Here is the step-by-step illustration of the elements of conversion in the Saviour's words: "Rise up... stand forth... stretch forth thy hand". You May Be Also Interested in… Video Tract: What…

The Unity of the Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 30 May 2021
Beginning with prerequisites for Christian fellowship, Paul presents seven reasons for close union within churches, each a powerful encouragement. What it means to be one body, under one Holy Spirit, with one eternal hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one Father. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one…

David as King

7:30pm | Wednesday 26 May 2021
Related Resource: King David’s View of Life

The Magnificence of Christ the Lord

6:30pm | Sunday 23 May 2021
Paul describes the personal work of Christ, His divine nature and His eternal attributes. He speaks of His becoming a man and His atoning death. Here are the reasons why He will reign in glory, and precisely what He has achieved for us. You May Be Also Interested in… Booklet: How…

The Christian’s Calling

11:00am | Sunday 23 May 2021
First, the nature of God's calling - irresistible and transformational, also the basis of assurance; second, the objective of the call - pardon, liberty, holiness and heaven; third, the character of the called - lowliness, meekness, patience, and forbearance among believers and before the world. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians…

In The Land of The Philistines

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 May 2021
Related Resources: Possessing the Land

Surprising Lessons in the Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 May 2021
David speaks to himself in self-pity, focussing on his trials, the power of Saul and the doubtful loyalty of his 600 men. Here are lessons from Satan's assaults, and what David should have considered. Also, light on Saul and the witch of Endor. Related Resource: Faith’s Higher Reasoning

Everyone’s Appointed Course

6:30pm | Sunday 9 May 2021
The struggle for the soul, says the Bible, is like an Olympic wrestling match, yet many do not even begin the search for God, and opposing influences win the day. Here is how God enables us to come through all resistance to find His pardon and love. I have fought…

God Glorified in the Church

11:00am | Sunday 9 May 2021
The true church is a demonstration to the world of God's glory. Human nature prefers to vaunt personalities, preachers, even musicians and their produce, but our God-given role is to show the fruits of the converting and sanctifying work within us.  Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one of the…

How to Reason with Ourselves

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 May 2021
What accounts for Saul's resistance to God? But there are the same tendencies even in us as believers. Supremely, in these chapters, are the four arguments of Abigail to deter David from sin, the same arguments so useful to us in restraining ourselves from temptation. Related Resource: Reasons for Faith

Readiness for the Afterlife

6:30pm | Sunday 2 May 2021
Just as we came into the world with nothing, so we shall leave it. When we appear as souls before our Maker, how will we be provided for? Will we have a Saviour, a pardon for all sin, and eternal life? You May Be Also Interested in… Sermons: The Source of…

The Christian’s Daily Need

11:00am | Sunday 2 May 2021
The apostle prays that believers will have Christ in their hearts (here explained), and rooted and grounded in love for Him, we will know more of His for us. Here is the scope of the breadth, length, depth and height of that love. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one…

Faith Faltering and Revived

7:30pm | Wednesday 28 April 2021
Beginning with the erosion of David's trust in his subterfuge at Nob, proceeding to the total collapse of trust in his flight to Gath, and then the repair of faith in Psalms 34 and 56, and the token of future blessing in the rescue of Keilah. Related Resource: Lessons in Faith from David…

One Word that Leads to God

6:30pm | Sunday 18 April 2021
When the jailor of Philippi cried 'What must I do to be saved?', Paul replied in one word: 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ'. No works or deserving or ceremonies were required, only trust in Christ to bring about the transforming power of conversion. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermons: The Characteristics…

The Mystery of the Gospel

11:00am | Sunday 18 April 2021
Paul's special calling to unfold to the Gentile world the hitherto unproclaimed grace of God, person of Christ, and oneness of saved Gentiles with saved Jews in one body. Here also are the unsearchable riches of Christ, and the ultimate purpose of the Gospel. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

External or Internal Change

6:30pm | Sunday 11 April 2021
How influenced and conformed we are, if only we knew it, to society around us! How unoriginal, how alike - yet all that shapes us is external, while our greatest needs are within. Here Paul presents the inner transformation that conversion to God brings about. You May Be Also Interested…

Keeping Alive the Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 11 April 2021
In the building of a spiritual family the work of the Holy Spirit is the vital power. Here several Holy Spirit verses in Ephesians are explored (including 'Be filled with the Spirit') to show the different activities of the Spirit in the Christian life. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

Disciples at the Empty Tomb

11:00am | Sunday 4 April 2021
John was the first disciple to grasp the reality of the resurrection and realise that the Lord 'must' rise again from the dead. Here are the reasons why it was essential and inevitable, together with the great assurances it brings into Christian lives. Full chapter _____________ John 20 The first…

The Centrality of Christ

11:00am | Friday 2 April 2021
Christ is the manifestation of God's nature and the only source of pardon and life for those who seek Him. All empires and philosophies pass away, but the crucifixion stands as the greatest ever act of kindness and atonement - the only way to God.

Lessons in Faith from David and Jonathan

7:30pm | Wednesday 31 March 2021
King Saul is under God's judgement, and David has been secretly anointed as king. Here we see Jonathan's faith and humility, while pride and suspicion consume Saul. We also see Saul's classic false 'conversion' that soon fails, and David's laying all before the Lord. Related Resource: David as King

Finding an Inner Life

6:30pm | Sunday 28 March 2021
The last thing on the mind of the Samaritan woman who encountered Christ at Jacob's well at Sychar was her soul. Here is the Lord's way of awakening her need and understanding for a personal walk with God, with joy and eternal life. Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever…

Analogies of the Church

11:00am | Sunday 28 March 2021
Having shown that God has brought saved Jews and Gentiles into one church, Paul presents the church's character. First, her citizenship and privileges, secondly, her family ties, thirdly her doctrinal foundation, fourthly, her unworldly saved beauty, and her sensitivity to the Spirit. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is one of…

Unique Words of Christ

6:30pm | Sunday 14 March 2021
No one has ever spoken like Jesus Christ. Vast crowds listened spellbound to Him, so gentle yet full of authority, so clear and yet so profound. His words to the soul have brought millions to find Him. Listen to some of His calls to human hearts. You May Be Also…

All Things New

11:00am | Sunday 14 March 2021
The sense in which conversion is a new creation - God's distinctive workmanship - and the implications for our daily walk. Also, the duties of remembering our origins; rightly esteeming the blood of Christ; and the uniting of saved Jews and Gentiles in the church. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians…

Saul and David Contrasted

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 March 2021
A fresh look at the famous defeat of Goliath showing that for the believer all events are a spiritual matter. Here it is seen that spiritual tenacity and strength co-exist with gentleness and kindness. Here also is the difference between working by flesh or spirit. Related Resource: Spiritual Lessons from…

Four Life-Giving Surprises

6:30pm | Sunday 7 March 2021
Here are essential facts (from John the Baptist) that many people do not know about Christ. (1) He has come to earth, (2) He alone takes away sin, (3) There is no other Saviour of the world, (4) He is easy to approach. You May Be Also Interested in… Video…

How Much We Owe

11:00am | Sunday 7 March 2021
This inspired review of Christian experience begins with the characteristics of spiritual death and the rule of the prince of the power of the air. Then we learn the extent of God's love in both initiating and accomplishing conversion, with the goal of eternal life. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians…

Paul’s Counsel for Parents

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 March 2021
A single practical study for developing good behaviour in children, including Paul's priority to avoid frustration and resentment; the goal of preparing for adult life; the place of punishments and restrictions; key texts of promise and warning; duties for children and good manners. Related Resource: Biblical Roles of Men and…

The Assurance of Power

11:00am | Sunday 28 February 2021
The fifth great theme of Ephesians calls us to consider God's mighty power in our salvation and sanctification. To reflect on this gives a great surge of assurance, building our certainty and faith for the final stage of redemption - entry into eternal glory. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

Marital Oneness

7:30am | Wednesday 24 February 2021
A brief study of what it means to be 'one flesh', mainly expounding and applying to marriage the terms used by the apostle in 1 Corinthians 13. Often surprising and always challenging, these provide the principles for harmony and happiness in the sanctified life. Related Resource: Mutual Debts in Marriage

Dependent Beings

6:30pm | Sunday 21 February 2021
When pilgrimages to Jerusalem reached the last stage of the journey, and the mountains of the city were in sight, this psalm was sung and explained - a call to look to God for reconciliation with Himself, pardon, life, and His power and guidance to eternity. You May Be Also…

The Intense Knowing of God

11:00am | Sunday 21 February 2021
Paul desires that his readers gain wisdom to grasp the spiritual purpose in passages of Scripture - something opposed by many preachers today. Here are the proofs for true personal study and use of God's Word, with examples of the process given elsewhere by Paul. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians…

The Necessity of Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 14 February 2021
Conversion involves a colossal change in status before God, in our eternal future, and in our character. But why do people recoil from it? Here is the answer, looking at the motives of Saul of Tarsus for rejecting conversion, and the transformation when God drew him to Himself. You May…

Our Ultimate Purpose

11:00am | Sunday 14 February 2021
In five verses the apostle looks to the eternal Heavenly glory awaiting the elect: first the end-time gathering, second their inheritance, third the choir, and fourth the seal or 'down-payment' of the Spirit received even now, with its ten (at least) marvellous, amazing components. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

The Triumph of Job

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 February 2021
Job is humbled, repenting of his questioning of God. But he is accepted as a saved man. The 'friends' however are condemned and must repent of their false views of God. Job is restored but only when he brings forth fruits meet for repentance. Related Resources: The Meaning and Purpose…

The Spiritual Warfare

6:30pm | Sunday 7 February 2021
The Bible portrays life as a turbulent sea ever threatening to draw the stricken vessel of humanity away from God and to eternal disaster. Here are the dangers to the soul, and God's gracious call to come for refuge, relief, conversion and eternal life. You May Be Also Interested in……

Adoption into God’s Family

11:00am | Sunday 7 February 2021
The adoption of spiritual children is rooted in the longing of God before time began. It brings the redeemed into the eternal family of love, clothed with privileges and an inheritance secured by the most costly process imaginable. Here the apostle reveals its wonders. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

Challenged by Beasts

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 February 2021
We take the beasts to be a hippopotamus and crocodile, both teaching trust, the power and invincibility of God (for if He made them they must reflect His infinitely greater capacities) and the contrasting weakness displayed by Job. Related Resource: Job – Strengths and Vulnerabilities & Pastoral Lessons from Job

The Wonder of Electing Love

11:00am | Sunday 31 January 2021
The apostle gives glory to the Triune God, source of all spiritual blessings, given according to His sovereign election of souls. Here we answer doubts about election, whether it is fair, whether it undermines or strengthens evangelism, and how it should inspire Christian living. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is…

An Experience Surpassing All

6:30pm | Sunday 24 January 2021
To know 'the love of Christ which passeth knowledge' is to soar above all that may be learned and known in this world, however sensational the experience, or whatever the field of learning may be. Here are elements of Christ's infinite love for those who seek Him. You May Be…

Tychicus and Aristarchus

11:00am | Sunday 24 January 2021
Paul's commendations of his fellow-preachers and helpers in Rome show the standard for all believers, especially ministers. Here are the terms he uses, with their full meaning and challenges. Plus a glimpse of Archippus and his possible 'hindrance', with its common equivalents today. Colossae was an ancient city in Phrygia…

The Voice of God

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 January 2021
Here are elements of Job's humbling (vital for light, pardon and blessing) showing how the Lord works in the lives of all His people. Here also are pastoral lessons drawn from the wild goats, asses and oxen, and from the ostrich and the warhorse. Related Resources: The Triumph of Job…

Cases of conscience

6:30pm | Sunday 17 January 2021
The conscience, originally programmed by God, operates in both Christian and pagan societies. Although damaged and weakened by sin, its underlying standards are dramatically revived in individuals by the power of the Gospel, as we see in these major biblical conversions. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermon: Purging the…

Christ’s Representatives

11:00am | Sunday 17 January 2021
Two verses that commend walking in wisdom toward unbelievers, redeeming or buying up the time, and gracious speech. Here is what the apostle meant by these challenging terms, with counsel for daily conduct and witness to the dying souls to whom we are assigned. Colossae was an ancient city in…

Truth Unfolded to Job

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 January 2021
Elihu is a true messenger of God, whose reproof of Job is confined to Job's post-affliction reactions. His noble speeches anticipate the very words of God, soon to follow, and he gives a full explanation of God's use of affliction in the lives of His people. Related Resource: The Meaning…

The Moment of Truth

6:30pm | Sunday 10 January 2021
A passage that highlights the key moments in conversion to God; when personal sovereignty collapses, we see our separation from God, and then - the crowning moment - we see the price Christ the Saviour has paid for our forgiveness and reconciliation with Him. You May Be Also Interested in……

Praying and Persuading

11:00am | Sunday 10 January 2021
A call to the two continuous commitments of the Christian life - first to persistent prayer (the impediments, the helps, and the branches of prayer); secondly to pray specifically for preachers. Colossae was an ancient city in Phrygia (part of modern Turkey). It was pagan, and it was proud. But…

The Vulnerabilities of the Seasoned Saint

7:30pm | Wednesday 6 January 2021
Charged with extreme hypocrisy by his friends, Job describes the virtuous works of his public and private life. But despite his godliness he seems to over-relish his wealth and station, and shows no evangelical compassion for the outcasts of society. Related Resourcea: A Sinner Turned Into A Saint & Every…

The Troubles of Unbelief

6:30pm | Sunday 3 January 2021
With great concern and sympathy the inspired writer warns that the 'heart' (encompassing mind, affections, will and conscience) may be luring us into unbelief or rebellion against God. Here are the dangers, and the only remedy for the power of unseen inner prejudice against God. You May Be Also Interested…

Paul’s Dedication Formula

11:00am | Sunday 3 January 2021
The perfect text for the new year, providing its own natural headings, challenging believers to live every moment of life under the direction of Christ, to do all for His glory and for Him, and to be thankful for everything day by day. Colossae was an ancient city in Phrygia…

Five Reasons for the Incarnation

11:00am | Friday 25 December 2020
Five of the purposes named in the Gospels by the Lord for His incarnation. Here is the confirmation of human status before God, the need to reveal God, the beginning of the full light of truth, the procuring of salvation, and the beginning of judgement.

The Unseen Calvary

6:30pm | Sunday 20 December 2020
The cross of Calvary is the heart of the Christian message, for without an atonement for sin there can be no reconciliation with God. Here is God's call to us from the mysterious three hours of darkness that occurred while Christ suffered for sin. You May Be Also Interested in……

Indwelling Grace of Believers

11:00am | Sunday 20 December 2020
Paul presents four tremendous graces given to believers to exercise and keep in view constantly, lifelong - the doctrine of salvation, the gift of wisdom (here explained), the practice of melody in the heart through psalms and hymns, and a strong awareness of representing Christ. Colossae was an ancient city…

Job – Strengths and Vulnerabilities

7:30pm | Wednesday 16 December 2020
Job is denounced by his justified-by-works friends, but refutes their ideas. He criticises God for not having a complaints procedure for people like himself, yet at the same time, he witnesses to his friends in a magnificent poem on finding wisdom and truth. Related Resource: The Meaning and Purpose of…

Progressive Renewal

11:00am | Sunday 13 December 2020
Once saved, the Christian has the infallible help of the Spirit to lay aside the impulses of the old nature, including covetousness, the five distinct forms of anger, and lying.  Progressive renewal also brings rich shafts of knowledge which provide the believer's blessed assurance. Colossae was an ancient city in…

Pastoral Lessons from Job

7:30pm | Wednesday 9 December 2020
Job longs for an explanation of his suffering, and for vindication before his 'friends'. As his friends denigrate him, and his gloom deepens, he is suddenly given a moment of revelation about his personal Redeemer-God, incarnate, and visible to him in a final resurrection. Related Resource: The Triumph of Job

The Child of God – Dead and Dying

11:00am | Sunday 6 December 2020
Explaining how believers are dead, yet commanded to put to death sin. Here is the offensiveness of impurity, the apostle showing how it invades the mind (uncleanness), the heart (inordinate affection or passion) and the will (evil concupiscence or evil longing). Remedies for mortification. Colossae was an ancient city in…

The Need for Revelation

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 December 2020
Job's 'friends' increase in hostility with charges of hypocrisy. Job clings to his evangelical view of grace, and upholds God's perfection, but lapses into self-pity. He then eloquently trounces and disproves the liberal theology of the friends, and proclaims his testimony of salvation. Related Resources: Authentic Revelation & Revelation

There They Crucified Him

6:30pm | Sunday 29 November 2020
Four words display the heart of Christ in redeeming souls. Here is why He could only be executed at Golgotha, why the leaders and the people supported it, why crucifixion was the only possible method of death and the unique significance of the One who died. You May Be Also…

Seeking Things Above

11:00am | Sunday 29 November 2020
After dismissing the fleshly rites that heretics had begun to introduce to the church, Paul points to the 'heavenly life' and growing the graces that will be perfected in glory - deep feeling, kindness, lowliness, a servant spirit, generous love and grateful contentment. Colossae was an ancient city in Phrygia…

The Case Against Evangelicalism

7:30pm | Wednesday 25 November 2020
Eliphaz begins the attack by the so-called friends. Resenting Job's evangelical salvation, and protecting their works theology, they insist he is a hypocrite under judgement. They deny that God requires holiness - only a pass mark. With pastoral lessons from Job's first reply. Related Resources: The Social Mandate – The…

Conquest of the Soul

11:00am | Sunday 22 November 2020
The Judaisers have tried to persuade Colossians to adopt Jewish ordinances. Paul shows they have a vastly superior circumcision of heart. The old nature is dethroned and a new installed. But old sins may re-emerge without these named precautions. Here is Paul's imagery of conquest. Colossae was an ancient city…

Key Lessons from Job

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 November 2020
The excellencies of Job, the encounters of Satan with God, Job (unknowingly) placed by God to demonstrate the reality of conversion, his crushing afflictions, the shock of his friends, and his magnificent poem of dismay - and the blessings he lost sight of (like us). Related Resources: Truth Unfolded to…

The Unseen Scope of Pardon

6:30pm | Sunday 15 November 2020
Why the removal of guilt is vastly greater than wealth, power or fame, and how it brings about union with God. Here is the full spectrum of our need in the sight of the Lord, and the benefits that the removal of guilt unblocks. You May Be Also Interested in……

Antidotes to Backsliding

11:00am | Sunday 15 November 2020
Beginning with the ferocity of the forces of error surrounding believers (here are examples) Paul identifies first the need for deep appreciation of the doctrine of Christ, secondly church order and firmness, thirdly a sense of amazement at Calvary, as our key defences. Colossae was an ancient city in Phrygia…

The Hard Part of Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 8 November 2020
The great emphasis of the Bible is that conversion to God is a free and gracious gift that cannot be earned or deserved.  And yet we have hindrances that deter us from approaching Him.  Here they are, and how they may be resolved. You May Be Also Interested in… Video…

Authentic Evangelism

11:00am | Sunday 8 November 2020
Five verses draw together essential elements of all witness. Here is how Paul came to rejoice in the troubles of a proclaimer. Here also is his deep sense of responsibility for the Gospel, his estimation of Christ's priceless value, and his manner of persuading souls. Colossae was an ancient city…

The Kingdom of Priests

7:30pm | Wednesday 4 November 2020
The contrast between rejected Israelites who invented their own 'gods' to their taste, and the remnant who feared the Truth. Then the great upheaval of the New Testament and the lasting features of revived Zion of elect Jews and Gentiles and their worship. Related Resources: The Priesthood of All Believers…

A Glimpse of the Heart of God

6:30pm | Sunday 1 November 2020
The parable of the disappointing fruit tree portrays God the Father and God the Son considering the saving of unbelieving people. Here is the human situation from God's point of view, and the heart of God in providing a way of salvation and life. You May Be Also Interested in……

The Height and Depth of Salvation

11:00am | Sunday 1 November 2020
In showing aspects of reconciliation the apostle extols the scope of Christ's redemptive work (including securing the external obedience of the angelic host), then the depth of our alienation, then the height of our elevation, and finally the sure sign of redemption. Colossae was an ancient city in Phrygia (part…

The Impossibility of Earning Salvation

7:30pm | Sunday 25 October 2020
Christ's disciples were astonished when the Lord asserted the impossibility of people contributing anything to be accepted into the Kingdom of God.  'Who then can be saved?' they cried.  Here is the answer of God - the only way to obtain pardon and eternal life. You May Be Also Interested…

The Greatness of Christ

11:00am | Sunday 25 October 2020
Following aspects of the atonement, Paul turns to the magnificence of Christ, 1) His significance as image of the Father, 2). as forerunner and Creator of all, 3) as sovereign Head of the Church, and 4) as 'all fulness' - in which we may participate. Colossae was an ancient city…

Episodes of Christian Pilgrimage

7:30pm | Wednesday 21 October 2020
'Hitherto hath the Lord surrounded us' - the full sense of this famous text with examples of extraordinary helps received by God's people in past and present; the background and inspiration of many today who expect great things and attempt great things for God.

The Depth of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 18 October 2020
Christ's parable of two houses portrays us all as builders of a house of life. One house had no foundation, being all appearance, and lack of foresight led to tragedy. Here is the foundation of conversion to God that builds for now and eternity. You May Be Also Interested in……

Fruits of Calvary

11:00am | Sunday 18 October 2020
Three verses that present four distinctive aspects of the eternal accomplishments of Christ on Calvary, 1) our personal crucifixion with Him, 2) our deliverance from Satan's power, 3) our redemption and transfer into the kingdom, and 4) our purifying.  So great was the price paid! Colossae was an ancient city…

God Explains His Future Policy

11:30pm | Wednesday 14 October 2020
The call of the Gentiles along with a saved remnant of Israelites will form the New Testament church, the new creation (completely fulfilled in eternal glory). Here are the special blessings of Christ's people, saved Jews and saved Gentiles, and how diverse saved personalities fellowship.

Why Faith is Paramount

6:30pm | Sunday 11 October 2020
The care of a synagogue ruler who comes to Christ for the healing of a dying daughter illustrates the necessity of believing. Here are the reasons why belief is essential for conversion, its components and how it may come about. A message of life's purpose. The Lord Jesus Christ said:…

The Whole Life of a Believer

11:00am | Sunday 11 October 2020
In these verses Paul urges greater knowledge, not only of doctrine, but of God's ways, how He deals with us, and the lot of believers. Here we also learn about applying the Word, our aims in behaviour, and the power to obey and please God. Colossae was an ancient city…

The Feelings of God

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 October 2020
First God's indignation at those hostile to believers and Truth (and how Calvary makes their judgement possible). Secondly, God's kindnesses to believers, and how He is affected by our troubles; then God's delight in surprising believers with unexpected blessings all the way to glory. Related Resource: Will Believers Pass Through…

The New Life

10:12am | Sunday 4 October 2020
Beginning an epistle of essential doctrines, objectives, conduct and spiritual joys in the converted life, Paul defines and extols five aspects of this new life: faith in Christ, love for the saints, anticipation of glory, assurance, and love in the Spirit.  Do we have these? Colossae was an ancient city…

The Accomplishments of Christ

7:30pm | Wednesday 30 September 2020
Messiah speaks of His coming to give forgiveness, life and liberty to lost souls, with happiness and righteousness. Here also is amazing detail of the nature and work of the new Jewish-Gentile church, with a unique pledge of protection and security from Messiah. Related Resources: The Mission of The Messiah…

The Dawning of Spiritual Light

6:30pm | Sunday 27 September 2020
Christ's miracle of the stilling of the tempest initially brought great fear to the disciples, because they realised as never before that He was divine. Now their minds were open to grasp His real purpose in reconciling people to God, and how He would achieve it.  You May Be Also…

Christ Enduring The Cross

11:00am | Sunday 27 September 2020
The pre-eminence of Christ who condescended to be our scapegoat and Saviour. The accomplishments He foresaw. What He endured on Calvary's cross, and how He maintained obedient faith through the deepest conceivable valley of death. All the lovingkindness of the Lord in one verse. Full chapter _____________ Hebrews 12 Wherefore…

The Presence of God

11:00am | Sunday 20 September 2020
Paul's closing counsels set before us the duties of Christian cheerfulness, keeping spiritual perspective and faith alive, being of one mind as a church family and maintaining harmony.  Here are the steps to be taken, and the great reward of God's presence in our midst. Paul’s Second Letter to the…

Testing Ourselves for Faith

11:00am | Sunday 6 September 2020
First, the problem when believers reform their behaviour but without any depth of repentance. Here is vital counsel. Then Paul tells us that if Christ is in us, it is fairly plain to see. Here are the signs of His dwelling in true believers. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians…

The Beauties of the Gospel Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 September 2020
The Gospel era will bring an amazing Gentile harvest, transforming Zion into a proclaiming organ, with a mutual love between saved Jews and Gentiles, extending throughout the world. Little Israel will beome a worldwide church. Here are the many precious characteristics - our goal today. Related Resource: The Gospel Age…

Finding Truth and Life

6:30pm | Sunday 30 August 2020
What did Christ mean when he said 'I am the light of the world'?  Here is why he is the supreme light, and the reason for the world's continuance, and how following him leads us to walk with God now and for ever. Full Service Recordings: You May Be Also…

Strength for Servants

11:00am | Sunday 30 August 2020
The apostle discloses how he experienced in mysterious manner entry into paradise, to prepare him for all rigours he must endure.  He speaks also of the affliction given him to maintain humility, and to show him and us that every achievement is the Lord's doing. Paul’s Second Letter to the…

What Atheism Steals from You

6:30pm | Sunday 23 August 2020
Atheism steals the key to understanding of life, claiming there is no God, eliminating the soul and eternal life.  It is unable to answer all 'why's?' of life or to forge character.  It is bleak, purposeless, and useless in sickness and death. Full Service Recordings: You May Be Also Interested…

Why Paul Suffered

11:00am | Sunday 23 August 2020
Paul's labours and sufferings 1) added to his authentication 2) revealed his love for Christ and souls 3) showed his human limitations 4) preserved his humility 5) equipped him to comfort others 6) exposed human hostility 7) deepened desire for glory 8) set standards for consecration. Paul’s Second Letter to…

Personal Reformation

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 August 2020
In a great call to sincerity the prophet exposes the human tendency to hypocrisy in worship, asserting that any worship that does not change and shape life is useless before God, then outlines the magnificent blessings flowing from conscientious striving for holiness. Related Resources: God’s Rules for Holiness & John’s…

Two Distinct Peoples

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 August 2020
Here is the contrast between the people of Christ and the children of this world, with their entirely different worldviews, lifestyles, aims and commitments. Here also is the equality before God in every sense of believers of all backgrounds, and their eternal safety. Related Resources: Unchanging Christian Distinctives & Christian…

The Gospel of the Coming Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 August 2020
Isaiah adopts the stance of a Gospel-age preacher proclaiming individual reconciliation and direct access to God by grace alone. Demonstrating Gospel reasoning he speaks of Christ and of Gentile salvation, crediting the outcome to irresistible grace - all with the astounding clarity of prophetic vision. Related Resources: The Gospel Age Begins&…

The Fall and Rise of an Apostle

11:00am | Sunday 2 August 2020
The harrowing list of pains, pressures and trials, endured by Paul as a continuous authentication of his ministry as an apostle, starts at Damascus, with his ignominious escape. Here is the first of the purposes of Paul's many sufferings and how it applies to us.

False and Genuine Faith Compared

6:30pm | Sunday 26 July 2020
The Bible has many biographies of people who came to know God, and of others who failed to do so. The story of Micah remarkably portrays dead or false faith, and how it differs from a sincere approach to God, and authentic conversion. The Lord Jesus Christ said: 'Come unto…

The Life of Paul

11:00am | Sunday 26 July 2020
Paul speaks reluctantly of his life and work to defend his standing, so attacked by heretics.  Here is his level of commitment, contention for the truth, and faithfulness through labours, privation and persecutions.  Is our commitment diluted by the affluence, comfort and self-care of our age? Paul’s Second Letter to…

The Glories of the Gospel Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 July 2020
The magnificent prophecy of the Gospel church describes Christ's benefits and commission to his N.T. people giving us, 1) a new territory; 2) a new relationship; 3) a new composition, and 4) a new victory. Here are the promises of God for our preservation and power. Related Resources: The Gospel…

Christ Advises Seekers

6:30pm | Sunday 19 July 2020
The mystery of three seemingly keen disciples who were declined by the Lord.  God does not always receive those who appear to seek Him, and here Christ shows why.  Here also is the right way to desire salvation and what sincere seekers experience. Full Service Recordings: You May Be Also…

Defending the Church

11:00am | Sunday 19 July 2020
How superficial the Corinthians were in letting false teachers get in!  They only had to claim to be Christian preachers and no questions were asked.  When good people lay aside discernment the result is Satanic conquest.  A similar war faces sound churches today. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians is…

Calvary in Isaiah

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 July 2020
In language of soaring beauty and with characteristic detail and precision the prophet presents first, Christ's exalted qualifications; secondly, His contrasting humiliation for the work of redemption; thirdly, His rejection; and fourthly, His unique and harrowing atonement, and finally our utter dependence upon Him. Related Resources: Isaiah Describes the Church…

The Battle for the Mind

11:00am | Sunday 12 July 2020
Beginning with Paul's apostolic authority, this passage presents his reliance on God's power rather than human schemes, showing how strongholds of human thought void of biblical foundation may be thrown down by the truth.  Here also is the need for true submission to Christ. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians…

Isaiah Describes the Church of Christ

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 July 2020
Nearly 700 years before the coming of Christ, the prophet details the principal features of the church to come: a people preserved; a people born in new revelation; a people who listen to God, and a people who live to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. Related Resource: Christ Prepares His…

Gifts: Sowing and Reaping

11:00am | Sunday 5 July 2020
The apostle's instructions for giving have often been found surprising, being chiefly spiritual matters.  The priority of the Gospel is emphasised even in relief offerings, and a precious list of aims and attitudes is given, bringing a reward of spiritual not fleshly enrichment. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians is easily the…

The New Children of Zion

7:30pm | Wednesday 1 July 2020
Having already said so much about Christ and His future church, Isaiah now shows the astonishing features of the coming Gentile conversion, the unreasonableness of unbelief to be overpowered, and the infallibility of Christ especially in the upholding of His redeemed people. Related Resources: Church Age Predictions & The Church…

Christ Describes Conversion to God

6:30pm | Sunday 28 June 2020
Christ's parable of the lost sheep tracks the giving of the parable to record crowds including many hostile leaders.  He emphasises that God's mercy is to individuals, showing the divine motive, our lost condition, the costly recovery of the lost, and the Saviour's ultimate victory. Full Service Recordings: You May…

The Graces of the Christian

11:00am | Sunday 28 June 2020
Six graces are listed: faith (conviction), witness, knowledge, diligence (earnestness), love for the cause and stewardship.  Then follow seven aspects of such graces that challenge the heart and show the spirit in which they are exercised.  This passage uniquely defines dedicated spiritual living. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians is…

The Redeemer Revealed

7:30pm | Wednesday 24 June 2020
This review of four chapters begins with the fall of Babylon biblically foreshadowing the demise of this unbelieving world at the end of time (including the collapse in shame of evolution). Here also are the words of Messiah about His coming and work in the world. Related Resources: The Mission…

Deciding For or Against God

6:30pm | Sunday 21 June 2020
One of the Lord's shortest parables tells through the story of two sons the privileges of mankind, the rejection of Almighty God, the startling regret and repentance of the most outspoken 'rebel', and the mercy and goodness of God toward all who seek Him. Full Service Recordings: You May Be…

The Mind of Christ

11:00am | Sunday 21 June 2020
This message marks a break in the 2 Corinthians series to reflect on the redeeming work of Christ, surveying the statements throughout His earthly ministry predicting the details of Calvary and the resurrection - the goal and triumph of His immeasurable love for His own. Full chapter _____________ Matthew 12…

The Vindication of the Saved

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 June 2020
Here the N.T. church is shown to consist of those who are elect, spiritually converted, connected in a spiritual family, professing Christ and pledged to Him. Here also is how God superintends history for the church, including today as we approach the end of time. Related Resources: God Appeals to…

How Believers Repent

11:00am | Sunday 7 June 2020
Believers may, like those of Corinth, make serious mistakes and need to repent and reform.  Here the apostle chronicles the Corinthian readiness to change, highlighting seven distinct components of a believer's repentance, so that restoration to full blessing and fruitfulness may be experienced. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians is…

The Harvest of the Future Gospel Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 June 2020
The Gospel era will be for believers a time of labour for the Lord with much opposition, but here are the comforts of God beginning with Isaiah's six great arguments for assurance. Here also are predictions of regenerating power and many special provisions. Related Resources: Paul’s Blueprint For A Believing…

Hidden Things of God

6:30pm | Sunday 31 May 2020
People have always looked outside the concept of one true God to man-made gods (and to 'no-God') for the meaning of life.  Here is why, and all that they miss, and here also is how God enters countless lives bringing eternal blessings. You May Be Also Interested in… Hymn: Thou…

The Unequal Yoke

11:00am | Sunday 31 May 2020
Fellowship with false teachers nearly ruined the Corinthian church, leading to this passage on the utter incompatibility of believers being united with unbelievers (as churches or as individuals entering into marriage).  Here are God's reasons, and the command to stand apart from apostate churches or denominations. Paul’s Second Letter to…

The Work of the Future Gospel Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 May 2020
With further inspired insights into the Gospel era the prophet describes an entirely new order in which the church will proclaim Christ and His accomplished salvation, sing a new hymnody extending the book of Psalms, and labour as the church militant in evangelism. Related Resources The Beauties of the Gospel…

God’s Contention with Man

6:30pm | Sunday 24 May 2020
Here are our three greatest mistakes about God that keep us from seeking Him, and here also are the three charges that God will bring against us if we ignore Him in our lives.  Best of all, here is God's way of forgiveness and real life. You May Be Also…

The Example of a True Minister

11:00am | Sunday 24 May 2020
Paul is a model for all believers, especially preachers.  Here he lists our weapons, such as preaching and witness, to be maintained regardless of our reception, even despite great violence, and through lows and highs - making many rich, and though having nothing, yet possessing all things. Paul’s Second Letter…

God’s Promises to the Gospel Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 May 2020
An unbelieving world, says Isaiah, will be deaf to the message behind God's mighty events (whether conquest or pandemic) while believers will know His love and power, and reap a great spiritual harvest. Here we explore the prophet's powerful words and their fulfillment. Related Resources The Beauties of the Gospel…

God’s Terms for Blessings

11:00am | Sunday 17 May 2020
The apostle gives inspired and essential conditions for instrumentality in Gospel work.  Beginning with a strong plea to avoid fruitlessness, he stresses the necessity of a consistent life, resilience through all hardship, and five positive qualities which must be exhibited, by the Spirit's help. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians…

The Power of the Gospel Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 May 2020
In this prophecy of the church age Isaiah demonstrates the challenging character of Gospel preaching, first stressing the obviousness of God, then His sovereign rule throughout history, and finally the rewards of faith and prayer - especially the power and strength imparted by Him. You May Be Also Interested in……

The Only Way to Remove Guilt

6:30pm | Sunday 10 May 2020
Guilt for sin must be forgiven for God to be found and Heaven reached.  Here are our common objections and the remedies we propose for calming and silencing any feelings of guilt.  But here also is God's salvation - the only way - leading us to Him. You May Be…

Dynamic Christian Living

11:00am | Sunday 10 May 2020
These verses reveal first the means by which Paul sustained his unflagging zeal; secondly the radical change of outlook brought about by conversion, and thirdly the compelling obligation for evangelism which is given to every true believer: are we really saved, and are we genuine witnesses? Paul’s Second Letter to…

Isaiah Describes the Christian Era

7:30pm | Wednesday 6 May 2020
It is astonishing just how much Isaiah was shown about the age of Messiah and the composition and work of the Gospel church. In just 17 verses of sublime literature we are given 11 features and doctrines of the Jewish-Gentile church of Christ. Home » Sermons » Isaiah Describes the Christian Era Related Resources…

The Complete Person

6:30pm | Sunday 3 May 2020
Society today is confident that natural gifts are enough to achieve a happy and fulfilled life: God is unneccesary.  But Scripture shows that there are other 'gifts' that must be obtained from God to make a person complete.  Here are priceless things given to seekers only. You May Be Also…

The Motivation of Believers

11:00am | Sunday 3 May 2020
The apostle says - all will appear at the judgement seat, saved and lost.  Will the sins of the saved be revealed?  What will be the basis of judgement?  What are the 'good' deeds referred to?  Here also is Paul's concern for the salvation of souls. Paul’s Second Letter to…

God’s Way of Discipline

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 April 2020
More on Hezekiah's repentance. He is dying at 39 with no sons, and rendered unfit to continue the Davidic line. He thinks he is eternally lost and makes his model repentance, soon marred by another compromise. How very like our church situation today! Related Resources Awakening under Hezekiah From a…

The Greatest Possession in Life

6:30pm | Sunday 26 April 2020
Here are the aims and desires of all who live life without God, and their failure to gain what is desired.  Here also are the obstacles that keep us from God, the benefits that come with His forgiveness, and how He is to be approached. You May Be Also Interested…

The Soul’s Final Triumph

11:00am | Sunday 26 April 2020
At death the believer's soul enters its heavenly home, capable of praise, fellowship, love and learning, and awaiting only the resurrection body.  Here is the greatest imaginable incentive to holiness and service and how it should always be in the forefront of our minds. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians…

Threefold Repentance and Reformation

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 April 2020
King Hezekiah's soundness is seen in his purge of idolatry and sincere commitment when disciplined by the Lord. But he continued in compromise with Assyria and Egypt. Here is his repentance for this also, and the consequent remarkable blessing, with application to our compromises today. Related Resources: Seeds of the…

Christ’s Church in Isaiah

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 April 2020
Over three chapters there are several major prophecies about Christ's coming church covering firstly her doctrinal foundation (eg: Christ the hiding place - justification), then her conversion characteristic, then her worship priority, then her laws, and finally her pilgrim ethos. Here are details and applications. Related Resources Challenges Facing the…

The Nature of Spiritual Life

6:30pm | Sunday 12 April 2020
The coming of Christ into the world was unique and essential for the provision of spiritual life to needy people.  But why do so many have no idea of their need of it?  Here are its transforming qualities, and how it is received. You May Be Also Interested in… Sermon: Valuing…

Behold Your King!

11:00am | Sunday 12 April 2020
We consider the astonishing condescension of Christ, to leave the infinite glory of Heaven, and to enter the cesspit of our world to suffer, die and rise again for His enemies.  Here is a glimpse of the pre-incarnate and risen glory of our great Redeemer. Full chapter _____________ John 19…

The Conversion of David

6:30pm | Sunday 5 April 2020
Israel's greatest king - David - was also a remarkable teacher, prophet and psalmist.  But it was as a youth that he found a personal relationship with the living God, and this psalm recalls the experience that changed his life and took him from shepherding to ruling. You May Be…

The Paradox of the Christian Life

11:00am | Sunday 5 April 2020
The mighty, glorious paradox of the witnessing Christian life is here seen - in weakness, Christ makes us strong; in hindrances and hardships, He provides the escape; when at the end of our resources, He supplies - a lifelong proving of His power and faithfulness to us. Paul’s Second Letter…

Conditions for Blessing

7:30pm | Wednesday 1 April 2020
The Lord's chief complaint against Judah is their following human schemes not His Word. Here are applications to us today, both as churches, and as individuals in lockdown, along with the predicted blessings (and other conditions) that will come to the faithful. Related Resources Church-Age Blessings Foretold ‘Then I turned,…

The Door of the Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 29 March 2020
Christ's famous words of hope to a gravely backslidden church lacking spiritual life apply to all people in need of reconciliation with God.  Here is the Saviour's famous illustration of the barrier between us and Himself, removed by trusting in Him and His saving work and atoning love. You May…

The Glory of Christ in Conversion

11:00am | Sunday 29 March 2020
The glorious nature of Gospel ministry burdens preachers and witnessing believers to reach every form of unbelief and rebellion against God.  Here are more forms.  Here too is Satan's chief objective - the obscuring of Christ, and the necessity of the Spirit's illuminating work in salvation. Paul’s Second Letter to…

The Tragedy of Spiritual Poverty

7:30pm | Sunday 22 March 2020
Christ's parable of the rich fool shows a man detached from the deeper realities of life, carried along by the here-and-now, consequently forfeiting all, and surrendering his soul to judgement. Here is the love of Christ in saving both life and soul for eternity. You May Be Also Interested in……

Liberty and Transformation

11:00am | Sunday 22 March 2020
The apostle shows where false teachers (promoting Jewish views) went wrong, explaining the veil over their minds and hearts. Then he advances the liberty of true conversion, and here are its components. Finally the question is answered - how does beholding Christ lead to sanctification and glory? Paul’s Second Letter…

Acts of God

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 March 2020
A prophecy about the fall of Samaria and later the Babylonian invasion of Judah tells us much about God’s method and purpose when He allows HIV, MERS, SARS, earthquakes, floods, fires, and now worldwide plague. Here also is God’s promise of personal salvation. Related Resources Doubts About God’s Providence Providence…

The Greatest Contrasts in History

11:00am | Sunday 15 March 2020
Learning from contrasts, including that between the law written on stone, and conversion written in the heart; the ministry of the the letter and that of the Spirit; the old and the new covenants; the administration of death and of the Spirit, with the unique glory of the latter. Paul’s…

Devotional Counsels

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 March 2020
In the light of end-time events here are the themes on which to reflect for assurance, inner peace, trust, spiritual stability, and a view of the sovereign work of God. Here also are features of human nature that influence many situations. Related Resources Books – Devotional/Bible study Buy Now The…

A Stethoscope For The Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 8 March 2020
"Why be thankful to God?" we may ask. We grasp at attempts to explain away the evidence of design in our universe, and we do so, according to scripture, because of human pride. Here are the psalmist's steps for paying homage to God and finding Him. You May Be Also…

The Triumphant Life

11:00am | Sunday 8 March 2020
Paul reveals his great anxiety for the Corinthians, but hastens to show how he looked also at the overall scene and God's ceaseless blessing in opening doors and making Paul and others the savour of Christ everywhere; truly a model life for us all. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians…

The End of Time

7:30pm | Wednesday 4 March 2020
In just one chapter of striking symbols lies the most remarkable vision of the final judgement, the setting apart of the redeemed, the end of all antagonism and the judgement of demons. It is followed by the rhapsodic praise of Zion's eternal inhabitants. Related Resources Resurrection at the End of…

A Miracle For All Times

6:30pm | Sunday 1 March 2020
When Christ healed the paralysed man at Bethesda's pool, He provided a challenge that would span the centuries. Here are the stages of reconciliation with God: a hopeless scene; a listless person; Christ's unsought initiative; a vital question; an impossible command, and a glorious outcome. You May Be Also Interested…

Spiritual Battle Honours

11:00am | Sunday 1 March 2020
Despite Satan's drive to establish a hold over God's people, the Corinthian church purges out grievous sin (here are the purposes of discipline), achieves restoration for the offender, proves its obedience to the Lord, and defeats Satan's devices (these being named and described here). Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians…

The Valley of Vision

7:30pm | Wednesday 26 February 2020
A community so privileged with the Temple and the prophets, and so devout in worship, are to be disciplined for the failure of real dedication to the Lord - the prevailing feature of so much evangelicalism today. Here is Isaiah's challenging analysis and application. Related Resources The Momentous Vision Daniel’s…

Spiritual Participation

11:00am | Sunday 23 February 2020
An insight into Paul's deep sense of the priesthood of all believers. Shared intercession comes first (he needs them), then shared sincerity, then a shared anointing (not just the preacher), finally shared proving of the Lord (the local church needs no external oversight). Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians is…

The Lessons of Babylon

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 February 2020
Long before the rise of Babylon Isaiah foretells her character and fall. She aspired to be as Lucifer, and how she reflects Satan her ultimate master, and also Antichrist of the last times. Literal Babylon fell, and so will the culture of the world that she symbolises. Related Resources The…

God Purges His People

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 February 2020
The ten northern tribes receive a last warning, then their fall (722BC) is predicted. As for Judah, she will also be punished by Assyria but with the miraculous deliverance of Jerusalem, the surviving remnant of the discipline. Here are lessons for spiritual service in our day. Related Resource Christ Purges…

The Testing of Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 February 2020
The prophet Isaiah confronts Ahaz, king of Judah, over his pending appeal to Assyria for military aid. The king refuses a sign-miracle, and the coming of Messiah by virgin birth is announced. Here objections are answered and lessons drawn for present day believers. Related Resources The Shield of Faith Why…

Finding True Freedom

6:30pm | Sunday 2 February 2020
Healing the bent-over woman in the synagogue, the Lord declares her 'loosed' rather than healed, showing the miracle to be a picture of our release (at conversion) from all the moral and spiritual limitations that bind us away from God. Here is true conversion. You May Be Also Interested in……

The Father of Mercies

11:00am | Sunday 2 February 2020
Beginning with God as a compassionate Father over His children, Paul moves to sufferings incurred for the sake of Christ and the Gospel, especially his own experience of 'so great a death', and its spiritual purpose - that of delivering him from self-trust. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians is…

The First Lesson for Service

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 January 2020
Isaiah places his message first, coming to his own call in chapter six. The overwhelming holiness of the Lord, seen by vision, crushes him, leading to forgiveness and commissioning, and here are the lessons for soul winning and warning so often left unapplied today. Related Resources Christ’s Conditions of Service…

The Mysterious Origins of Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 26 January 2020
Following the sermon on the mount, a leper runs to Christ for healing, providing a clear pattern for approaching Him for pardon and new life. Here is the faith that connects to God, how it emerges and how it is explained, leading to reconciliation with Him.  You May Be Also…

The Lord With Us

11:00am | Sunday 26 January 2020
Some believers imagine that Christ speaks to them and even touches them, while others overreact from extreme pietism and think little of Christ's constant presence with them. Here is the Lord's nearness throughout the Bible, and the power of 'seeing Him' with the eye of faith. Paul’s Second Letter to…

The Chief Barrier To Believing in God

6:30pm | Sunday 19 January 2020
In the Lord's parable of the ten pounds, a nobleman's citizens cried, 'we will not have this man to reign over us!' Here is why, how it parallels our rejection of God (before conversion), and what makes His reign 'over us' so magnificent. You May Be Also Interested in… Article:…

Follow The Word!

11:00am | Sunday 19 January 2020
Paul commands withdrawal of fellowship from believers who persistently flout the apostles' teachings. One example of disorder is the refusal to work for a living, but here are the key offences that seriously blight Gospel work. Here also is the call to fellowship and harmony. Paul’s Second Letter to the…

Six Features of Mankind

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 January 2020
Over 2700 years ago the prophet's vision describes the full scale of human nature and man's fallen behaviour in six remarkably concise yet profound categories. There is nothing so penetrating even in the New Testament as the astonishing scenario of the vineyard parable and the six woes.  Related Resource The…

The Justice of God

6:30pm | Sunday 12 January 2020
Judgement Day is almost unmentionable in today's society, yet it awaits us all at the end of time. Here is the motive of God's justice, how He has made His standards known, and how Christ secures release from judgement for all who trust in Him. You May Be Also Interested…

Four Marks and Duties of True Believers

11:00am | Sunday 12 January 2020
Authentic believers, says the apostle, pray for the Gospel in a certain way, taste opposition (and deliverance), have lively consciences to obey the Lord, and grow in new sense of His love, looking for His return. Are we consciously experiencing the features of a sincere walk? Paul’s Second Letter to…

Church Age Predictions

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 January 2020
Isaiah predicts Judah's future troubles through invasion and captivity of all the leading men, showing the reasons for judgement, especially the vaunting of man. Here is the application to the church today, and here also is a magnificent detailed prophecy of the New Testament age. Related Resource Church Age Predictions…

The Fall of Man

6:30pm | Sunday 5 January 2020
The Scriptures exclusively explain the human condition, the presence of sin and suffering, and God's way of salvation. Here is the doctrine of the Fall - the understanding of which is the door to reality and seeking for God and conversion to Him. You May Be Also Interested in… Sunday…

A New Year Christian Perspective

11:00am | Sunday 5 January 2020
Paul first speaks of indebtedness (here is how election should influence us); then of our experience of the call of God; then of our duty to hold the faith; then of the forms God's blessing takes, and finally of the kind of strength God imparts. Paul’s Second Letter to the…

Isaiah’s Prophecy of Christ’s Coming

11:00am | Wednesday 25 December 2019
Proceeding in the manner of an unfolding mystery tale, the prophet begins on the remote, rural start, and step by step, reveals the astounding coming of the Son of Man and Son of God, rising to the magnifying of His saving power and love.

Christ and the Church Foretold

11:00am | Sunday 22 December 2019
Isaiah's first prophecy of Christ and His Kingdom; its characteristics, conversions and blessings; culminating in the prophet's inspired appeal - as from the heart of God - for people to learn the way of salvation and walk in this light to the Heavenly city.  Full chapter _____________ Isaiah 2 The…

The Unique Experience of Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 15 December 2019
It is a profound change of life only achievable by God, by which one is completely forgiven, enlightened, adopted into God's family, changed in character and given an eternal inheritance. It is so unmistakable it proves the reality and power of God. Is it our experience?

Signs of The End

11:00am | Sunday 15 December 2019
Two particular events must precede the Lord's return, says Paul - the great apostasy and the revealing of the man of sin. Here are his terrible acts, and the final triumph of Christ. How near are we to these events, and how should they affect us now?

Introducing the Evangelical Prophet

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 December 2019
Isaiah introduces his prophecies with vivid descriptions of the desperate plight of Judah - yet she was in great prosperity. But he speaks in earthly terms of her spiritual state, listing failings mirrored in our churches today. Here are the Lord's warnings and remedies.

The Threefold Calling

11:00am | Sunday 1 December 2019
In a single magnificent 'sovereign grace' verse, the apostle frames a prayer that three essential features of Christian living might be manifested in believing lives. Here is true conversion, plus the blessings of God's 'good pleasure', plus the divine work of building up our faith.

Life’s Greatest Mental Block

11:00am | Sunday 1 December 2019
The scribes of Christ's day were accomplished men, but a strange fog clouded their reaction to Him. Though amazed at His person and teaching, they refused to listen. Here is why, and how the same mental block shuts us off from God today.

Avoiding Modern ‘Heresies’

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 November 2019
Today numerous false teachings flourish even within conservative and reformed churches, crippling the work of God. Here are common major wrong views of the Bible, of the Godhead, and of salvation spread by leading teachers. The great need of clarity, discernment and a faithful stand.

The Necessity of Growing Faith

11:00am | Sunday 24 November 2019
Paul's short yet dazzling unfolding of end-time events written to a young church in a place of fierce opposition. Starting themes are the duty of constant praise, and the unceasing exercise of faith. Here also is Paul's introduction to the Lord's return.

Who Cares For Your Soul?

6:30pm | Sunday 17 November 2019
David, pursued by 3000 military men of Saul, has taken refuge in a mountain cave. Bereft of all help, he turns to God, and is delivered. Here he recalls his sense of helplessness in order to illustrate the realisation of spiritual isolation and loss that usually precedes conversion to God.

Yielding Highest Esteem to God

11:00am | Sunday 17 November 2019
This famous doxology of Jude urges us to hold God in highest esteem by looking back at what He has done, looking also at what He is currently doing, looking ahead to our entry into glory, and looking at His everlasting attributes. This is authentic worship.

Biblical Roles of Men and Women

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 November 2019
Roles of men and women at creation; relationships fixed as a reminder of the Fall; roles in the church and marriage, with duties of husbands and wives. The question answered: Do the same rules apply also to roles in society and business?

Four Pillars Of Faithfulness

11:00am | Sunday 3 November 2019
Jude provides four duties of maintaining faithfulness. First, the building upon faith ( i.e. doctrinal understanding and trust); second, praying in the Holy Spirit (what it is); third, keeping oneself in the love of God (frequently forgotten steps), and fourth, avoiding dangers.

How Christ is Known to His People

7:30pm | Wednesday 30 October 2019
Why John is given a vision of the reigning Lord in biblical symbols, rather than a true resemblance, and how each symbol shows the true attitude of worship in church or in personal devotion, serving as a tonic for real appreciation of Christ and communion with Him.

Who is in God’s Kingdom?

6:30pm | Sunday 27 October 2019
A trick question is put to Christ by the Pharisees in the hope of discrediting Him, to persecute  Him, but He confounds them with a disarming reply that imparts all we so much need to know about the kingdom of God, and how to enter it.

The Christian Warfare

11:00am | Sunday 27 October 2019
Jude urges God's people to defend the faith, warning of the stealth of errorists, and of how down the centuries they invent doctrines and attack the authority of Scripture. He also reveals their motives and points to how the battle must be fought.

The Real Gifts of the Spirit

7:30pm | Wednesday 23 October 2019
Nine revelatory and sign gifts of the Spirit given for the ministry of the Word while the Scriptures were being completed. What they were and how they were eventually given to all believers - in the Word (Ephesians 1.17-19). Also, the gifts of Romans 12.6-8.

Correcting the Ministry

11:00am | Sunday 20 October 2019
John here presents four crucial ideals for believers to aim at: 1) to take seriously personal spiritual progress or soul-prosperity; 2) to fully embrace missionary support; 3) to avoid Diotrephes-style leadership; and 4) to know how to recognise those truly approved by God.

Christian Happiness

7:30pm | Wednesday 16 October 2019
The meaning of the rejoice words of the New Testament, the components of Christian happiness, how it differs from ordinary earthly happiness, how to achieve it, and maintain it in times of trouble and grief, and what to avoid in order not to spoil it.

Your Life – Lost or Saved?

6:30pm | Sunday 13 October 2019
In three short sentences, designed to surprise and challenge, the Lord shows the emptiness of possessing only 'material' life and clinging tenaciously to it, then the vast superiority of having life in the soul. Here is what it means to follow Christ, and be eternally safe.

Guarding the Truth

11:00am | Sunday 13 October 2019
The chief message of this personal letter to a Christian lady is the duty and protective power of mutual love against error. Here we define 'walking in the truth', consider how fellowship love guards against doctrinal and spiritual collapse, and summarise the main heresies over time.

Our Debt to God

6:30pm | Sunday 6 October 2019
In an atheistic age people do not think about owing anything to God. But our lives, gifts, powers and bodily provisions are all from Him, and we surely owe Him thanks and obedience. How will we stand before our Maker at the end of our journey?

Unchanging Christian Distinctives

11:00am | Sunday 6 October 2019
John sets out the authentic characteristics of truly saved believers. What he means by saying that they sin not, and how they fight sin. Here also are Satan's attempts to ruin them, and a key work of redemption - a certain and personal walk with God.

Are There Conditions for Revival?

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 October 2019
This second message on spiritual awakening reviews the errors of Israel described by the prophet that must be repented of for a special visitation of the Spirit, and here are the obvious parallels with the general state of evangelicalism in our age. Revival includes reform.

Seeking The Purpose of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 29 September 2019
Paul tells of how he once lived as a Jewish intellectual without concern about his condition before God. Then the day came when the commandments of God suddenly shook his conscience and led him to faith. Here is the discovery of life's purpose.

The Matter and Manner of Prayer

11:00am | Sunday 29 September 2019
Here is the necessity of prayer and why God requires it; the meaning of God's promise to answer 'according to his will'; the things for which we should pray; the manner in what we should pray; and the vexed exception of the 'sin unto death'.

The Bible and Revival

7:30pm | Wednesday 25 September 2019
Unmistakable signs of revival in the Old Testament; the term in the Psalms ('revival/awakening'); and a sweeping tour of British revivals. Finally, ten prominent characteristics of true revival, and the example of Hezekiah's revival and its parallels with historic Western awakenings.

God’s Feelings For Us

6:30pm | Sunday 22 September 2019
The feelings of God disclosed by the prophet for all who live and die without knowing Him and His forgiveness, wasting the treasures of life, and going into a lost eternity. Here is the call of God to come to Him for new life.

From Blasphemy to Faith

11:00am | Sunday 22 September 2019
As unbelievers we thought unbelief was 'innocent'. Surely it was for Christians to demonstrate God's reality to us. But here is God's viewpoint - the depths of wilful unreasonableness in our rejection of Him. And here also is what we owe to Him for His mercy.

The Phases of a Fall

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 September 2019
The two parts of Samson's life, the time of integrity, power and blessing, and the time of his fall and punishment. Why the upright part is essential to the pastoral message of the passage. Also, the fall, its components and its deep lessons for us.

Why and What is Faith?

6:30pm | Sunday 15 September 2019
Of itself, faith has no merit or power to earn God's favour, or to obtain life, yet it is vital to conversion. Here is what it is not, contrasted with what it is, showing what it believes and how it stretches out to receive salvation.

Christian Evidences

11:00am | Sunday 15 September 2019
The apostle describes seven solid evidences of the work of salvation in the true believer (different from the 'marks of grace' usually described). All provide either strong assurance, or a profound challenge in the case of those who have not yet experienced conversion to Christ.

The Phenomenon of Samson

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 September 2019
The low view of inspiration that has invaded modern evangelical commentaries and most Study Bibles is never more evident than in their character assassination of Samson. Here is the Bible's own view; here is the vindication of Samson as a Hebrews 11 hero of faith.

The Unseen Battle of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 8 September 2019
A very remarkable presentation of the way to find God in which the psalmist uses ten illustrations in just five verses, to show (1) the human predicament - cut off from God; (2) the remedy - what God has done; (3) our response; and (4) the result.

Duty and Fruits of Brotherly Love

11:00am | Sunday 8 September 2019
From the warning against false teachers, the apostle turns again to the great duty of love to fellow believers, providing fourteen compelling reasons (with benefits) for honouring this obligation. Here love is defined, its actions and activities listed, and the reasons surveyed.

Christ’s Direction For Finding Him

6:30pm | Sunday 11 August 2019
The Saviour's call to 'ask-seek-knock' conveys the whole message of salvation in a single illustration. Here is how to ask (with the mind) to seek (with the heart) and to knock (with the will) on the door that opens to Christ and new life.

Distinguishing Truth from Error

11:00am | Sunday 11 August 2019
The duty to test all who teach by four standards: (1) Do they proclaim the divinity and humanity of Christ, our infallible mediator? (2) are they truly converted? (3) are they separate from the world? (4) are they bound by the authority and sufficiency of scripture?

Keeping a Vow to God

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 July 2019
Jephthah, a rare godly man in apostate Israel, is called from exile to defend the typical church. He makes a pious but rash vow and honours it with an obedience matched by his daughter. Not a human sacrifice, of course, but a challenge of commitment.

Fellowship Love

11:00am | Sunday 14 July 2019
The apostle John describes five aspects of love, in the church, at the same time showing that each one is evidence of true conversion. Here love, helpfulness to fellow believers, and the promised greater instrumentality in prayer, are seen as bulwarks of assurance.

Spiritual Naivety

12:00am | Sunday 14 July 2019
Paul's appeal to the Galatians - shrewd independent thinkers - not to be entranced by the ancient heresy of salvation by works. How easily we, though able thinkers, succumb to the poor arguments of unbelief today! Here are the issues that should lead us to find the Lord.

Resisting the Flesh

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 July 2019
The non-cooperation of Succoth, the snare of Gideon's ephod, the fable of Jotham, and the reign of Abimelech the bramble provide lessons on the antagonism of the flesh to spiritual progress, and its longing for human rule, rather than that of the Lord.

John’s Steps to Holiness

11:00am | Sunday 7 July 2019
Gaining Christian perspective by comprehending all aspects of God's mighty love, then by looking forward to seeing Christ and being transformed, then by appreciating deliverance from the dominion of sin, and then by knowing how to stay close to the Saviour.

Every Preacher an Evangelist

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 July 2019
The biblical arguments in favour of regular evangelistic preaching as an essential and divinely central thread in ministry under the text 'Woe is unto me if I preach not the Gospel'. Related Resources Expository Preaching – Benefits and Pitfalls What exactly is ­expository preaching? It is preaching that draws the…

The Two Pillars of Christianity

6:30pm | Sunday 30 June 2019
The moral law of God is an act of great kindness, intended to give order to the human race and to show how far short of God's standards we fall, and how greatly we need free forgiveness. Here is how we receive grace from God.

The Threefold Abiding

11:00am | Sunday 30 June 2019
In five verses John describes three major aspects of the spiritual life, the word 'abide' appearing six times. Here is how we should make use of the body of Christian doctrine, maintain close union with Christ, and keep alive the illumination of the Spirit.

Becoming Soul-Wise

6:30pm | Sunday 23 June 2019
Using a military analogy, Paul compares waking from soul-sleep to soldiers being roused to defend against an attack. Here are spiritual realities unseen while we live with no thought of God. Here is the new life that dawns with finding Him.

A Briefing on Antichrist

11:00am | Sunday 23 June 2019
The apostle John provides the facts about the emergence of antichrist, what exactly antichrist will do, and the twin means by which believers will discern 'many antichrists'. These two, the unction of the 'Holy One' and the test of truth, are here explained.

Surprising Aspects of Spiritual Warfare

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 June 2019
Gideon's expulsion of the Midianites is an example of a literal event superintended by God to provide an overview of spiritual mission. Here are three disqualifications for instrumentality plus an insight into God's work in minds, and how harmony in the 'church' was preserved.

Fighting the Irresistible God

6:30pm | Sunday 16 June 2019
In two miniature parables, Christ shows the necessity of taking stock of life to avoid the loss of spiritual life and blessing. Here is the building of a tower that could not be completed, and the fighting of a war that could not be won.

Love Not The World

11:00am | Sunday 16 June 2019
In three famous verses, John shows that love for the world cannot coexist with love for God, then defines worldliness, shows its offensiveness to God, and describes how it passes away to judgement before our eyes. What believers do, however, lasts forever.

Turning Desolation Into Blessing

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 June 2019
Midianite oppression drives Israel to prayer - and rebuke! Conviction must precede restoration. Gideon by faith seeks divine authority for action. The altar of compromise is destroyed, and further authority sought for war (the fleece). Here are rich lessons, lost if Gideon is thought faithless.

The Profound Work Within

11:00am | Sunday 9 June 2019
John's words to little children, fathers and young men seem repetitive and puzzling at first sight, but they are a call to think of the considerable changes brought about in those who are converted, and to stir assurance and zeal. Here are the triumphs of grace.

The Battle of Kishon

12:00am | Wednesday 5 June 2019
While the Study Bibles mostly see Barak as a coward, Hebrews 11 shows him to be a hero of faith and achievements. Here is the narrative in this light, with numerous lessons for today including the reasons why several tribes failed to rally to the cause.

God Describes Human Need

6:30pm | Sunday 2 June 2019
Appealing to individuals to seek the Lord, Jeremiah uses powerful illustrations to show how we are seen by God. He speaks of the inevitable things in life, of our vulnerability to unbelief, of things that distract us from God, and of how we may find Him.

Christian Fellowship

11:00am | Sunday 2 June 2019
After extolling Christ and exhorting to holiness, the first topic of the epistle (showing its importance) is mutual love in the congregation. Here are the grounds of solid ties, and the blessings and helps, along with the Apostle's warnings about opting out of this precious duty.

Heroes of Old

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 May 2019
The Judges seen through the lens of Hebrews 11 as men of clear faith, not defective men of their time as many erroneously teach today. Here are lessons for us from the Mesopotamian and Moabite oppressions and from the lives of Othniel and Ehud.

The Only Mediator

6:30pm | Sunday 26 May 2019
The Bible asserts there is one mediator between God and man. Why is a mediator necessary? Why is there only one? Why cannot people reconcile themselves with God? Why must God do this Himself? Do other religions offer a mediator? What does a mediator achieve for us?

Maintaining Spiritual Life

11:00am | Sunday 26 May 2019
The aged apostle speaks out of concern for believers everywhere, urging all to avoid spiritual lifelessness by keeping in full view: 1) The campaign for personal holiness; 2) The price Christ paid for us; 3) All His commands to serve Him; 4) Our love for Him.

The Church Age Prophesied

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 May 2019
A chapter teeming with detailed prophecy of Christ's person and work together with the characteristics of the Gospel Age and the uniting of saved Jews and Gentiles in the church. Here it is also proved that Messiah will be a divine person and not the nation.

Surveying the Inner Person

7:30pm | Sunday 19 May 2019
This is the occasion Christ called the multitudes around Him to make a momentous statement of principle. It was a matter on which Israel's 'clergy' had misled them - what defiles people to keep them out of Heaven? Here is the Lord's answer, and the only remedy.

The Word of Life

11:00am | Sunday 19 May 2019
Christ is extolled by the aged apostle as truly man and God, who is holiness and truth, genuine believers being identified by their sensitivity to sin and concern for biblical obedience, and false Christians by their relative indifference to one or the other.

When the Saved Need the Saviour

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 May 2019
The famous appendix of Judges, speaking of events after Joshua and the elders. Micah and the Danites - a record of astounding syncretism from so-blessed a people, yielding lessons on how we as sincere people may fall into 'double-mindedness', first barely consciously, then fully.

The Two Greatest Mistakes of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 12 May 2019
Christ calls us to think about what life should really accomplish and the central importance of the soul. They show how much we need God's words for the soul to live, and the tragedy of devoting our entire lives to this material life and losing Heaven.

Glorifying God in Life and Death

11:00am | Sunday 12 May 2019
Why does the risen Lord tell Peter he will die a martyr? How did this glorify God and why was Peter told that John's future should not concern him? Here are the reasons and their importance to us as individuals and churches today.

The Priority of Thanksgiving

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 May 2019
An incomparable psalm for understanding the riches of thankfulness. Here are unexpected seams of thought from God's acts of creation, deliverance, guidance and provision. Here also is how the psalmist anticipates conversion and the Christian life, and shows the spiritual benefits of thankfulness.

The Source of Eternal Life

6:30pm | Sunday 5 May 2019
It is amazing that Jesus Christ the Son of God, who entered into the world, should describe Himself as the 'bread of life'. Here is why He came in humble form, what He did to atone for sinners, and how we come to Him.

Resurrection Counsel

11:00am | Sunday 5 May 2019
A resurrection appearance of Christ to seven disciples gives a final lesson on dependence upon Him for all future blessing. Then, the threefold restoration of Peter shows love for Christ is the key to blessing and the antidote to self-love and disloyalty.

Receiving the Spirit

7:30pm | Wednesday 1 May 2019
Before Elisha's special enduement of the Spirit came three tests of loyalty, followed by a vital question. What will we ask of the Lord? What will a new preacher ask? Here is the meaning of the parting of Jordan, a chariot of fire, and the whirlwind ascension.

The Strategy of Resurrection

11:00am | Sunday 21 April 2019
It is clear the resurrection was completely unexpected by the disciples. Here is how it came, first by gentle intimation, then with a caution, then as a proof of Christ's successful atonement, and then as a command to trust in the living Lord.

Aspects of Calvary

11:00am | Friday 19 April 2019
The outward aspects of Calvary show the very evil for which the Lord atoned (on behalf of the redeemed). We see vividly portrayed His humiliation, along with human dishonesty, rejection of Himself, corruption and theft. For all these He paid an indescribable price inwardly.

Adopted Children of God

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 April 2019
Why is this such a prominent and distinctive doctrine? How does it relate to regeneration and sanctification? What are its purposes and what should we do to keep it alive in our hearts, and to reap its benefits in our lives and service for Christ?

Sudden and Unexpected Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 14 April 2019
As Christ hung on the cross in agony of body and soul, making atonement for all who are saved, a criminal executed alongside Him began to see Him in a new light, and yielded his life to Him. Here is that 'model' conversion, and what was involved.

The Trials of Christ

11:00am | Sunday 14 April 2019
The Gospel of John here reveals the repeated failure in understanding and loyalty of a representative disciple, the deep dishonesty of the Jewish leaders, and the unwavering purpose and dignity of the Son of God throughout the multiple unjust, overnight hearings leading to Calvary.

Joshua’s Sixteen Resolutions

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 April 2019
After twenty years of historical silence, Joshua's last convocation of Israel is recorded, with his remarkable speech presenting sixteen distinctive exhortations or 'resolutions' for the lives of God's children. There is nothing quite so searching and comprehensive in all the Bible.

Life So Full, Yet So Empty

6:30pm | Sunday 7 April 2019
Why were the philosophers of Athens so eager to hear Paul? What were their beliefs? How did he go about showing their emptiness of thought and their need of Christ, and what were their various reactions? How closely their ideas of God reflect those of today!

Christian Distinctives

11:00am | Sunday 7 April 2019
In the course of this great 'high priestly' prayer, the Lord reveals the purpose of the Christian calling, the vital distinctives of a true Christian faith, and the Christian's future destiny. Then the hour of redemptive work arrives, and He proceeds so calmly to Calvary.

Spiritual Distractions

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 April 2019
Israel's tribes failed to clear residual Canaanite occupation, diluting their commission - the lessons. Joshua implements cities of refuge - here is how we know they have significance for the Christian life. Here also is the first piece of 'theatre' in the ancient church, and its folly.

Experiencing God First Hand

6:30pm | Sunday 31 March 2019
King David's burden is to convey the very real experience he had of association with God. He spells out the tangible changes in his life through conversion, the evidences and scale of God's interventions and helps, then the terms on which one must approach Him.

Christian Righteousness

11:00am | Sunday 31 March 2019
The Saviour's prayer - 'Sanctify them through thy truth' has led to a review of the Ten Commandments, this study surveying the scope of the last three - 'Thou shalt not steal...bear false witness....covet' - and especially how these guide believers in the life of the church.

A Unique Call From God

6:30pm | Sunday 24 March 2019
Christ's most famous call to souls, showing who He is who calls, why He does so, what He calls us from, why we should listen, who will respond, and what He will do for us - illustrated with examples of those who have responded and found Him.

Searching Sanctifying Laws

11:00am | Sunday 24 March 2019
Continuing John 17:17, 'Sanctify them through thy truth', we here review the fifth to the seventh commandments to see the wide application given by Moses and the New Testament, each commandment naming the chief sin of a 'family' of offences. This is the path of holiness.

Learning from the Conquest

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 March 2019
We learn the need of limited methods in the Lord's work, how to identify 'Hazors' or pivotal issues in the defence of faith, the necessity of total obedience to God's plan, and the certain fall of Anakim giants that triggered Israel's unbelief and disobedience.

The Re-Creation of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 17 March 2019
The Bible describes the necessity of conversion to God. In this verse it is presented as something radical, sudden, a complete event accomplished in an instant by God, and not by us. Here are the great features, and how we may come to it.

Keeping the Lord’s Day

11:00am | Sunday 17 March 2019
Christ's high priestly prayer 'Sanctify them through thy truth' takes us to the moral law and a review of the fourth commandment. Here are the biblical reasons (and the resulting blessings) for honouring the Lord's Day. Here also are its biblical purposes and warnings.

Miracles of Conquest

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 March 2019
Joshua's defence of the Gibeonites teems with spiritual lessons that still apply and bless God's people. Among them are once-only miracles that establish Joshua and his principles and crushed pagan deification of sun and moon. Here is Joshua's promoting of faith.

God’s Thinking Compared with Ours

6:30pm | Sunday 10 March 2019
Isaiah's sublime poetry exhorts the superiority of God's thoughts and plans - so benevolent, magnificent and certain. Here is what God thinks of us, and what He is ready to do for us, if we listen to Him and turn to Him for a new life.

Sanctify Them Through Thy Truth

11:00am | Sunday 10 March 2019
Sanctification (purification, consecration and commitment) by the Word is the will of Christ for His own, and here we turn to the first three of the Ten Commandments to challenge our souls. How should these be applied today in our lives and churches?

Securing God’s Attention

6:30pm | Sunday 3 March 2019
Here is Paul magnificently explaining first, how not to gain the ear of God, and then how to do so - by understanding how He saves the soul and changes the life; also how to approach Him. This is the way to find and know Him.

The Characteristics of True Believers

11:00am | Sunday 3 March 2019
Believers are those who have 'seen' God and His ways. They are interceded for and kept, in order to reflect and speak of Christ. They are separated from the world and dedicated to the joy and service of Christ, and they are sanctified by the Word.

Possessing the Land

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 February 2019
Biblical proofs that Joshua's conquest was a moral action of divine judgement that included an offer of peace to pagan cities (refused by all except the Gibeonites) if yielding to the moral standards displayed at Ebal. The Gibeonites in a positive light - illustrating evangelical repentance.

Why We Shy Away From God

6:30pm | Sunday 24 February 2019
Suggested by the teaching of Jeremiah, here are the reasons why people are inclined to turn away from God, and to block out thoughts of His help and of eternity. Here also is a summary of all that is lost, and how to find Him.

The Lord’s High Priestly Prayer

11:00am | Sunday 24 February 2019
A prayer expressing the united will of the Godhead for things about to be secured by the work of Christ. Awed disciples learn, and generations of believers receive mighty assurance. This introduction shows Christ praying as prophet, priest and king for all His own.

The Valley of Trouble

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 February 2019
Achan sins and all Israel must suffer - why? Is it just? The question answered. The nature of 'the accursed thing' and its equivalent today. Here is 'spiritual desertion' as they knew it (and how it may strike believing churches), Achan's obduracy, and the nation's restoration.

Finding Acceptance with God

6:30pm | Sunday 17 February 2019
The most jarring aspect of the Bible's message is that people, however accomplished and praised, have no claim to be approved by God if they have no relationship with Him. Human pride is offended, but here are God's reasons and His terms for acceptance.

Christ’s Last Promises to His Disciples

11:00am | Sunday 17 February 2019
The very final briefing of the Saviour to the disciples before His arrest tells of much yet to be taught them (by the Spirit), of Christ being 'seen' (by the Spirit), of their new liberty in prayer, and of their great joy - all ongoing promises for believers.

Steps to Instrumentality

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 February 2019
Four steps are emphasised in Joshua 4-6: first, the cherishing of God's works (the Jordan memorial), second, not hindering the work (by prolonging the reproach of Egypt), third, clinging to one's sense of God (the theophany), and fourth, keeping faith as paramount (the strange siege).

When Christ Enters In

6:30pm | Sunday 10 February 2019
Paul gives a unique definition of conversion as the entry of Christ into a life, and here is the explanation of what this means, how Christ's work in us is carried out, and how we are changed and enriched for life and eternity.

The Era of the Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 10 February 2019
Christ speaks of the Spirit's work convicting of sin (unbelief being the crowning sin), convincing of the perfection of Christ and our dependence on Him, and convincing of the judgement to come. As these things were preached, the Spirit would convict and convince souls.

Spiritual Lessons from Jordan’s Crossing

7:30pm | Wednesday 30 January 2019
First, tests of faith exemplified; second, the fourfold significance of the ark for us today; third, the necessity of reverence; fourth, the preaching of God's Word central in every church event; fifth, all glory to be assigned to God, not leaders.

When God’s Favour is Imparted

6:30pm | Sunday 27 January 2019
The remarkable high priestly blessing given by God to be pronounced in Old Testament times lists the elements of spiritual life and experience given freely by God to all who sincerely seek and trust Him. Here is the substance of a true meeting with God.

The Church and the World

11:00am | Sunday 27 January 2019
The Saviour taught that people generally, locked in the world system, whatever their surface attitude, detest Him and His message. History shows this to be so. Here are the various forms of hatred, the reasons behind them, and the biblical response of Gospel workers.

Conditions of Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 23 January 2019
The well-known sending of the two spies contrasts with the twelve sent forty years before, who offended the Lord by presuming to choose the route of conquest. We learn the necessity of honouring God's prerogatives — prescribed directions for the Christian life and church.

A Sight of the Wrath and Mercy of God

6:30pm | Sunday 20 January 2019
The apostle Paul was converted from a career as a persecutor of Christians to being a tireless missionary to the Gentiles. Here he describes the viewpoint of God as He considers rebellious mankind. This is Paul's magnificent survey of our need, and Christ's kindness to save.

Chosen for Service

11:00am | Sunday 20 January 2019
Sublime words of Christ about mutual love between believers, about the privilege of being loved by Him, of being told all things by Him, of being 'elected' to salvation and service, commissioned, and equipped with the power of prayer. An overwhelming inspiration to full commitment.

The Parable of the Vine

11:00am | Sunday 13 January 2019
Christ's instructions to the apostles defining the Christian life. He begins with the New Covenant, and how He is the true vine securing redemption for His people. He also defines 'fruit' (the essential evidence of conversion) and what it means to 'abide' in Himself.

The Role of Faith in Spiritual Work

7:30pm | Wednesday 9 January 2019
The literal history of Joshua, showing the pastoral parallels for our spiritual lives today in chapter 1. Here is Joshua's momentous call, the certain promise of instrumentality, the effort needed, the necessity of a focus for faith, and other principles often neglected yet so vital today.

Finding the Truth of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 6 January 2019
"Buy the truth" urges Solomon - a search for the explanation and meaning of life, and a relationship with the Lord. Don't sell it, as many do, for a godless life. Here is how the heart is given to God, and how eyes are opened.

Lessons in Love

11:00am | Sunday 6 January 2019
Five expressions of love for Christ all found in this passage - all being a key to ongoing assurance, and all stirring greater love. For a new year, we see Christ's words - love learns, love trusts, love identifies, love serves and love obeys.

Why, Why Shepherds and Angels?

11:00am | Tuesday 25 December 2018
Not a charming story but a series of profound and vital facts about Christ and His work. Here the questions are answered - Why shepherds? Why an angel? Why 'good tidings'? Why the term 'Saviour'? Why the sign of a manger and then a choir?

The Dividing of Mankind

6:30pm | Sunday 23 December 2018
Here is the whole Bible in one verse, showing the great division in society; also that unbelief must have consequences; then - the meaning of sin, the true meaning of death, the extraordinary gift of God, and the price paid by the Giver.

Christ Tells of the Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 23 December 2018
In this last teaching discourse to the apostles the Lord impresses upon them things they have not yet grasped, especially about the Holy Spirit: that He is a divine Person, giving spiritual illumination and assurance, and impressing Christ on the hearts of believers.

How Christ Builds Our Faith

11:00am | Sunday 16 December 2018
The day before Calvary, with the disciples, Christ gives a fourfold remedy for their deficiencies. They must grasp the necessity of faith, the heavenly objective, His pivotal atonement, and His equality with the Father. Only then can they fulfil their commission.

Ruling One’s Spirit

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 December 2018
A sequence of verses showing how to steer oneself toward consideration of others, use 'unbreachable barriers' to avoid sin, maintain diligence in all things, avoid giving superficial counsel, register and convey disapproval of wrong, and treasure family devotion and the means of grace.

The Fall of Man

6:30pm | Sunday 9 December 2018
The 'depraved' human condition was acknowledged for centuries past because it is so obviously true. Here Isaiah shows human unreasonableness before God, alienation, rebellion, and inability to change. Here also is the way to find God's forgiveness and life-changing power.

Seeing Things Unseen

11:00am | Sunday 9 December 2018
Having washed the disciples' feet, Christ revealed to them seven vital immediate events - the betrayal, their future work, the ugliness of hypocrisy, the need for heart-searching before the Lord's Supper, the direction of events, how humiliation would bring glory, and the future church.

Applying Truth to Life

7:30am | Wednesday 5 December 2018
This group of verses unfolds five 'companions' of biblical truth as we search and apply it to life. Fascinating illustrations press home lessons on the need of: diligence, purity (in doctrine and methods), reality (especially the call to service), humility, and diplomacy (or sensitivity).

The Urgency of Spiritual Life

6:30pm | Sunday 2 December 2018
It is astounding how many illustrations and arguments the prophet Jeremiah uses to persuade people in 586 BC to turn back to God. Yet today his reasoning is just as vital, as he stirs us to see our need of spiritual life.

Washing the Disciples’ Feet

11:00am | Sunday 2 December 2018
A symbolic act with four moving lessons for the future apostles, just before Christ went to Calvary, showing his love for his own, his coming humiliation, his cleansing of them, and the humility of bearing and life (essential to them and all believers in order to be used by God).

War or Peace With God

6:30pm | Sunday 25 November 2018
The reality of the state of war between all people and God before conversion. The full consequences of war throughout life, and its futility. Then the multiple benefits of peace on reconciliation, how it is achieved, and how we may be certain of it.

Christ’s Final Public Message

11:00am | Sunday 25 November 2018
The profound meaning of 'now is the judgement of this world', and the scornful questions of the masses, revealing their problem, then the Lord's last great appeal before Calvary, then the mysterious hardening of the heart of the people, plus green shoots of conversion.

Four Aspects of Wisdom

7:30pm | Wednesday 21 November 2018
Through four striking illustrations Solomon considers spiritual 'skills': a noble building showing the three stages of spiritual life, warfare showing strategies for resisting Satan, the uninitiated builder or soldier showing hopeless consequences, and the need for constant exercise of spiritual skills.

The Astonishing Mercy of God

6:30pm | Sunday 18 November 2018
As far as human beings are concerned, the multitude of God's tender mercies are the towering wonder of His divine attributes. Here are His mercies of salvation, their benefits, the great cost to God of their implementation, and the happiness of receiving them.

Seven Voices For Calvary

11:00am | Sunday 18 November 2018
Almost like a Greek play with seven scenes, the apostle John (in twenty verses) tracks seven distinct sources of powerful authenticating views about Christ as Messiah, including the words of Christ Himself and the Father. Here also is the Lord's call to salvation.

The Subtlety of Sin

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 November 2018
Starting with a brief comment on the 'rod' in Proverbs, and what it does not mean, here is a remarkable 20-verse topic showing how Satan first makes sin desirable, promotes it through bad company, weakens thirst for regular teaching, then tightens sin's grip on us.

The Momentous Supper

11:00am | Sunday 11 November 2018
John's record of the last days of the earthly life of the Lord begins with the supper at Bethany - a remarkable picture of Christian worship and commitment seen in Martha's service, the testimony of Lazarus, and Mary's demonstration of faith by the symbol of anointing.

The Control of Desire

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 November 2018
- earthly and personal desires that is. Beginning with the need to curb determination to have one's way, Solomon deals with anger, longings in general, and the 'evil eye' of coveting. He powerfully emphasises the need to observe God's sacred boundaries in life.

The Care of Your Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 4 November 2018
Christ's parable of the pounds had a message for His Jewish hearers, plus an ongoing one to the people of all times, namely that everyone has an awareness or instinct of God and should invest it by seeking to find Him and know Him.

God’s Superior Power

11:00am | Sunday 4 November 2018
Two months before Calvary, the ruling council of chief priests and clergy assembled to plan the death of Jesus of Nazareth. Their folly is here tracked to show how everything they thought and planned was overruled and re-shaped by the sovereign power of Christ.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Not Believing

6:30pm | Sunday 28 October 2018
Undoubtedly there are attractive-sounding benefits from rejecting God and investing in life without any spiritual concerns, and here are some of these. But see the weighty losses and the burdens, and also the compassion of Christ for human 'sheep not having a shepherd'.

Deepening Conviction

11:00am | Sunday 28 October 2018
Over several days, the Lord gave three clear intimations that He would raise Lazarus from the dead, but the disciples, then Martha, in varying degrees, could not take in His words. Faith triumphed in the end, and here is the history of growing conviction.

The Gold Standard of Integrity

7:30pm | Wednesday 24 October 2018
The first proverb in this group announces the theme - the believer's reputation for shining integrity (and its works), showing that it encompasses a true view of self (humility), principled living, keeping personal spiritual independence, and other precious elements. With examples of typical failure.

Why God Insists on Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 21 October 2018
Sin is the impassable barrier between God and men, which must be removed and forgiven before reconciliation. Repentance is not enough. There must also be faith. Here is why, what faith must be in, and why alternatives are disastrous.

Learning Christ’s Methods

11:00am | Sunday 21 October 2018
Surrounding Christ in the temple precincts four months before Calvary, the teachers of the Jews attempt to ensnare Him, but the encounter reveals seven elements of the Lord's approach to lost souls, all of which teach believers how they should proceed.

The Spiritual Warfare

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 October 2018
How easily, as believers, we lose sight of the spiritual warfare, proceeding undefended through daily life. Here Satanic hostility is seen at four levels: the battle for the life of the soul; for sanctification; for the spread of the Gospel, and for defence of the Truth.

The Greatest Discovery in the World

6:30pm | Sunday 14 October 2018
The short parables of the treasure hidden in a field and the pearl of great price proclaim the discovery of Christ, salvation and His superiority over everything else sought after on earth. Here is the person and work of Christ, and the experience of finding Him.

The New Messianic Order

11:00am | Sunday 14 October 2018
Six months before Calvary the Lord uses the Good Shepherd allegory to portray salvation and the new church order. Here is the contrast between Satan's 'shepherds' and the Lord. Here also is the call of the Gospel, and the gifts of salvation bestowed by Christ.

Constant Processes of Sanctification

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 October 2018
Here are eight consecutive graphic proverbs presenting distinctive aspects of sanctification: the need for a plan, the special guarding of appetites and words, fleeing pride, fearing indolence, being outgoing, keeping utmost sincerity in worship, applying Truth, and being ever-correctable. These powerful helps explored.

Spiritual Self-Harm

6:30pm | Sunday 7 October 2018
Bandits raiding the trade routes of the biblical world paid a price in wounds and death at the hands of militia. Solomon applies their lifestyle to the spiritual cost of disdaining the Lord. Here are the blessings lost by neglect, or gained by coming to Christ.

Seeing Christ at Work

11:00am | Sunday 7 October 2018
Announced by Christ as a demonstration of His saving work, picturing repentance as central to saving faith. Also here is a statement of commission to successive believers, a view of Christ's divine attributes, and a glimpse of the demise of the Jewish priesthood.

The Chasm Between Lost and Found

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 October 2018
Twelve verses track the fallen state of mankind, revealing strikingly different and often surprising aspects of our lost condition. It stirs our sympathy, prayers and witness, and, of course, our gratitude for salvation. We see also the vast differences between being lost or saved.

Wisdom for Life – Deceptive Influences

7:30pm | Wednesday 26 September 2018
Here are six influences to be resisted: things that intoxicate (not only alcohol), peace and acceptance, the love of strife, the love of comfort and convenience, untested dreams and plans, and inner self-justification. Here also are the biblical ways of defeating them.

Explaining Human Nature

6:30pm | Sunday 23 September 2018
Despite the intellectual brilliance of the human race, we are capable of great foolishness in our dismissal of God, as King David points out. Here are the reasons why we suppose that God keeps no account of our lives, and all that we lose by this thinking.

Christ – The Key to Knowledge

11:00am | Sunday 23 September 2018
The Jerusalem 'clergy' failed to see the Lord in the clear promises of Genesis and subsequently, so His words made no sense to them. Here is how Christ is the chief rule of interpretation, and the key to understanding all human history.

Proverbs on Relationships

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 September 2018
Our title identifies the theme running through this group of twelve proverbs (clearly so in eight of them). Here are twelve distinctive and vital counsels for Christian fellowship, all of them curing defects and enabling deeper ties of respect and love between the Lord's people.

Things Man Cannot Do, Without Christ

6:30pm | Sunday 2 September 2018
Mankind has been enabled by the Creator to accomplish many things, but without Christ we cannot see, taste or know spiritual realities, overcome flaws and sins, be reconciled with God, know deep purpose and happiness, or have eternal life. Here is how we find Christ.

Grades of Belief

11:00am | Sunday 2 September 2018
In a vast temple court, the Lord declares Himself the light of the world, but the Pharisees reject His divinity. Here, He reasons with them, giving a solemn warning. The shallow belief of some of them urges us to be sure of genuine conversion.

Wholehearted Submission to God

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 August 2018
Remarkable and profound verses show the necessity of being wholly submitted to the Lord in all departments of the spiritual journey - including the direction of life, self-examination, advance in holiness, pride-abatement, and persecution. Almost every verse couples a human action with a divine response.

Christ Answers Doubts

6:30pm | Sunday 26 August 2018
The doubts some people had about Christ (when on earth) mirror our doubts today. Here are the Lord's own answers to people then, answers that resolve our misunderstandings in modern times, showing the reality of the faith, and the necessity of finding and knowing God.

The Divine Wisdom and Grace of Christ

11:00am | Sunday 26 August 2018
Scribes - experts in the law - devise an inescapable trap for Christ, determined to frame charges against Him, but He confounds them, turning the attention of the crowd to salvation. Here also is 'I am the light of the world,' and what it means to possess Him.

Reaching God – by Works or by Grace?

6:30pm | Sunday 19 August 2018
The Roman military commander of Capernaum gradually sees he is unfit for God, and grasps the soul-saving purpose of Christ. He gives up the six beliefs of all who hope that their works will gain God's favour, and embraces free forgiveness by grace.

The Threefold Delusion

11:00am | Sunday 19 August 2018
The Pharisees and chief priests thought they had communion with God, power to vanquish Christ, and knowledge of the Scriptures. In reality, they had none of these, as this passage shows. Here also is Christ's great call to the thirsty to receive life and power by the Spirit.

Wonders of God’s Mercy

6:30pm | Sunday 12 August 2018
The remarkable parable of the labourers in the vineyard teems with surprising facts of God's mercy toward souls. This also illustrates how God gathers people to Himself out of all the different age-groups, at immeasurable cost to Himself.

Reactions to Christ on Earth

11:00am | Sunday 12 August 2018
The attitude to Christ of His own brothers (before their conversion), then of the common people crowded into Jerusalem from throughout the land for the feast of tabernacles, then of the leaders, and then of the residents of Jerusalem. Here also are the lessons.

Spiritual Equanimity

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 August 2018
Profound verses tell how to keep a calm mental, emotional state with joy in the Lord (no matter what). Here are the duties of appreciation, joy and gratitude even alongside woes, the need for food for the soul, and for simplicity, love, and self-control.

Being Endurers

7:30am | Wednesday 25 July 2018
The Lord Himself tells us that patience possesses or holds firm the soul in communion with God. This is an active form of patient endurance, including spiritual hope and joy, and here are key texts illustrating its promotion in all the pressures of life.

The Worthless Soul Restored

6:30pm | Sunday 22 July 2018
A short parable of Christ about a failing fig tree, illustrating the Saviour's lovingkindness and mercy in redeeming and transforming worthless and dying souls. Here is the privileged uniqueness of humankind, tragically alienated from God, and the way from meaninglessness to union with the Lord.

Words of Eternal Life

11:00am | Sunday 22 July 2018
Christ exclusively has the words of eternal life, but it is enriching to understand that this is a comprehensive term that refers to a host of features of eternal glory, reviewed here. If these are not appreciated and wanted, one cannot really desire eternal life.

The Things in the World (2)

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 July 2018
The 'principles' contained in key Scripture texts that decide whether a pursuit is of the world; plus an examination of dancing, with special attention to David's dancing before the Lord, and the impossibility of this justifying modern dancing either in worship or in the world.

The Things in the World (1)

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 July 2018
Surely we are moving into the last age end-phase of licence and lawlessness. Here we briefly review history since the 1960s, and then consider a gulf between church and world, then study the command to love not the world and its things. What are these?

Christ Reveals Calvary

11:00am | Sunday 8 July 2018
About a year before Calvary, the Lord preached at Capernaum promises of eternal life to all who received His bodily work for sinners. They would, He said, be 'drawn' by the irresistible grace of God to find true and living union with Him.

An All-Round Ministry

7:30pm | Wednesday 4 July 2018
The Scriptures provide comprehensive practical instruction and guidance for the carrying out of all preaching, worship and church activity, and for every instruction there is a divine promise of help and reward. Do we review adequately or often our teaching, or the work of our church? Here are the ‘departments’…

Motives for Believing

6:30pm | Sunday 1 July 2018
Christ's parable illustrated spiritual truths marvellously, riveting minds, but they required thought, or the meaning would remain obscure. Here are the motives that would lead hearers to the meaning (both then and now) and to obtaining pardon and new life from Christ the Saviour.

Earthly or Heavenly Salvation?

11:00am | Sunday 1 July 2018
The discourse of the Saviour to followers who sought a political rather than a spiritual salvation. Here is His presentation of His divinity, His life-giving work, His salvation promises, and His explanation of the Father's preparatory work in the hearts of those who believe.

Four Kinds of Person

6:30pm | Sunday 24 June 2018
The parable of the sower reveals four different reactions to spiritual matters, in particular - to the good news of pardon and life from Christ. What influences our response against our deepest and eternal interests? Christ tells us how we may change.

The Testing of Faith

11:00am | Sunday 24 June 2018
The building of faith in the great calling of saved people - how slowly it deepens, without thought. Here is the testing of the disciples, with lessons, in the feeding of the 5000, and Christ's earthly power in walking on, and calming, the storm-tossed sea.

Earth or Heaven?

11:00am | Sunday 17 June 2018
Early in His ministry, Christ challenged the Jews, proclaiming a spiritual resurrection for all who 'heard' His voice, and a future bodily resurrection. Again, He asserted His divine sonship, authenticated by the Father through His mighty works, and through the scriptures - especially Moses.

A Model Believer

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 June 2018
A single study review of Timothy as a model for believers, particularly his remarkable sympathy, his commendation, his forwardness and courage (contrary to what is often assumed about him), and his humility. Here is the evidence and the practical counsel for us in our day.

How To Gain Access To God

6:30pm | Sunday 10 June 2018
The basis of salvation taught throughout the Bible and down the centuries by Christian preachers is the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Here is the meaning of this greatest message of love, and why there can be no other way of meeting God.

The House of Mercy

11:00am | Sunday 10 June 2018
The startling question 'Wilt thou be made whole?' exposes the human indifference to salvation, broken only by Christ's initiative in opening the heart to mercy. Here are lessons in salvation; also - Christ's unambiguous assertion of His divinity, which became the real basis of all hostility.

Securing the Presence of God

7:30pm | Wednesday 6 June 2018
Far more than 'sundry' good wishes, here are Paul's five conditions for the presence of God: the maintaining of joy; living a full-spectrum Christian life; knowing how to gain comfort in trials; being of one mind with believers; and being a peace-maker.

Forgetting the Purpose of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 3 June 2018
What do we lose by forgetting God and the soul, and building our lives without interest in these things? Society currently urges us into unbelief, but here is how God reasons with us about the purpose of existence and the way to eternal life.

Sowers and Reapers

11:00am | Sunday 3 June 2018
The harvesting of souls is the Saviour's stated source of great satisfaction, and will be ours also if it governs our priorities and prayers. Here also is the power of witness, and the nature of saving faith in the case of the nobleman of Capernaum.

Factors that Make or Mar Christian Happiness

7:30pm | Wednesday 30 May 2018
Here is the Lord's own teaching on the maintaining of Christian joy, including reflection on conversion blessings, rewards in striving for holiness, seeing the risen Christ near at hand by faith, a life of answered prayer, the practice of anticipation, and the right handling of trials.

The Woman at the Well

11:00am | Sunday 27 May 2018
Christ's exhaustion shows His astonishing love in assuming the limitations of human nature for salvation. His encounter with a brazenly reluctant hearer, unable to grasp spiritual wonders until He revealed His identity, reflects all experience of conversion. Here also are the golden rules of worship.

Conversion By Stages

6:30pm | Sunday 13 May 2018
Conversion to Christ may take place in a moment, but more often we discover what it means to find Him by stages. Here is the experience of Simon Peter, tracing his phases of reluctance up to the great moment of genuine faith.

The Forerunner Bows to Christ

11:00am | Sunday 13 May 2018
Here is the exemplary modesty of the Baptist in yielding the crowd to Christ, and his exalting of Christ's divinity. Also, we see how crowds desired baptism without deep belief, explaining why John's Gospel emphasises belief in Christ's redeeming purpose (which leads to repentance).

The Nature of Good Works

7:30pm | Wednesday 9 May 2018
This is a tour of a 'family' of texts in the New Testament that together define the good works that should characterise those saved by grace. Here are the categories of witness, kindness or compassion, and holiness, with their scriptural helps and encouragements.

Deepening Our Love for the Lord

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 May 2018
Love for Christ is constantly eroded by other concerns, and by salvation and blessing being taken for granted. Here scriptures show how admiration is maintained together with indebtedness, Christ-likeness and trust in Him. These deepen love. Here also is discerning love - the vital kind.

Seeing Realities in Life

6:30pm | Sunday 29 April 2018
Christ's miniature parable of the 'evil eye' uses seeing disorders to illustrate our inability to see the spiritual purpose of life, our predicament before God, and our need of forgiveness and reconciliation. Here is God's provision for us, and the way to know Him.

Christ’s Own Appeal to Souls

11:00am | Sunday 29 April 2018
How the Lord presented salvation by grace to Nicodemus, showing that it was always given to individuals, through faith, by the immeasurable love of God in Christ. Here also is the Lord explaining why people refuse to believe, and his appeal to Nicodemus to repent.

The Last Days

7:30pm | Wednesday 25 April 2018
Here is the climax of persecution of the church by Antichrist, cut short by the return of Christ. We look at the church militant, the future glory, and the significance of the symbolic time to the end, with the encouragements and lessons for the church.

The Purpose of Life

11:00am | Sunday 22 April 2018
An acclaimed and magnificent jewel of poetic literature by Solomon shows that we are not free, but subject in all things to forces outside our control. Then, by a parable, he shows how conversion to God is the way to real freedom and purpose.

The Lord’s Agenda

11:00am | Sunday 22 April 2018
A ruling pharisee, possibly exploring cooperation between Christ and the Temple order, comes by night, but the Lord teaches that only a new birth purchased by Himself, wrought directly by God, and revealed throughout Scripture, can save people, whether pharisees or ordinary Jews and Gentiles.

The Career of Antichrist

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 April 2018
This astonishing chapter falls into three parts: first, detailed prophecy of events up to 175BC (all fulfilled and here summarised); then the tyranny of Antiochus toward Palestine; then the end-times acts of Antichrist, now being fulfilled before our eyes in church and state.

Future Things Unfolded

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 April 2018
How the prophet's prayers, longing for knowledge, and self-abasement before God, are rewarded by the most detailed prophecy of future events in the Bible. Here also is insight into the unseen spiritual warfare involving a principal demon and the victorious Saviour.

A Battle of Desires

6:30pm | Sunday 8 April 2018
A final appeal of Moses to men and women about their need of God, which describes the human struggle for independence from Him - and the cost. Moses sets out the things that God bestows now and eternally, and pleads to us all to consider.

Christ Purges His Temple

11:00am | Sunday 8 April 2018
The Lord's purity cannot allow the shameful hypocrisy of Temple conduct, and by an act of divine power He casts out the commerce, and prophesies His own death and resurrection (as well as the fall of the Temple), providing lessons for spiritual living today.

Daniel’s Mysterious Seventy Weeks

12:00am | Wednesday 4 April 2018
Here is Daniel's prayer for the restoration of Jerusalem, and the vision of seventy 'sevens' and how, by the traditional evangelical view, the prophet's eyes are lifted to Calvary and Christ's six accomplishments there.

Behold Your God!

6:30pm | Sunday 1 April 2018
Our society today knows so little about almighty God, having wilfully shut Him out of all consideration. But look, says the Bible, at His attributes, ways and plans. Consider the uniqueness of God and compare His actions, plans and promises with those of human society.

Resurrection Power

11:00am | Sunday 1 April 2018
We see first, the immeasurable, surpassing, incomparable greatness of Christ's resurrection and its chief purposes. We see also forty days of appearances, and consider the way 'resurrection' is replicated in a spiritual, moral way in the lives of believers, before their own resurrection.

Character Traits That Destroy

6:30pm | Sunday 25 March 2018
The tragedy of human pride, affecting everyone, is here probed. God, the Bible says, arranges Himself in battle against the proud. Why is it so abhorrent to God? What are its forms and manifestations? How may we push through it to seek and find Him?

The Beginning of Miracles

11:00am | Sunday 25 March 2018
First we see the message of the miracle; second - the insurmountable problem; third - the necessity of obedience; fourth - the quality of the miracle; fifth - the results. The disciples saw Christ's divine power and the nature of His saving work.

Satan’s Methods in the Last Days

7:30pm | Wednesday 21 March 2018
Daniel's vision of the Persian and the Greek empires, from which would come Antiochus Epiphanes, who would inflict seven years of woes upon Jerusalem, being a type and figure of the last-days antichrist, providing a picture of his last offensive against the faith.

The Biography of a Soul

11:00am | Sunday 18 March 2018
The encounter of the first disciples with Christ reflects the experience of all believers, embracing a considerable surprise, a deep sense of need, a compulsion to share Christ, a new character, light on the Word and the progressive discovery of even 'greater things'.

The Momentous Vision

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 March 2018
Daniel's vision of four beasts extends the prophet's picture of the four empires, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome, that would precede the coming of Christ, with emphasis on the 'little horn', antichrist, that would devour the earth and attack the church until Christ's return.

Surprising Facts about Salvation

6:30pm | Sunday 11 March 2018
One of the greatest problems of mankind is an upside-down estimation of good and bad, desirable and undesirable, here challenged by King Solomon pleading for a spiritual view of life, without which we will never seek or find God. Here are his 'shock' arguments.

John’s Gospel of New Life

11:00am | Sunday 11 March 2018
John the Baptist, the forerunner, was needed because of extreme spiritual barrenness. He called thousands to repentance, but most remained unsaved, never receiving Christ's spiritual baptism - the new birth. Here are lessons to us, and also the saving work of Christ - the Lamb of God.

Accomplishments through Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 March 2018
Persecution of the seed of the woman by that of the serpent flares up when subordinates of Darius plot Daniel's death, but his faith and deliverance lead to religious freedom for Jews, attestation for the prophet, worldwide testimony, and a challenge for us.

God’s Greatest Enemy

6:30pm | Sunday 4 March 2018
Preachers down the centuries have identified the problem of self-righteousness as the greatest barrier to seeking Christ and salvation. Here is the evidence for its near universal hold on the hearts and minds of people, and how it is only cured by faith in Christ.

Christ’s Infinite Qualities

11:00am | Sunday 4 March 2018
Four elevating verses, first, presenting Christ's eternal existence and amazing condescension to His people; secondly, showing His limitless capacity, and the meaning of 'grace for grace'; thirdly, extolling His mighty accomplishments, and fourthly, telling how He reveals and 'exegetes' the Father to provide our spiritual experiences.

When Babylon Fell

7:30pm | Wednesday 28 February 2018
Seventy years earlier, Nebuchadnezzar was indifferent to the true God. Later, God punished his pride (and stopped the genocide of the faithful). Belshazzar now adds insolent derision, always the last stage before judgement, and spurns repentance. Here is the 'true story' of that last night.

Wisdom or Folly?

6:30pm | Sunday 25 February 2018
Who is truly wise and understanding? - asks King Solomon.  'The Preacher' answering the question in a series of unusual and striking illustrations, showing the necessity of finding the eternal purpose of earthly life, and coming to know and walk with God.

The Light of Christ

11:00am | Sunday 25 February 2018
Reflections on the magnificent introduction to John, glorifying Christ; eternally equal with the Father (no eternal submission), Creator and fountain of life, obscured by the Fall but always saving souls, rejected by the world but 'tabernacling' among us for the salvation of those 'born of God'.

Reasoning with God

6:30pm | Sunday 18 February 2018
Isaiah portrays God as issuing a call to us to reason or argue with Him about His terms for a relationship. What are our grounds for keeping away from Him? What would He say about this, and how would He deal with us?

Melody in the Heart

11:00am | Sunday 18 February 2018
First, the use of psalms and hymns for personal spiritual help; secondly, the biblical authority and necessity for hymns of human composition; thirdly, the nature of melody in the heart, and fourthly, the qualities needed for valid, edifying, God-glorifying hymns.

The Madness of King Nebuchadnezzar

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 February 2018
The purpose of God in the humbling (though not the conversion) of a seemingly invincible emperor shortly before his death and then the fall of the empire. Daniel is assured of God's sovereignty overall, and we glean promises for the present turmoil.

The Necessity of a New Birth

6:30pm | Sunday 11 February 2018
Being 'born again' is a greatly debased term today through light usage, but it is vital to genuine conversion and spiritual life. Here is how Christ's term brings to life what happens when people come to Christ, what it feels like and what it leads to.

The Process of Sanctification

11:00am | Sunday 11 February 2018
Romans 8 shows sanctification begins with conversion and that it is progressive lifelong. Here is how the Spirit employs the Word, the conscience, and the practice of putting to death sin. Here also are special means such as divine chastisement, suffering and mutual admonition.

The Essential Miracle

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 February 2018
Nebuchadnezzar's 'image' was Satan's scheme to achieve submission to paganism or execution of all Jews at court, and through the empire, eliminating any remnant of faithful Israel and the plan of redemption. A miracle averted all with minimal deaths. Here are mighty spiritual encouragements.

True and False Faith – The Difference

6:30pm | Sunday 4 February 2018
Christ the Saviour was pleading with people to see their need of true conversion when He spoke of many who assumed they were bound for heaven, who would in fact be shut out. Here is why, and what we must do to enter eternal life.

Correcting Spiritual Coldness

11:00am | Sunday 4 February 2018
Loss of spiritual feeling, love, joy and fervour are more serious and ominous than we may think. Attendance soon suffers and a backward drift gathers pace. Why did it happen? The spiritual warfare must come back into view, with all its measures and helps.

The Temptation Of Christ

11:00am | Sunday 28 January 2018
He who saw Satan cast out of Heaven began His ministry in voluntary subjection to the adversary's extreme malice. Yet even the Lord of Glory must do so to 'qualify' to be our representative and Saviour. Here is the meaning of each temptation and response.

False and True Riches

6:30pm | Sunday 21 January 2018
Christ's parable of a crooked estate manager is about making arrangements for life and eternity. How stable are our riches and accomplishments? How useful are our contacts and friends in terms of eternal influence? Here are the real riches of life that only the Saviour gives.

God’s Sanctifying Power

11:00am | Sunday 21 January 2018
'Let go, and let God' is a great mistake in sanctification, for there must be striving and prayer for progress in holiness. Yet, says Paul, it is all achieved by the power of God. Here also are the three 'departments' of life to be specially guarded.

The Hand of God in Life

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 January 2018
In the mighty Babylonian empire human power seemed to have extinguished the people of God and the Messianic promise. Then God revealed the coming sequence and end of world empires and the day of Christ. Here is the startling rise of Daniel, prophet and guardian.

Hardening The Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 14 January 2018
Unbelief in the Gospel is described in the Bible as wilful and deeply damaging to us, whereas modern thought says it is reasonable critical thinking. Here is the Bible's analysis of its cause and course, and how its cure is the greatest imaginable benefit.

Test All Things

11:00am | Sunday 14 January 2018
All believers have a solemn responsibility to examine and establish the biblical authority behind all doctrines, acts of worship and methods proclaimed or carried out by their churches, and by themselves as individuals. Here are categories of doctrine and practice to be monitored. Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians is…

The Great Test of Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 January 2018
An extremely long life of remarkable instrumentality in the preservation of God's people along with unique prophetic insights began with a pivotal and risk-laden test. Here is the proving of Daniel and other young Israelites by which they denied the world and obeyed God.

Real Life and Its Giver

6:30pm | Sunday 7 January 2018
The feeding by Christ of 5000 men plus women and children on the north-eastern shore of Galilee was one of the most significant of all His 'teaching miracles'. Here is what it said to the people, and to us, about our need for conversion to Christ

“Quench not the Spirit”

11:00am | Sunday 7 January 2018
How is the fire of the Spirit manifested in believers' lives? Here are texts showing His work to be sanctifying, illuminating (with joy), and imparting zeal for souls and good works. Here also are the ways we resist and quench the holy flame.

Why Believing is Essential

6:30pm | Sunday 31 December 2017
Why do Christ and numerous Bible passages insist on believing as the only way to approach God and experience conversion to Him? Why not actions or works or ceremonies? Here is what is unique and vital about believing, and what one must believe.

The Culture of Thankfulness

11:00am | Sunday 31 December 2017
The Bible is full of thankfulness. Here is its immense significance in the Christian life, also its power to inspire humility, indebtedness to God, appreciation of Him, holiness, trust, reliance, love, happiness and evangelism. Here also are matters for inclusion in thanksgiving.

The Immeasurable Love of God

12:00am | Monday 25 December 2017
This best known of all Bible verses speaks of the scale of God's love for this present disordered world. It is, of course, a love of vast compassion that sent the noblest and highest, the Eternal Son, to redeem. Here is soul-saving love.

Light and Power from God

6:30pm | Sunday 24 December 2017
Our greatest needs in life are light and understanding about the reason for our being, an explanation of the state of the world, and how we may relate to God and have a future life. Finding Christ is the solution, and knowing His power.

The Life of Prayer

11:00am | Sunday 24 December 2017
A call to prove the Lord in every phase of life. Here are the biblical departments of prayer, followed by the need for greater determination, faith, desire, thoughtfulness, patience, holiness and sincerity, with attention to prayer in trials, and the obligations that come with prayer.

Serious Devotion

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 December 2017
An overview of surprising themes in Leviticus, including the need for feelingfulness, identifying sins of ignorance and strange fire today, Christian distinctiveness, and the ongoing message of the feasts and the jubilee. Also, the 'appendix' - the rules for vows, then and now.

Christ Counsels Seekers

6:30pm | Sunday 10 December 2017
In giving sight to a blind man at Bethsaida the Lord (unusually) healed in two stages, providing a lesson of hope for seekers who have seen through the world and begin to feel their need of forgiveness. Soon the full experience of conversion will follow.

Paul’s Compendium of Conduct

11:00am | Sunday 10 December 2017
This brief 'treasury' of concise exhortations lists key duties for Christian living, including rules for the spiritual life and duties for life in the everyday world. Here are the first eight forming a life of aspirations to both monitor and inspire.

Promises and Warnings to the Church

7:30pm | Wednesday 6 December 2017
Moses gives the gracious key to how God would deal with Israel by physical, earthly, public benefits or disciplines according to their general national behaviour. Here also by way of application are the equivalent spiritual benefits and disciplines for Gospel age believers.

The Incomparable Mercy of God

6:30pm | Sunday 3 December 2017
The well-known extraordinary conversion of Manasseh, Judah's most evil king, provides a picture of how God draws people to Himself, imbuing them with a deep realisation of their need, so that they give Him their lives to be entirely changed.

Spiritual Wakefulness

11:00am | Sunday 3 December 2017
So inclined are we to spiritual and moral casualness that the apostle stresses the necessity and urgency of constant self-scrutiny of our tendencies, temptations, conduct, words and our associations in the fight against the surrounding 'darkness'. Here are his three selected items of armour.

The Pinnacle of Faith and Grace

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 November 2017
The purpose of the Land Sabbath — far beyond the resting of the land — its moral benefits and spiritual lessons; then the remarkable Jubilee law with its spiritual and prophetic purpose.  Was a Jubilee ever held? The true Jubilee in Isaiah, fulfilled in Christ and His Church.

The Discovery of God

6:30pm | Sunday 26 November 2017
The human plight of today is looking away from God and alienation from Him. Here is the gracious appeal of God that stirs us from unawareness to see our spiritual need, and to experience His reconciling kindness in conversion. Here is the call of God.

Christ’s Imminent Return

11:00am | Sunday 26 November 2017
The apostle declares Christ as the unique and authoritative hope for the resurrection of the body. Here also is the concept of being joined to Him for salvation and therefore for eternity; the parousia and the rapture, and their imminence and comfort.

The Purpose of the Feasts

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 November 2017
All seven major feasts of Moses are in this chapter. This overview explains the spiritual purpose of each, showing how they form a perfect agenda for the meditation of believers, as well as a preacher's checklist of essential themes for the blessing of God's people.

The Proof of Prayer

6:30pm | Sunday 19 November 2017
Millions pray to the one eternal, almighty God. Who may pray to Him, and how? On what basis may the Holy One be approached? What makes prayer acceptable or futile? What kind of request is heard, and what is the proof? Here are David's answers.

Walking to Please God

11:00am | Sunday 19 November 2017
Four principles of living to please the Lord: (1) The need to be pledged to constant progress, (2) the chief virtues to aim at, (3) the necessity of deliberate, determined abstention from sin, especially returning sin, and (4) the role of the Holy Spirit.

Getting the Spiritual Sense

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 November 2017
Rules for discerning the ongoing message for today in the ceremonies of the law, eg: the vital spiritual application (not digestive!) of the embargo on eating the offering after two days; the priests' funeral restrictions, the giving of children to Molech, and especially spiritual sincerity.

Commands With a Meaning

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 November 2017
First, how the annual Day of Atonement foretells the one sacrifice of Messiah; secondly, sexual conduct laws, including the abomination of same-sex relationships and their moral-law permanence; thirdly, the message of uncircumcised fruit - that no culture is neutral but all must be sanctified.

The Limitation of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 5 November 2017
- Especially if God is set aside. The limitation of idols listed in this Psalm apply to the idol of today - materialistic atheism. Lacking voice, vision and hearing it has no explanation of life's purpose, no help and no power. The Gospel of Christ is the opposite.

Portrait of Paul

11:00am | Sunday 5 November 2017
Reflected in this letter is the apostle's deep concern for believers, and his sacrificial spirit. Also we see his acceptance of hardship for Christ, his great priority of building faith and trust in believers, his prayerfulness and his teaching on separation from the world.

Spiritually Alive or Dead?

6:30pm | Sunday 29 October 2017
Paul's racing analysis of the human condition before God - the extent of our spiritual lifelessness and its consequences, set alongside the astonishing power and love of Christ in the conversion of innumerable individuals, and their new lives. Here is conversion - truly a raising from the dead.

Joy in Fruitbearing

11:00am | Sunday 29 October 2017
Of all the marks of conversion the apostle's crowning sign here is readiness to suffer in the course of witness. Also, he refers to Satan's hindrances (here are today's), and to the immense joy of relating to converts (our wreath of glory) both now and eternally.

Teaching the Holiness of God

7:30pm | Wednesday 25 October 2017
Related Resources God’s Rules for Holiness Taken at face value the Ten Commandments are binding on all people, and will guard the way to Heaven, so that evil will never spoil its glory and purity. But the Commandments are far greater than their surface meaning, as this book shows. They…

Phases of Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 22 October 2017
Simon Peter was overwhelmed on first meeting Christ, but although he became a follower, he was not immediately converted. Here are the key stages in his experience which have helped seekers over many centuries. His discoveries may help us to trust Christ for salvation.

Thankfulness for a Miracle

11:00am | Sunday 22 October 2017
Paul's description of the mission to Thessalonica presents the vital ingredients of evangelism - a desire for souls, hard work night and day, holy lives, fatherly appeals, and a desire for lasting conversion, all leading to a miracle of God in illumination and regeneration.

Continuing Reformation

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 October 2017
The mighty work of God in the Reformation that began 500 years ago can only be truly honoured by a commitment to continuing reformation. Here are nine major aspects of church life and belief, abandoned by many evangelicals today, that must be reformed for spiritual blessing.

Three Tests of Soundness

11:00am | Sunday 15 October 2017
Paul entered Thessalonica outwardly lowly but inwardly laden with treasures of grace and power. He lays out three tests of soundness: matter (the message), motives, and manner (of proclamation), and here we apply them to Jews, pagans, modern atheism, and present-day Christian phonies also.

King David’s View of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 8 October 2017
The 23rd psalm is the most famous of David's poetic compositions, but people often do not realise it is the king's brilliant summary of his view of life - of how he saw himself before his Creator - and how he came to find and know Him.

Transformation Process

11:00am | Sunday 8 October 2017
Thessalonica saw lives radically changed. The new objective of believers was the gathering of souls out of a doomed world for Christ's return, not world restoration (an old heresy returning today). Here also is their realisation of God's hatred of sin. Is ours fading?

Legitimate Worship

7:30pm | Wednesday 4 October 2017
Numerous times we are told that worship and priesthood were prescribed in detail by God, yet immediately and fatally Nadab and Abihu innovated. Why? Here are common answers, but Scripture mentions only that their novelty was not commanded by God, and here are lessons for churches today.

The Words of Eternal Life

6:30pm | Sunday 1 October 2017
We track the events of an astounding chapter that sees many disciples turn away from Christ.  It was the opposite of what usually happened.  They found Christ's statements about eternal life unpalatable.  Why?  The answer moves us to take seriously the needs of the soul.

Paul’s Eleven Signs of the Elect

11:00am | Sunday 1 October 2017
Paul's letter to a young church begins with eleven signs that people are truly elect and saved. Paul can rejoice for the Thessalonians, but could he for us? And are the signs reflected in professing Christian congregations today? Have we reason to rejoice?

Searching the Heart

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 September 2017
Lessons from the offerings for our devotional lives today, first for peace (thankfulness), second for sins of 'ignorance' (light untroubled sinning), third for guilt by association, fourth for 'trespass' (sins against God). How can we repent without knowing these categories of offence?

True Repentance for Believers

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 September 2017
The burnt offerings are past and over, eclipsed by Calvary, but by placing ourselves in the midst of the scene we may feel the impact of the symbolism and the nature of guilt. Here we learn much about how to think in times of repentance.

The Rekindling of our Gifts

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 September 2017
Like daily prayer, Scripture reading, mortification of sin and good works, the stirring up and enlivening of God-given abilities is a regular duty not only for ministers such as Timothy, but for all believers. Here is the method of Paul.

Is The Soul Alive or Dead?

6:30pm | Sunday 10 September 2017
Paul here names three elements of conversion to Christ: 'Power', describing the great change of life; 'love', describing all that Christ has done to secure pardon for us; and 'a sound mind', describing the clear view of God, of life and of eternity that conversion brings.

Fellowship With God

11:00am | Sunday 10 September 2017
John looks back sixty years recalling with amazement how the apostles listened to Christ, and watched Him through His earthly ministry, constantly convinced of His redeeming work, and by the wonder of personal fellowship with God. Here is the basis and joy of such fellowship.

The War Against Sin

7:30pm | Wednesday 6 September 2017
The apostle makes us pause to sense the depths of the ugliness and harm of sin. His words jolt us, alarming us out of our lightness and calling us to engage fully in the war against sin through personal holiness and Gospel proclamation.

The Concept of Eternal Life

6:30pm | Sunday 3 September 2017
Paul outlines the teaching that runs through the Bible about Heaven, showing the way to be accepted by God and also the way God confirms to those who believe in Him that they possess everlasting life. There is surely no greater knowledge than this.

Pressed By Christ’s Love

11:00am | Sunday 3 September 2017
The apostle explains his persistence in service, however arduous, as being driven by Christ's love to him, showing how the power of that love comes from reflecting on it. Here are the elements that awaken and compel our souls, proving also that new life is within.

Refusing The Boxed-In Life

6:30pm | Sunday 20 August 2017
In the parable of the great supper an invited guest declines to attend, implying he has better things to do. Here the Lord reasons with His hearers about their supreme need of God, and the consequences of being confined to a life of materialism.

Christ Teaches Fruitfulness

11:00am | Sunday 20 August 2017
A final teaching miracle by the risen Lord trains seven apostles to see key principles of service and instrumentality, including the threefold reproof and restoration of Peter, and the lessons for us, especially on the nature of true love for Christ leading to lifelong loyalty.

The Invisible War

6:30pm | Sunday 13 August 2017
Paul's analogy of war shows our state before God. We are enlisted in a war against Him, using faculties and powers as weapons. It is a moral war, a rebellion, in which we will fall. Here is the possibility of amnesty and reconciliation.

The ‘Whatsoever’ Rule for the Christian Life

11:00am | Sunday 13 August 2017
The rule of doing all in the name of Christ appears in the context of worship and is a warrant for distinctively Christian hymns, but it goes beyond, embracing all our thoughts, words and deeds. Here is how His name influences every aspect of life.

The Real Christ

6:30pm | Sunday 23 July 2017
What is Christ really like? How does He compare with the mighty of this world? What is it like to meet Him in prayer? How do Christian believers 'prove' Him and know Him? Is it mere hope and imagination? Here are answers, and the terms.

Let Calvary Speak

11:00am | Sunday 23 July 2017
A devotional study of significant events at Calvary: (1) Christ's garments stripped, (2) the bravery of four women, (3) Christ's compassion to Mary, (4) His last triumphant report to the Father, (5) the proof of His death, (6) the new-found boldness of formerly-secret disciples.

The Holy Spirit at Work Within Us

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 July 2017
Two hours before his betrayal the Lord speaks of the Holy Spirit's indwelling work and also of his work in the world, effectively giving the rules for all preaching and witness. Here also is the Spirit's illumination of the Word – the only authority for Christians.

‘Abide In Me’ – The True Meaning

11:00am | Sunday 9 July 2017
Union with Christ is the greatest imaginable privilege of the redeemed, and vital for progress in sanctification and usefulness to the Lord. But what exactly does it mean to abide in Christ, and to allow Him to abide in us? Here are biblical directions.

Reformations in the Bible (1)

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 July 2017
The Bible is a book of ‘reformations’ from beginning to end. One of the great cables or themes running through its narratives is the calling out of the world of the people of God, their (repeated) re-absorption over time by the wiles of the devil, and their victorious reclamations as…

The Value of Our Life

6:30pm | Sunday 2 July 2017
King David, a man of immense ability naturally, tells from experience of the journey from self-confidence and self-satisfaction to being humbled to see his vital need of God, and going on to seek and find a life-changing relationship with Him.

Our Life as an Offering

11:00am | Sunday 2 July 2017
Paul's powerful challenge to all believers to offer up their lives constantly as a living sacrifice. The need for sacrifice today; what it includes, and also what it is not. The value of this precious concept and its benefits to us spiritually.

The Features of Vain Religion

6:30pm | Sunday 25 June 2017
Why should vague or false ideas about God so offend Him? Here are the marks of wrong religion, and how they differ massively from the faith of the Bible. Here also are the motives for false faith, and the benefits of the true.

Eternity in the Psalms

11:00am | Sunday 25 June 2017
Contrary to what Bible critics ignorantly claim, the Old Testament is full of heaven and the eternal bliss of the redeemed. Here is a review of David's psalms that overwhelmingly prove so, including an explanation of the few places that suggest (wrongly understood) the contrary.

Doubts About God’s Providence

7:30pm | Wednesday 21 June 2017
Providence - God's fore-provision for all His aims - creation and perpetuation of all, including salvation; how freewill fits in; God's part in all troubles and the deep things they accomplish; the reasons for suffering and the mighty encouragements of Scripture.

How to Approach God

6:30pm | Sunday 18 June 2017
A prophet of 700BC shows the sympathetic heart of God and sets out the terms and the manner for approaching Him, providing the words and the promises that God will hear. Here are our greatest needs, and how God amazingly meets them, and the outcome in our lives.

The Secret of Steadfastness

11:00am | Sunday 18 June 2017
The closing admonition of the epistle is a stirring appeal for vigilance in keeping our souls, coupled with a plea for lifelong growth in the gifts given at conversion, and consciousness of Christ's love. Here is what these are, and how they should deepen.

The Dissolving of Doubts 7

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 June 2017
A pastoral overview of the doctrines of grace showing man's great need of God's initiative in salvation, the origin of the 'five points' and the galvanising effect they should have on witness and prayer for souls. With God sovereign in salvation, we never despair.

The Humbling Analogy

6:30pm | Sunday 11 June 2017
Our pride instinctively recoils from being depicted in the Bible as sheep, but it is a profound and challenging depiction that enables us to see the depth of our spiritual need, and the costly and glorious work of Christ, the shepherd of lost souls.

Living In Peace

11:00am | Sunday 11 June 2017
The apostle urges growing union with the Lord and inner peace by keeping in view the day of the Lord, reflecting on the reason for Christ's delay – the salvation of the redeemed – and by building knowledge and stability in the Word of God.

The Dissolving of Doubts 6

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 June 2017
This study refutes a new book attacking the credibility of the Bible (The Bible for Grown-Ups), denying all Bible history before 900BC and claiming endless errors along with the absence of any spiritual message or consistent morality in the OT period. (We hear of teachers indoctrinating classes with it.)

Mark’s Distinctive Gospel

7:30pm | Wednesday 31 May 2017
The special aims of this tract-like Gospel and its unique themes, including attention to the 'signs following' of chapter 16 ('the Pentecostal mistake') and the numerous uses of 'immediately' and their rich pastoral messages as used in different passages.

The Kindest Scheme in History

6:30pm | Sunday 28 May 2017
Many people do not know how the cross of Christ can give new spiritual life and reconcile them with God. Yet the cross of Christ stands infinitely higher than every other event of history in its kindness, power, enduring effect and costliness to God. Here is how.

The Day of the Lord

11:00am | Sunday 28 May 2017
'One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.' Reflection on God's view of time, the certainty of final dissolution of all things, and the believer's duty to look for that day and shun materialism.

The ‘Like’ that Lasts Forever

6:30pm | Sunday 21 May 2017
At 40, Moses was a famous prince of Egypt, accomplished, admired and probably heading for the crown. But he left it all, preferring obedience to the one true God. Here are the factors which cause countless people down the centuries to take the same pathway.

Signs of Antichrist

11:00am | Sunday 21 May 2017
From false teachers in the churches, Peter turns to our vulnerability to the godless worldview of the last days, how it is prophesied in both testaments, its motivation, its underlying contempt for accountability, and its wilful rejection of creation, design and morality.

The Dissolving of Doubts 5

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 May 2017
Refuting samples of claimed discrepancies in the gospels, demonstrating the unreasonableness of unbelief. Also the Matthew/Luke beatitude passages, which provide different perspectives, inspired by the Spirit, to show the full message intended by the Saviour. Plus, a review of Christ's divinity in Matthew.

All God’s Supremacy in One Psalm

6:30pm | Sunday 14 May 2017
King David's last words combine a history of time with a 'world view' from God's perspective. Here is the solution to the greatest problem of mankind - moral disorder and alienation from God - and how Christ saves countless souls out of every age of time.

False Teaching and Us

11:00am | Sunday 14 May 2017
A seemingly negative chapter is crammed with profound comments on false teachers and the immense danger of association. It reviews their infiltration of the church throughout time, and warns believers of growing used to surrounding worldliness and the power of secret sin.   See more sermons on 2 Peter.

The Dissolving of Doubts 4

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 May 2017
The nature of inspiration; the interpreting of Scripture; the anointing or transformed view of Scripture that conversion brings; the nature of attacks on Scripture, and a classic example in the virgin birth prophecy of Isaiah 14, showing the absurdity of the attack and the wonder of the passage.

The Touch that Gained Eternity

6:30pm | Sunday 7 May 2017
A terribly sick woman who had haemorrhaged for twelve years crept up behind the Saviour in a crowd and touched the hem of His garment. The purpose of this healing miracle was to portray how faith secures God's healing of the soul and eternal life.

Right Interpretation

11:00am | Sunday 7 May 2017
The Old and the New Testaments magnificently authenticate each other through the fulfilling of prophecy in the marvellous Person and work of Christ. Here is the self-interpreting nature of the Bible, its sufficiency, and the right of private judgement, and how these are honoured.

The Dissolving of Doubts 3

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 May 2017
The question, 'Why did God allow sin?' deeply disturbs many seekers and young believers for it challenges the perfection of God. The full answer - beyond our capacity - awaits eternity, but here are precious clues that reveal a glorious and heart-warming part of God's eternal wisdom.

Christ Defines a Valid Prayer

6:30pm | Sunday 30 April 2017
When a Canaanite woman in great need pleaded for Christ's help, she was (seemingly) rebuffed. But the Lord was turning the encounter into a lesson in prayer. Here are the ten factors that made her prayer (and her prayers for salvation) acceptable to God.

The Silver Chain of Graces

11:00am | Sunday 30 April 2017
Brotherly love, and how it differs from 'charity' (agape love). Here are its characteristics, benefits, helps and hindrances. Also, how love can become a vice, and how all the graces in the silver chain gain assurance and a foretaste of Heaven.

The Dissolving of Doubts 2

7:30pm | Wednesday 26 April 2017
(ii) — Doubts about salvation: experienced both by young and seasoned believers, their form and our response. Here are five surprising and powerful evidences of salvation presented in 1 John to show troubled souls that they should regard themselves as saved and move forward in faith.

The Dissolving of Doubts

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 April 2017
— or the Hebrew original: the untangling of knots. A survey of doubts, firstly Genesis 3 and their satanic origin, then Peter's doubting of Matthew 14, then praying without doubt (other texts), backsliding doubts, and different forms of doubt and how to confront them (Ephesians 6).

Outside or Inside the Kingdom?

6:30pm | Sunday 16 April 2017
So often people seem to have no inclination whatsoever to know about God, or what His plans may be. Here is why this is, and how much we miss, if this is our case, and what lies ahead if we do not find Him.

The Amazing Day

11:00am | Sunday 16 April 2017
The day of Christ's resurrection which transformed the disciples, except for Thomas. Here are the reasons for his cynicism, swept away by his seeing the Lord. Here also is the promised blessedness of Gospel age believers, when signs would give way to faith alone.

Christ at Golgotha

11:00am | Friday 14 April 2017
Matthew's atonement account provides a seamless overview. Here are: the rejection of Christ that ended the era of Jewish privilege, the cruelties inflicted, the uttered scorn, the three hours of darkness (and its significance) up to the Lord's voluntarily yielding up of life for the redeemed.

The Universal Human Quest

6:30pm | Sunday 9 April 2017
Everyone, whether aware of it or not, is searching for fulfilment and happiness, and here are the forms this search takes. But the true needs of the heart can only be met by finding God. Here is the real search, and how to make it.

Patience and Godliness

11:00am | Sunday 9 April 2017
To enjoy the multiplying of God's blessing, faith must be clothed with seven virtues. Here, patience (endurance) is defined with (biblical) hindrances and helps. Also, here is godliness, shown to mean reverence, and its powerful influence is our spiritual lives.

No Other God

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 April 2017
Related Resources Everyone’s Chief Idol What is universally worshiped and served by everyone in every age, and why? Our greatest need is to be turned from this chief idol to the forgiveness, new life and eternal home that comes only from Christ the Lord.

Christ’s Love For Souls

6:30pm | Sunday 2 April 2017
The Bible speaks of a spiritual and moral gulf between God and mankind which can only be bridged by a mediator, Who must be divine as well as man. Here is the record of Jesus Christ and what He has accomplished to be our Saviour.

Clothing Faith With Character

11:00am | Sunday 2 April 2017
The new life embraced by the gift of faith is to be 'adorned' by virtue, knowledge and temperance. Here is what they are, how they are cultivated by the Spirit's help, how they add to each other, and how they save churches from decline.

David Sees Messiah’s Reign

7:30pm | Wednesday 29 March 2017
Probably David's last and most uplifting psalm containing standards for his successors but chiefly soaring into messianic prophecy. Here is spelled out the character, extent and fruits of Christ's reign using vivid pictures exclusively fulfilled by the One 'who only doeth wondrous things'.

Partakers of the Divine Nature

11:00am | Sunday 26 March 2017
Here the essence of apostolic preaching is seen:- precious faith (the door to blessing) defined; how knowledge is vital to advance; God's provision of everything needed for spiritual life, and also the sense in which we are partakers of the divine nature.

David Teaches Greater Communion

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 March 2017
Fleeing Saul in the wilderness of Ziph David's quest for communion is rewarded, this psalm revealing his steps under four discernible headings: 1. his longing for it (the means), 2. his commitment to praise (including the feast analogy), 3. his dependence, 4. the element of anticipation.

Why People Do or Don’t Believe

6:30pm | Sunday 19 March 2017
When the apostle Paul preached to the gathered leaders of many Jewish Synagogues in Rome, about half truly believed in Christ, but others did not. But why did half respond and others reject? The answers help us to examine our own response to Christ.

Paul’s Worldwide Pulpit

11:00am | Sunday 19 March 2017
Paul's journey to Rome, where he would gain the souls of many Jews as well as Gentiles in a 'protected' ministry in the capital of the world. Here are the wonders of God's ways and the apostle's example of determination, compassion and faithfulness.

David on the Terms of Blessing

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 March 2017
Composed when David was at the height of his power, this looks back at Saul's disastrous reign and its cause to help people value their present blessings. To us, it says inversely - reviving past evangelical blessings means abandoning new methodology and trusting the Word alone.

How Christ Calls

6:30pm | Sunday 12 March 2017
When Christ called the first disciples, He asked three things of them. They must first see their need of Him. Then secondly, accept the changed life He gives and thirdly yield their lives to follow Him. Here is how they came to see Him as God and Saviour, and respond.

Paul’s Triumph in Shipwreck

11:00am | Sunday 12 March 2017
Paul's fourth shipwreck is recounted, showing that believers will know trials. Paul is the principal person in this event, praying, trusting and encouraging, and God gives him all lives on board. Here are the spiritual lessons that stand out in this unique narrative.

David Takes Details to God

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 March 2017
David takes his terrifying predicament to the Lord, but not before affirming his trust in God's promises and power – a vital antidote to making self-pitying complaints rather than offering believing prayers. Here are the lessons of his great example in the conquest of fear or discontent.

The Reality of Knowing Christ

6:30pm | Sunday 5 March 2017
There are really only two forms of religion: one where you only know about God (or 'gods') and the other where you know Him in an unmistakable personal way. Here are Christ's words about His 'friends', how this comes about, and what it is like.

Christ – Our Supreme Message

11:00am | Sunday 5 March 2017
In days when so many evangelical leaders make social efforts equal to the Gospel, here is God's commission to Paul, the message to be declared, the apostle's obedience, and the response of human rulers. The Gospel is unquestionably the priority for God's people. The Acts of the Apostles is an…

David’s Hold on Spiritual Happiness

7:30pm | Wednesday 1 March 2017
This hymn with a refrain that recurs 11 times addresses a series of exhortations to believers, accompanied by strong divine promises, especially to see all of life in the light of eternity. Containing the famous four words – Trust, Delight, Commit, Rest, it constitutes a rich devotional feast.

David’s Driving Aim in Life

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 February 2017
David's prayer in deep waters, but his chief concern is God's glory and the perpetuation of his witness. Here also are the answers to the seven questions we may ask in personal Bible study – Is there a doctrine here, a duty, a reproof, a promise? etc.

A Unique View of Christ

6:30pm | Sunday 19 February 2017
The good Samaritan is perhaps the best known and least understood parable of Christ. It has an ethical message plus a parallel message which became obvious once Christ was crucified. He was the 'Samaritan' who tends those dying eternally from the wounds of sin.

The Christian’s Purpose

11:00am | Sunday 19 February 2017
Paul, after two years captivity in Caesarea is tried before a new governor of Judea, and offered a 'retrial' in Jerusalem. What will he decide? Here is how he discerned God's guidance. Here also is the relentless hostility of unbelief against him, and its equivalent today.

When God Intervenes

6:30pm | Sunday 12 February 2017
The authentic call of God when a 'voice from behind us' breaks through the turmoil of life summoning us to consider our Maker. The call is about reconciliation with God, about forgiveness and how Christ has secured it, about receiving new life. Will we respond to Him?

The Divine Confrontation

11:00am | Sunday 12 February 2017
Paul's trial in Caesarea shows the hostility of the human heart to the Gospel, the apostle's unchanging priority as he turns his defence into a witness, the impact of God's Word on Governor Felix, and his rejection of amazing mercy. Here are the lessons.

David Teaches Spiritual Dependence

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 February 2017
Dependence is a central duty of the Christian life and vital to the blessing of churches. Here is the nature of dependent prayer in troubles, the avoiding of worldly solutions, the forms in which God gives strength, and some of the mistakes of today.

Losses and Gains In Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 5 February 2017
Here is how Paul the Apostle evaluated himself before his conversion, his worth as a person and his prospects, and how he came to see his worthlessness, and the overwhelming superiority of knowing Christ, and His transforming power and love.

Paul’s Final Appeal to Jerusalem

11:00am | Sunday 5 February 2017
The dramatic record of how God brought the apostle through murderous mobs and organised assassination, to take him under Roman escort on the first step to the capital of the empire, where as 'ambassador in bonds', he would gather many souls.

David on Felt Union with God

7:30pm | Wednesday 1 February 2017
Although hostility and war threaten the king, the running theme of this psalm is close communion with the Lord, his first and chief source of relief and perspective. Here we trace how the king went about it, his experience and its fruits.

The Greatest Hindrance To Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 29 January 2017
The hindrance identified in the Bible is the inner reservoir of self-regard, the great 'I', that interferes with all taste, desires, aims, decisions and actions. Here is what we do not see of God, and here also is the transformation that conversion brings.

“A remnant shall be saved”

11:00am | Sunday 29 January 2017
Accused by a vast Jewish crowd of being their enemy, Paul, flanked by Roman soldiers, tells of his conversion, and his call to preach to Gentiles. Here are the evangelistic lessons for us, and also the perilous position of the Jewish people and Temple.

David’s Components of Dedication

7:30pm | Wednesday 25 January 2017
Carefully structured, this great prayer provides a profound study of dedication, yet it also works as a quick checklist of the vital elements, such as one might keep in the back of one's Bible. Here are David's six 'departments' for regular recommitment.

Biblical Self-Evaluation

6:30pm | Sunday 22 January 2017
Most people, even if they barely believe in God, feel they would pass any test for acceptance by Him. Here Christ, in a parable, shows what Heaven's  terms really are, how we should see ourselves, and God's readiness to forgive those who own their unworthiness.

God’s Amazing Overruling

11:00am | Sunday 22 January 2017
At the end his third missionary journey Paul's long foretold 'captive ministry' is about to begin, his violent arrest serving to repair a serious defect in the vast Jerusalem church. Here is the problem, the shock, the Lord's overruling, and Paul's remarkable 'pulpit'.

David’s Prayer for Guidance

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 January 2017
First it is shown that the main theme of this prayer – paths and ways – is about the course of life and its major decisions and crises. Then we see several prerequisites or conditions for discerning the Lord's guidance, all equally prayed for by the king.

Meeting God in This Life

6:30pm | Sunday 15 January 2017
The greatest tragedy of modern life is that so many people are deprived of any knowledge of a real relationship with God. Here is one of the first accounts in the Bible of how we may come to experience and know Him. This is Jacob's great discovery.

The Church and the World

11:00am | Sunday 15 January 2017
From Miletus to Jerusalem, believers knew Paul was heading into suffering, and tried to dissuade him. But emotions must yield to God's way, and the age-long hostility to Christ must be demonstrated. Here is the example of the apostle and the lessons for us.

David Prays in Troubles

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 January 2017
Just what we need for the day of intense trial, temptation, persecution, loss, illness or turmoil. Here is God's promise for prayer, the conditions for being heard, the part we must play, the duty of appreciation, the effect on assurance and avoiding fleshly solutions.

King David’s Route to Assurance

7:30pm | Wednesday 4 January 2017
An insight into a most helpful approach to assurance, not here by reviewing our experience (legitimate as that is) but by reflecting (1) on God's attributes in creation (2) on the distinctive qualities of the Word, and (3) by avoidance of certain kinds of sin.

What is Spiritual Paralysis?

6:30pm | Sunday 1 January 2017
The paralysed man famously lowered through the roof into the place where Christ was teaching was not only healed but forgiven all his sins. This deeply significant miracle pictures the paralysis of the soul, and how life and a new experience comes by conversion to Christ.

“I Commend You To God”

11:00am | Sunday 1 January 2017
Paul's charge to the elders of Ephesus urged self-scrutiny, the care and protection of the flock, awareness of the spiritual warfare, emphasis on the Word, and obedience to Christ's command to find happiness as givers of Gospel grace and needed help.

The Opposite of Christmas

6:30pm | Sunday 25 December 2016
Christ's parable of the rich fool who preserved his riches but neglected his soul, is a truly sympathetic way of showing us how we plan and act when away from God. Here is how we think, and its cost, unless conversion to Christ intervenes.

The Speech of God

11:00am | Sunday 25 December 2016
Great themes including – Christ as the Word, what it means; how He speaks by creation and in redemption; the sense in which He imparts life to all; the three needs of mankind – light, forgiveness and life; also the meaning of 'grace for grace'.

Attitudes to God

6:30pm | Sunday 18 December 2016
Many wonder how any person could love God. Is not love an affection we have for people, or beauty or a cause? Here is an insight into how countless people, great and small, have stumbled into an experience of great love of God.

Paul’s Life Displayed

11:00am | Sunday 18 December 2016
This most moving (and challenging) farewell address of Paul, given to the Ephesian elders, shows the heart, manner and commitment of a true minister of the Gospel, indebted and loyal to his charge even in the knowledge of very great trials ahead.

David in Desperate Straits

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 December 2016
David in despair and hounded by Saul controls his feelings and (1) articulates his needs in prayer (2) affirming that God knows what He will do (3) that he has a higher, better life (4) that God alone can help and (5) yielding his life afresh.

Wasting The Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 11 December 2016
Perhaps the best known of the Lord's parables is the prodigal son, but most people do not realise how closely it portrays the life-course of us all when we forget the soul, and also when we seek and find Christ in a personal way.

Five Aspects of Apostolic Life

11:00am | Sunday 11 December 2016
In his ministry, Paul had aims and objectives, seen here, never being in a rut. Much exhortation was given, reviewed here. He endured the rigours of life, and here is why, and saw God's power, as we should also in ways here stated

David Prays for Sanctification

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 December 2016
A truly extraordinary psalm with numerous illuminating metaphors. Here we see 13 of them under the headings (1) the place of prayer (2) the priority of guarding lips and heart (3) the heeding of correction (4) coping with the world's contempt (5) Satan's snares.

Our Resistance to God

6:30pm | Sunday 4 December 2016
Christ's own call to consider the needs of the soul, to see our spiritual predicament and our need of Him. Here are the reasons why we lock the door of the heart against Him and resist every divine approach, and here is the momentous experience of yielding to Him.

Gospel Opposition

11:00am | Sunday 4 December 2016
From Ephesus the Gospel spread mightily by preaching. Without choirs, vocalists, bands, entertainment or over-the-top preachers, great numbers were saved. Here is the sad mindlessness of the opposition (like today), and views of the apostle Paul's courage and modesty, an example to be followed for instrumentality.

David on Spiritual Relationships

7:30pm | Wednesday 30 November 2016
Extraordinary psalms – here the riches of fellowship are unfolded: first the ideal; secondly, the fragrance or pleasantness of Christian warmth; thirdly, its power and productiveness; fourthly, its eternal character. In these exquisitely structured verses two feelingful illustrations speak to our hearts.

God Keeps His Promises

6:30pm | Sunday 27 November 2016
The Bible is a book of promises. They are the overtures of God to our souls, pointing the way out of alienation from Him and a spiritual living death, and urging us to something infinitely better. Here are God's promises and how He keeps them.

Signs of Christ’s Presence in the Church

11:00am | Sunday 27 November 2016
Genuine, living churches will manifest the effects of Christ at work shown in this passage – Christ becomes all to believers, the offence of the cross is known, godly fear is present (alongside joy), believers renounce worldliness, and the Word prevails. Lukewarm churches, show no signs.

Expanding Your View of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 20 November 2016
Many think that Christianity gives a narrow, restricted view of life, when it is a materialistic outlook that imposes a limiting cage. Here is the vastly wider view that comes from listening to God's Word, and what it means to know and prove Him.

Unfolding Providences

11:00am | Sunday 20 November 2016
At Corinth great encouragements came repeatedly to Paul and his fellow missionaries, as they do to all faithful servants of God. First, we review his steadfastness, then see the provision of work, home, fellow-labourers, meeting-place, assurance, and (in Corinth) a special peace from violence.

David’s Motto-Psalm for Trust

7:30pm | Wednesday 16 November 2016
A king's devotions - these three memorable verses enable believers to maintain humility, dependence and trust in all circumstances. Firstly, a regular confession, secondly, the deportment or stance to be worked at, thirdly, the patience and waiting factor. All these sustained a great ruler's trust.

Faith’s Higher Reasoning

6:30pm | Sunday 13 November 2016
Rahab of Jericho typifies the journey vast numbers take from materialism to faith. A harlot - hostess began to reason, here is how, and came to meet with God. From her experience, here is the way to approach God for forgiveness and new life.

The Penalties of Pride

11:00am | Sunday 13 November 2016
Athens, where pride in learning and culture disabled ability to grasp truth; where pride disdained a supreme God; where pride refused to repent; and where pride displayed its greatest obstinacy. Here grace was largely withheld, and the city of idols left in their 'power'.

A Demonstration of Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 6 November 2016
All the healings of Christ serve to portray spiritual conversion, one of the most stirring being the healing of a demonised and epileptic youth in the Caesarea Philippi area. Here are the equivalent spiritual and moral afflictions found in all of us, only healed by conversion.

Paul’s Use of Persuasion

11:00am | Sunday 6 November 2016
There is a treasury of information about Paul's methods in Thessalonica, in both Acts and 1 Thessalonians. We note, for example, that Paul reasoned with the active minds of his hearers, which is rather different from plain exposition. Here is authentic apostolic evangelism.

David on the Spiritual Warfare

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 November 2016
Most modern 'study Bibles' limit Psalms 123-6 to the release from Babylonian captivity. But older works are right to relate them to all Zion's trials, including spiritual opposition. Never underestimate, says David, the war against the saints, its periodical peaks, and remarkable deliverances.

Imitating Paul at Philippi

11:00am | Sunday 30 October 2016
At Philippi on the second missionary journey Paul and Silas are falsely charged, flogged and flung bleeding into jail. But their deportment and witness manifests sincerity, steadfastness, and sympathy for individuals to a degree that commends them and challenges us as believers today.

Finding Peace With God

6:30am | Sunday 30 October 2016
The Bible portrays the human problem as a rebellion or war against God, with all the consequences of war picturing the trouble in our lives. Christ is the Saviour who gives peace (reconciliation) with all its benefits, and who rebuilds lives. Here is how.

The Blessings of Reflection

7:30pm | Wednesday 26 October 2016
Unique Psalms – David reflecting on the church, especially Messiah's, using the picture of the Temple.  Here are the riches and benefits of God's provision of gatherings of his people. We too should reflect on the meaning of its structure, purposes, 'walls', 'palaces', and peace.

Valid and Phoney Prayer Compared

6:30pm | Sunday 23 October 2016
Christ's parable of the unforgiving debtor gives a remarkable picture of all human life, including our debt to God. If fear or need drives us to pray to Him, will our appeal be sincere or shallow? This parable answers, and teaches us to seek Him.

The Surprising Journey

11:00am | Sunday 23 October 2016
The beginning of Paul's second missionary journey is full of unexpected events – a key helper appears, the Spirit blocks progress, redirection to Europe takes place, Luke amazingly coincides with the mission – all events reflecting the sovereign hand of God in the Christian life.

What Lies Ahead in our Lives?

7:30pm | Wednesday 19 October 2016
What kind of hopes and desires is it legitimate to pray for? Are there terms for answered prayer? Here are lessons from David's words - 'Who can tell whether God will be gracious to me?' Also - the astonishing affection of God for each believer.

Salvation at the Dawn of History

6:30pm | Sunday 16 October 2016
From the beginning to the end of the Bible, the way of finding Almighty God never changes. Remarkably, the life of Cain so long ago shows the same bitter resistance to God that we maintain until the day we turn to Him for free forgiveness.

The Sole Source of Authority

11:00am | Sunday 16 October 2016
The independent Church of Antioch protests to Jerusalem about false teachers from there who have visited them. Wrongly called a 'Church Council', here are the facts of what took place and how apostles asserted divine revelation as the only source of doctrine and directions.

David’s Prayer of Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 12 October 2016
A unique model prayer rich in counsel, including problems in prayer. Four evident sections cover (1) The petitioner's humble approach, (2) God's approachability and readiness to respond, (3) The petitioner's promise to God (a vital part of prayer), (4) The core petition itself, including the token for good.

Sure Evidence of God

6:30pm | Sunday 9 October 2016
Even scientists do not always consider how much of the human condition cannot be explained by scientific knowledge, including vast matters such as consciousness. Here are evidences for God, including aspects of Christian conversion that can only come about if God is at work in the soul.

Conditions for Blessing

11:00am | Sunday 9 October 2016
As the Gentile mission reaches Iconium and Lystra, great lessons emerge about times of soul winning and blessing, especially how persecution is provoked, the tenacity of God's people is increased, and any form of accommodation with the culture and religions of the world is shunned.

Things That Come Only From God

6:30pm | Sunday 2 October 2016
A soul-searching psalm that presents all the things in life provided exclusively by God, together with things we cannot possess or experience unless we apply to Jesus Christ the Saviour for forgiveness and eternal life. Then only do substantial and eternal things become ours. O give thanks unto the LORD;…

How Paul Preached Christ

11:00am | Sunday 2 October 2016
Here is the first sermon of the Gentile mission, and the first of Paul's to be reported in detail. Preached in a synagogue to Jews, and yet made understandable to Gentiles, we see the apostle's method, his emphasis on Christ, and his urgings and warnings.

The Victorious March of God

7:30pm | Wednesday 28 September 2016
Unique psalms: here is the whole scene of redemptive warfare, lifting us above setbacks and discouragements. Here too is prophecy - the ascension of Christ and the New Testament age, with the harvest of the Gentiles and coming judgement, and with surprising assurances along the way.

Knowing the Power of God

6:30pm | Sunday 25 September 2016
Atheism, of course, has no conception of the power and purposes of God. Here, by contrast, is proof of the unique nature and infallibility of the Scriptures and the revelation of God's purposes for us. Here is the power that comes by hearing Him.

Miraculous Assurances

11:00am | Sunday 25 September 2016
At Antioch the Lord established an autonomous church, and here He begins the Gentile mission. Paul is soon endorsed by a God-given miraculous deed as His apostle. But young Mark fails to grasp the historic moment, and leaves. What about us?

David’s Inventory of Benefits

7:30pm | Wednesday 21 September 2016
Unique psalms: here David shows us how to summon ourselves to praise. The main subjects are God's forgiveness of, and compassionate acts toward, His people, both flowing from His character, and infinitely exceeding our guilt and inadequacy. The pinnacle of praise then lifts to Heaven.

Flesh Against Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 18 September 2016
Only inspired history could provide this view of the war between fallen human nature (driven by Satan), and the work of the Spirit. Here is Herod Agrippa's attempt to crush the church, and the power of prayer in keeping Gospel mercy flowing.

Checking Your Belief System

6:30am | Sunday 18 September 2016
Why do we believe the things we do, that drive our lives and shape our tastes and decisions? Who gave us our views? Can their truth be tested? Here are today's typical 'values', compared with the rule given by Christ for building a life for now and eternity.

King David’s Resolutions

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 September 2016
A unique and challenging psalm: David's ten vows for his reign, all to do with his moral rules for personal life and for his administration. Here is - (1) his dedication; (2) his plea for evident divine involvement; (3) his defence of the cause in the spiritual warfare.

Put Off the Old Man

6:30pm | Sunday 21 August 2016
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17) The deeper things of life are so easily crowded out today. Here at the Metropolitan Tabernacle we cater for the needs of the soul.…

How to Think as Christians

11:00am | Sunday 14 August 2016
Steeped in mistaken Jewish culture, early converts shunned the Gentiles, but God amazingly transformed them to embrace Gentile salvation. The Word still trains believers to think, saving them from conforming to the unreasoned opinion-culture of social media, and rooting them in obedience to Christ.

The Need of Your Soul

6:30am | Sunday 14 August 2016
Countless people put no value on their soul. They feel no need of help for either this life or eternity. Here, through an unusual parable, Christ shows His availability to seekers for spiritual life, how they must approach Him, and what He will do for them.

Using the Anchor Texts (2)

7:30pm | Wednesday 10 August 2016
Here are Paul's 'stand firm' texts. First, for the faith, embracing doctrine and duties. Secondly, the rooted and grounded analogy of Ephesians 3 – how to maintain living spiritual experience. Thirdly, standing against the wiles of the devil – what they are and how to resist.

Using the Bible’s Anchor Texts

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 July 2016
The spiritual warfare described, and Satan's attempts to undermine and draw into sin, worldly concerns, coldness, complacency and doubts. How perspective, assurance and zeal is gained, and the promises, in a sense, be inherited now. Here too is the significance of God's 'oath'.

Freedom from Life’s Burdens

6:30pm | Sunday 24 July 2016
Isaiah shows God's case in His dispute with mankind, and the limitations and bondage of life without Him (seen in the prophet's famous 'cart-rope' illustration). Here is all that God has done for mankind, and His power and kindness in receiving individual seekers.

The Great Event for Gentiles

11:00am | Sunday 24 July 2016
The 66 verses devoted to the visit of Peter to Centurion Cornelius tells us that God's orchestration of the start of Gentile evangelism with the sealing of the ceremonial law, was an epochal event. No wonder it required authenticating angels and visions.

Christ’s Paramount Lesson to His Disciples

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 July 2016
The great commission directs believers in every age, but when seen also as doctrine, its full richness springs into view, including the Trinity in salvation, the authority of the Word over reason and experience, the true nature of Christian liberty, and the Lord's presence.

Is God For or Against Us?

6:30pm | Sunday 17 July 2016
Paul's famous words reveal the greatest human need and God's astounding remedy in drawing countless individual people to Himself. Here is the Bible's view of the plight of man and Christ's redeeming work, in a single life-changing chapter.

The Gentile Door Inches Open

11:00am | Sunday 17 July 2016
Saul's 3 years in Damascus and 7-8 years in Tarsus - the long years of preparation and proving, and the reasons why. Then the significance of Peter's two great miracles as God prepared the way for the Gentile mission.

Christ Teaches on Christian Fellowship

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 July 2016
Spoken exclusively to the disciples, here are texts commanding love between believers. In imitation of Christ's own, love must be sacrificial, generous and helpful, and not self-concerned. Also, how spiritual joy relates to love, and what it means to be 'one' in John 17.

Preparing Paul the Apostle

11:00am | Sunday 10 July 2016
How Saul the persecutor experiences conviction of sin, transformation, and the proving work of God to prepare for his magnificent work - the Gentile mission. Here also are the elements of church life to be honoured to secure the 'comfort of the Holy Ghost' and growth.

The Covenant of Grace

7:00pm | Wednesday 6 July 2016
There was a time, and it ran for two centuries, when Baptists held a distinctive doctrine of God’s covenants quite different from the Presbyterian view, and eminently more scriptural. Then dispensational ideas made it a minority view. But a revival is taking place. This School of Theology address presents the…

Levels of Life

6:30pm | Sunday 3 July 2016
It is amazing to possess conscious life and feeling; to perceive, to reason, and to enjoy family and social companionship. But what about spiritual life? Why should the soul be dormant and inactive? Here is the reason, and how Christ gives complete life by conversion to Himself.

The First African Profession

11:00am | Sunday 3 July 2016
The risen Lord had sent the Gospel to the 'uttermost part of the earth' and now Philip is made the historic instrument who would begin that mission. The core of his witness was Calvary, and the result a full-hearted profession. Here are the lessons.

What Is Your Life?

6:30pm | Sunday 26 June 2016
The great question posed and answered by James, half-brother of the Lord Jesus Christ, illustrates life as a vapour, so brief, inconsequential, unstable, and insubstantial, with other deficiencies here unfolded. But the opposite characteristics fill our lives when we come to Christ.

Simon of Samaria

11:00am | Sunday 26 June 2016
Luke's record of how intense persecution served to spread the Gospel extensively; how a city in superstitious subjection to sorcery was captivated by the Gospel, and how a double-minded 'convert' and prototype prosperity preacher was exposed by apostles. Encouragement and warnings for us.

Christ’s Teaching on the Holy Spirit

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 June 2016
Spoken exclusively to the apostles, here is the Lord's teaching on the Spirit of Truth, of communion, of holiness, of illumination and of witness. Also, Christ's words on the unique advantages of blessing by the Spirit, and His discrete, unostentatious, inconspicuous stance.

Things We Have Never Seen

6:30pm | Sunday 19 June 2016
Christ's literal healing of a man born blind was intended to picture the healing of spiritual blindness. Here are the things we do not see in life, in ourselves, in God, or in the future. Only God's Word gives understanding of life and conversion.

Stephen’s Finest Hour

11:00am | Sunday 19 June 2016
Stephen proved to the Sanhedrin the disaster of Israel devoting herself to visible symbols while opposing real faith in Messiah. Here are the lessons for us. When they stoned him, he prayed for their salvation, a prayer notably answered in the conversion of Saul.

Christ Teaches Assurance

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 June 2016
The future apostles are taught the steps to be taken when the soul is wounded or jaded, vital for all who love and serve the Lord. Here are the Lord's five themes for reflection, enabling obedience to, 'Let not your heart be troubled'.

Christ Teaches Spiritual Shepherds

7:30pm | Wednesday 8 June 2016
Shortly before Calvary the Lord charges His disciples with (1) defence of faith and church (2) the preaching of the Gospel (3) avoidance of any use of His church for personal benefit  (4) separation from the world, and (5) total focus on the Last Day.

Faith in the Ultimate Promise

11:00am | Sunday 5 June 2016
Stephen, in showing the Sanhedrin the roots of their hostility to Christ, also traces the typical call of God out of the world, the obedience and trials of faith, and the supreme promise of eternal glory that keeps believers all for Christ.

Christ’s Teaching on the End of Time

12:00am | Wednesday 1 June 2016
In three Gospels this double prophecy, given exclusively to the disciples, discloses the harbingers of the end of the Temple, to be repeated (more intensively) at the end of the world. The first would be seen by that very generation.

The Rule for Church Expansion

11:00pm | Sunday 29 May 2016
In this record of extraordinary awakening among people in and around Jerusalem comes the implementation of Christ's first rule of church government, the two approved 'methods' of ministry, the inevitability of opposition and the necessity of preaching for conviction of sin.

Why We Are Alienated From God

6:30pm | Sunday 29 May 2016
Like someone in denial about an illness, we somehow shut out all thoughts of our relationship with God and of eternity. We cannot see why God would reject us. The Bible tells us how much we need to find Him, and how He has made it possible.

Purging the Conscience

6:30pm | Sunday 22 May 2016
The existence of the conscience has invincible proof, but much modern thinking hates and rejects it, claiming it is merely a remnant of brainwashing. Certainly it may cause much trouble, even illness, but here is God's way for the conscience to be cleansed.

Counted Worthy to Suffer

11:00am | Sunday 22 May 2016
The apostles face an enraged Sanhedrin, but stand firm. Council members want them dead, but the counsel of Gamaliel (though proud and foolish) came to their aid and they are flogged and released. Boldly they teach and evangelise everywhere. Here are the applications to us.

Christ’s Own Rules for Wealth and Government

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 May 2016
Continuing 'seminary' passages exclusive to the apostles, the Lord teaches fundamental principles about the kingdom, and lays down the chief rule of church government, in the light of which Acts and the Pastoral Epistles must be interpreted.

Perceiving Our Greatest Needs

6:30pm | Sunday 15 May 2016
Christ's healing of ten lepers not only illustrate the spiritual life He gives to countless people living far from God, but shows that our perception of 'need' is limited to earthly, material things. Here is why we must see beyond these, to the needs of the soul.

Impact of The Word

11:00am | Sunday 15 May 2016
Explaining first the sign miracles and their special purposes for the apostolic age. Secondly, the primacy of preaching for the conversion of the lost. Thirdly, the differences between the disciples and the chief priests and rulers, and their significance for us today.

Humility and its Works

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 May 2016
In the course of the Lord's 'seminary course' for His future apostles (passages addressed exclusively to them) we consider the necessity of humility, the avoidance of offences large and small, radical measures in personal sanctification, discipline, the prevailing power of corporate prayer, and forbearance.

Our Substitutes for God

6:30pm | Sunday 8 May 2016
It has been said that atheists have more 'gods' than anyone, but all have more than they realise. Here is what they are, why we cling to them, and what they do to us. Only conversion to the true God releases us from them and their service.

The Struggle for Sincerity

11:00am | Sunday 8 May 2016
The judgement upon Ananias and Sapphira for their hypocrisy stunned the early church and the wider public. This exceptional event marked God's hatred of insincerity, to which believers are constantly pressed by Satan. Here are the lessons for promoting personal integrity and freedom from self.

Christ’s Rules for Christian Workers

7:30pm | Wednesday 4 May 2016
We track the apostles' 'seminary course' through Matthew 16-17: the avoidance of the churchmanship of the Pharisees and Saducees that produced nominal worshippers, the primacy of human instrumentality, the scope of self-denial, and the need for strong desires for blessing by prayer and fasting.

Everyone’s Inner Battle

6:30pm | Sunday 1 May 2016
The actions of a king in choosing earthly counsels in times of trouble, rather than God's solution, amazingly mirrors the actions of most of us as we fashion our policy for life. Here are our reactions to life's troubles, and the earthly or heavenly options before us.

The Power of Faithfulness

11:00am | Sunday 1 May 2016
With the leading apostles arrested, the new church suffers an apparent major setback, but the superior power of God is honoured in prayer, not for relief, but for success of the word, and they are answered in transformed hearts. Here are the lessons.

Disciples Shown the Life of Faith

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 April 2016
In their training the apostles are sent on a probationary mission. Here are the great faith strengthening factors in the passage (beside prayer) namely, commitment to a cause, dependence on the Lord, awareness of two kingdoms and the clear example of Christ.

Disciples Trained to Discern Conversion

7:30pm | Wednesday 20 April 2016
First, the genius of parables, their purpose and the Lord's reason for using them. Then, His interpretation of the sower, teaching the four kinds of response to the Gospel, only one amounting to true conversion, an event attributed to light being 'given'.

The Extensiveness of Conversion

6:30pm | Sunday 17 April 2016
A half deranged outcast man is put into his right mind and transformed as a person at the word of Christ. Here are the elements of conversion that are intended to be traced from the event, and how much is accomplished in our lives.

The Gospel Proved

11:00am | Sunday 17 April 2016
In his second temple sermon, Peter proves from prophecy that Jesus is Christ. When arrested, he trusts God in answering the Sanhedrin, receiving a marvellous measure of vindication. The pattern for this being - prove the Gospel, trust the power of God, see vindication in witness.

The Disciples Taught to Pray

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 April 2016
When Christ taught the twelve to pray He did not, as we might, give a list of necessary attitudes, but an agenda or pattern that itself creates the right attitudes. Here are the headings with suggested sub-contents of the Lord's Prayer. This is real help.

Gaining or Losing the Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 10 April 2016
The most brilliant of men and women may be altogether disconnected when it comes to spiritual awareness or concern. Here are Solomon's jolting miniature parables designed to draw us from indifference to God and the soul, and bring us to know Christ the Lord.

The Living Christ

11:00am | Sunday 10 April 2016
The healing of the disabled man in the temple before the evening sacrifice led to Peter's second recorded sermon - an inspired 'masterclass' in convicting contrasts, resulting in thousands of conversions, and yielding lessons on Christ's presence in the lives of His people today.

When God Calls

6:30pm | Sunday 3 April 2016
The call of God to the young Samuel provides an insight into how a person's heart is first engaged and then drawn to spiritual conversion and life. For so many, is the story of alienation and resistance giving way to discovery of and reconciliation with God.

Fruits of Pentecost

11:00am | Sunday 3 April 2016
The characteristics of people converted through the first sermon of the young church. These serve today as the signs of spiritual life to comfort and encourage (or to challenge) all who hear the call of Christ. Also, the community of goods applied today.

How The Lord Shaped His Disciples

7:30pm | Wednesday 30 March 2016
The 'syllabus' for the disciples' training began in the Sermon on the Mount. Overwhelmed and probably inflated by miracles and vast crowds, they must first learn of a disciple's humble, compassionate deportment, and secondly of the moral standards and character to be strictly maintained.

Life’s Destination

6:30pm | Sunday 27 March 2016
In striking symbolic language, John shows a new heavenly realm prepared for the eternal future of all who find the Lord while on earth, providing insights into that astounding realm, and speaking of the terms of entry, at the end of life's journey.

A Resurrection Test of Faith

11:00am | Sunday 27 March 2016
The reaction of the disciples to the resurrection brings powerful pastoral help to believers today. It was such a shock, and they were reproved by the Lord for their unbelief. But unbelief still works in us, to some degree: here is how, and the healing remedy.

The Price of Heaven

11:00am | Friday 25 March 2016
We do not grieve over Calvary, because the Lord now reigns in glory, but it stirs our indebtedness and love as nothing else. Here is Gethsemane (the foretaste), the scourging (man's hatred), the cross, (the atonement), and the 'royal' superscription.

Our Losses Without God

6:30pm | Sunday 20 March 2016
The sad scene of a widow's only son lying dead led to the son being raised to life through Christ's compassion. The event is intended also to picture spiritual death and all it deprives us of, and how we can receive spiritual life from the Saviour.

The Astounding Sermon

11:00am | Sunday 20 March 2016
The first sermon of the Christian church (and of Peter) is amazing in structure and clarity, never swerving from lifting up Christ and pressing the necessity of repentance and faith. It also reflects the powerful work of Christ in preparing the apostle for such a task.

Looking More Closely at Calvary

7:30pm | Wednesday 16 March 2016
A review of the wonders of the Cross: as a sacrifice, the 'stripes' of suffering, the heights of love, the obedience of Christ, His purchase of creation, assurance secured, the power, the example, and the defeat of Satan. How to appreciate Calvary.

The Purpose of Pentecost

11:00pm | Sunday 13 March 2016
How could the apostles survive the inevitable hostility of Jews and Gentiles after the Lord's ascension? The miracle of Pentecost was powerfully reassuring, but it also conveyed to them vital principles for the church age. These are here reviewed, along with the power given.

The Enemy Within

6:30pm | Sunday 13 March 2016
Human pride, perhaps, is the greatest snare, having many forms, immense subtlety, and bringing upon us the opposition and indignation of God. Here are its main injuries to life and soul, and the only way to end its dominance, by the power of God.

God’s Sanctifying Work Within

11:00am | Sunday 6 March 2016
In the interval between the resurrection and Pentecost, remarkable advances were accomplished in the apostles. Here we see their inner lives, grasp of the Word, high view of service and total submission to God's authority, and our own inner development is challenged.

Precious Marriage Texts

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 March 2016
Marriage at the beginning established for all time; man’s headship in the light of the equality of men and women before God; marriage as a covenant; the nobility of the unmarried; the way of courtship; a husband’s duties and the divine promise of 1 Peter 3.7.

Christ Speaks About Eternal Loss

6:30pm | Sunday 28 February 2016
Atheists claim Christianity uses hell to scare people into believing. But it would be amazingly callous not to mention Christ's teaching on judgement, so that people never knew their situation. The aim is not fear, but openness to consider the love and mercy of God.

A New Era Of Power

11:00am | Sunday 28 February 2016
Luke's magnificent inspired record of the first decade of the church provides far more than history. Here are doctrines, duties, patterns for church life, methods and priorities, joined with examples of faith and patience in both blessing and persecution. This is authentic Christian living.

Explaining Ezekiel’s River of Life

7:30am | Wednesday 24 February 2016
Ezekiel has lamented the failure of separation from the world, and now the river symbolises the church's positive work in the world. Here is the meaning of its secret source and miraculous expansion, with our soul-winning priority, and the incidental yet mighty social benefits in times when there is great…

Christ Defines Spiritual Life

6:30pm | Sunday 21 February 2016
Every statement in Christ's sermon on the mount is a calculated surprise, even a shock, as He shows how we need to have God's forgiveness and new life. Here is His call to be aware of our need, and to seek Him.

Paul’s Gospel Doxology

11:00am | Sunday 21 February 2016
The closing prayer of praise in Romans draws strong assurance from the Gospel, emphasising the eternal security it gives, its complete and unchanging nature, its exclusive power to save, its being received by faith alone, and the glory it reflects upon the Lord.

Ezekiel’s City and Its Meaning

7:30am | Wednesday 17 February 2016
Is this great city/temple vision to be fulfilled literally or does it portray Christ's Church? Here are the reasons why historic interpreters were all sure it pointed to the Church, and how this view reveals the many vital pastoral applications for today.

Knowing the Living God

6:30pm | Sunday 7 February 2016
The name of Damaris has been preserved for centuries in every language through the Bible, yet nothing is known of this obscure lady except Paul's sermon that brought her to believe. Here is how she became known to God, and how we may be also.

A Christian’s Vital Feelings

11:00am | Sunday 7 February 2016
An appeal for the stirring up of strong feelings of earnestness and warmth in the spiritual life, and a warning against sinking into coldness, with its consequences. Here are Paul's pressing arguments. They provide an insight into his life, and a fresh impetus for ours.

A Prophetic Parable Explains our Times

7:30pm | Wednesday 3 February 2016
An obvious parable (as Ezekiel shows by building in major pointers) about the coming of Christ and the church age, telling us about the constant hostility of the world against the church, how God will restrict it, and its end times crescendo when Christ returns.

What is ‘the foolishness of God’?

7:30pm | Sunday 31 January 2016
Here is what makes the message of Christ so foolish in the eyes of the world, and why, despite its simplicity, it is really the wisest, most profound, and most effective message for the deepest human needs, in its diagnosis, remedy and outcome.

The Ties that Bind

11:00am | Sunday 31 January 2016
Paul longed to see the church at Rome, both to help them and to be refreshed by them. Here are the ways we are strengthened through fellowship, and the nature of the ties that the Holy Spirit forms within true churches of Christ.

The Unfolding Prophecy of Tyre

7:30pm | Wednesday 27 January 2016
Among nations to be judged for hostility to God's people, Tyre was unique, and subject to uniquely phased judgement.  Here is how she parallels anti-Christian thought today, and the perspective we gain from this (already partially fulfilled) prophecy.

The Nature and Scope of Love

6:30pm | Sunday 24 January 2016
The phenomenon of human love, what drives it, its strengths and limits and why rationalists cannot explain it. The superiority of Divine love, the mystery of why it is not wanted, the consequences of missing it, and how it may be experienced and proved.

Full of Goodness

11:00am | Sunday 24 January 2016
These five verses of vital exhortation for every church present the importance of mutual admonition in the right spirit; living life as an offering to God; true submission to the Word; and the necessity of entire dependence on the Holy Spirit for all blessing.

Shopping for the Truth

6:30pm | Sunday 17 January 2016
While God's forgiveness and spiritual life are free, the questions asked by buyers of large acquisitions may be asked when seeking a religion. Who made it? Does it have a Saviour? Does it work? Will it last? How will I be affected? What are the alternatives? etc

Holding on to Assurance

11:00am | Sunday 17 January 2016
Hope (meaning anticipation) of God's dealings with us throughout life, and then in glory, is the crown jewel of assurance. Here is the way God gives it, with joy and peace, showing both our part and the powerful aid of the Holy Spirit.

Keeping Spiritual Zeal

7:30pm | Wednesday 13 January 2016
Fervour or zeal for the Lord (literally 'heat') is a conversion gift. But this fire within of passion for Christ, holiness and souls is easily quenched. Here are its sources, objects, accommodation to personality, and means of erosion or revival in our hearts.

Disabilities of the Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 10 January 2016
700 years before Christ, Isaiah describes the radical change that conversion brings about, using pictures of sight to the blind, agility to the crippled, and rivers streaming into the desert. Here is how the phenomenon of new life enters heart and soul when we come to Christ.

Living for Others

11:00am | Sunday 10 January 2016
Contrary to the ways of today's society the believer is called to an unselfish life. Here are the questions we should ask about any activity; Paul's personal discipline; the example of Christ in His life, and the role of the Old Testament in helping our progress.

Christ’s Plan For His Churches

7:30pm | Wednesday 6 January 2016
The psalmist predicts the destruction of Zion and its restoration after exile; also its spiritual revival in the Christian age. Here is Christ's blueprint for individual churches (rather than denominations, societies and private ministries), their superior qualities, their end-time oppression, and final triumph.

The Memory of the Soul

6:30pm | Sunday 3 January 2016
The Bible speaks of an appointment that all will keep, when we shall stand before God to give account for our lives. Here is the role of memory (largely submerged now) that is revived for that decisive day. Here also is Christ's way of deliverance.

Four Features of True Christians

11:00am | Sunday 3 January 2016
In a single verse Simeon's biography gives four features of a life the Lord will use for His glory. How we should covet these, praying for them and cultivating them. Here is the way to great instrumentality wherever we are placed, and the basis of assurance.

Heaven’s Great Announcement

11:00am | Friday 25 December 2015

Live While You Can

6:30pm | Sunday 20 December 2015
'Remember thy Creator', said the billionaire king whose attempts to make atheism and self-indulgence work all failed him. Here is his counsel to learn about God and grace while there is time for this to transform us and fill our lives here, and prepare us for eternity.

How Christ is Put On

11:00am | Sunday 20 December 2015
Here is, first, the walking analogy for the Christian life and its implications; then the genuineness of that walk; then the characteristics of heathen life which still press on believers today. Finally, what it means to put on Christ, how to do so, and the blessings.

The Vital Duty of Private Judgement

7:30pm | Wednesday 16 December 2015
Despite training, Israelites were ignorant of doctrine, choosing uninspired nonsense over the Word. They thought Exodus taught that parental sin was punished in children. Ezekiel denies it, unless children choose to sin. A call to personal knowledge of doctrine and conduct - so rare today.

The Magnificence of Christ

6:30pm | Sunday 13 December 2015
To underestimate Christ is the greatest tragedy leading to eternal loss. Here are Christ's attributes and work; His incomparable compassion for souls, His accomplishments, what it means to find and know Him, and why His name is above every earthly name.

The Nature of Love for Others

11:00am | Sunday 13 December 2015
What form does love for others take? It is not unconditional love, or necessarily even affectionate love. 'Social' love is here defined, with hindrances and helps. Also the error of loving oneself, and the great exhortation to 'awake out of sleep' to serve Christ.

God’s Agenda for Church Success

7:30pm | Wednesday 9 December 2015
From the parables of the vine and of two great eagles the greatest faults of the 'typical' church (repeated today) were pride and idolatry. Ezekiel shows that humility, simplicity and faithfulness are essential for true blessing. We see how worldliness is the equivalent of idolatry.

Our Two Greatest Mistakes

6:30pm | Sunday 6 December 2015
God's message through the 'reasoning prophet' was that society in general makes two massively harmful decisions. One is to reject spiritual life from God, and the other is to live for short-lived material things alone. Here the gains and losses are compared.

God’s Rule Over Law and Order

11:00am | Sunday 6 December 2015
Why should hostile authorities be conscientiously obeyed by believers? Because while rulers may not know it, they are servants of God, Who in His kindness has etched into the fallen human constitution a need for government. Here is how Christ is magnified.

God Teaches Ezekiel How to Preach

7:30pm | Wednesday 2 December 2015
It is remarkable how the vision-messages given by God to Ezekiel are structured and divided to ideal sermonic form, as if they are inspired lessons in delivery. Here we see the Lord's own subject, shape and divisions for several major 'sermons'.

The Difference Conversion Makes

6:30pm | Sunday 29 November 2015
When Christ came the Jewish leaders wanted His mighty miracles on their side, without His message of conversion. But He insisted on the great change of life He gives to needy souls. Here is how He described it, and what it achieves in us.

True Christian Behaviour

11:00am | Sunday 29 November 2015
Searching practical verses setting the tone for sanctified behaviour, reflecting the Saviour, proved by the apostle Paul, and providing a gauge of our progress and a spur to advance. What are we really like in our relationship with other people, and in adversity?

The Training of God’s Servant

7:30pm | Wednesday 25 November 2015
A new vision of the holiness of God fills the prophet with indignation at the insult to Him of apostasy. Commissioned a watchman to souls, a time of barren ministry creates dependence on the unction of the Spirit, while the siege enactment teaches his attitude.

The Sending of God’s Servant

7:30pm | Wednesday 18 November 2015
First, proof that Ezekiel's commission applies to all believers. Secondly, why he is constantly reminded of his human vulnerabilities. Thirdly, how the Spirit carries him and us over the opposition of the age. Fourthly, proclamational not missional (in the modern sense) methods are commanded.

Our Three Greatest Needs

6:30pm | Sunday 15 November 2015
A blind beggar of Jericho called out to Christ for healing and was rewarded. But this was more than a miracle. It was a demonstration of what Christ would do for billions who cry out for spiritual sight, forgiveness and life. Here is how these are obtained.

The Spiritual Power of Anticipation

11:00am | Sunday 15 November 2015
The immense value of 'rejoicing in hope' is here seen. This is the practice of  anticipating and expecting God's hand in our lives. We see its major place and its fruits from Paul's various references to it in Romans. Its neglect costs us much blessing.

When God Calls

7:30pm | Wednesday 11 November 2015
The personal spiritual message of Ezekiel 1 - the call of a prophet certainly, but also the commission that should dawn dramatically on all believers, bringing a powerful sense of God, His glory and omniscience. How this brings fruitfulness, while its absence has ruined much evangelical witness.

Closeness to God

7:30pm | Wednesday 4 November 2015
David’s rhapsodic review of all the ways by which he knew the mighty hand of God in every condition of life. Both deeply searching and powerfully comforting, here are the details of the Lord’s love toward his own in action, and the gratitude we owe.

Why God Insists on Faith

6:30pm | Sunday 1 November 2015
We do not need much faith to know that God is there. The Bible teaches that unbelief is inexcusable because the evidence of God's creative power is overwhelming. But faith is vital for salvation, and here are the reasons, and the way to find The Lord.

Outward, Inward, Upward

11:00am | Sunday 1 November 2015
A threefold exhortation in a single verse calls believers never to hang back in outgoing activity for Christ, always to maintain spiritual zeal and also to live as people who are bonded to the service of Christ. Here are the applications and helps.

Prepared for Eternity

6:30pm | Sunday 25 October 2015
Isaiah the prophet long ago uttered the famous message to King Hezekiah of Judah, 'set your house in order: for you shall die'. Here we view the five 'departments' of the soul and ask if they are fit for the great journey into eternity?

Spiritual Living in the Church

11:00am | Sunday 25 October 2015
Reasons why love for fellow believers often falls short, and how we should build it up. The command to utterly hate evil things, and how this is a vital help in avoiding sin and harm in our churches. Cleaving or clinging to good, despite Satan's assaults.

The Glory and Wonder of Praise

7:30pm | Wednesday 21 October 2015
David shows praise is about the Lord and his work, and also about the believer's many recurring deliverances throughout this life of countless needs. These blessings cannot be experienced without concern for holiness and reverence. Here are inspired counsels for both personal and congregational praise.

How God Sees Us

6:30pm | Sunday 18 October 2015
Three days before execution, Christ spoke of His return and the judgement of all, using the sheep and goats analogy to describe all people. Here is how God views us, and how we may be prepared and safe for the coming great day.

Our Measure of Faith

11:00am | Sunday 18 October 2015
Seven spiritual gifts – roles in the church for which God distributes abilities and the dedicated and spiritual way they are to be carried out. Here is a view of all that was done in a first-century church with all members pooling their efforts.

Wisdom and Revelation

7:30pm | Wednesday 14 October 2015
A refresher in personal Bible study.  Paul prays that we should have the ability to see the spiritual message.  Here is a 'check list' of the ten topics in Ephesians which we expect to find (not all every time) when we read the Word with expectant minds.

The Only Approach to God

6:30pm | Sunday 11 October 2015
The Bible presents God using terms of massive significance such as omnipotent, omniscient, sovereign, holy, just, unchanging and merciful. He is personal and may be known and approached - but how? Here is the way made open by Christ the Lord that the Bible sets before us.

Pleasing God

11:00am | Sunday 11 October 2015
The epistle now turns from doctrine to living, beginning with dedication, and the offering of ourselves as a holy sacrifice, not conformed to this world, but transformed by God. The second cannot proceed if the world is not renounced. The prize is real discernment.

Proving the Lord

7:30pm | Wednesday 7 October 2015
A refresher in prayer: right and wrong anxiety; spiritual damage of the latter; hindrances and helps in prayer; the approach to God; rules of pleading; elements of thanksgiving; reasons why prayer is not heard; the mistake of the 'Yes, No, Wait' scheme, and the glorious reality.

What is Truth?

6:30pm | Sunday 4 October 2015
'The Truth' is greater than the total of all the facts in the world, reaching beyond material things to the purpose of life. Christ's declaration that He is ' The Truth' makes Him the reason for the world's existence, and the key to finding God.

Trusting the Depths of God

11:00am | Sunday 4 October 2015
This great song of praise is a compelling call to reflect on God's infinite wisdom and knowledge and on His mysterious ordering of the lives of His people. The passage moves us to marvel and trust Him for all, and to serve Him wholeheartedly.

What Exactly is Worldliness?

7:30pm | Wednesday 30 September 2015
'Love not the world' texts are frequently twisted to mean - be worldly as long as you don't sin. Past believers always saw the world as a complex evil campaign orchestrated by Satan. Here are passages proving this view and defining worldliness.

Forces That Shape Our Lives

7:30pm | Sunday 27 September 2015
The old view that human nature is influenced by sin-tendencies, and in need of regular cleansing and servicing has been thrown out, so that few take note of what drives them. Here is God's book on the subject of pride, its stealth, power, and only cure.

The Future of Grace

11:00am | Sunday 27 September 2015
God's promises to bless Abraham's offspring are kept in every age in an elect remnant saved by grace. Even Gentile salvation is used by God to turn the hearts of many Israelites. And saved Jews and Gentiles have enriched the world, here is how.

Who is the Man of Sin?

7:30pm | Wednesday 23 September 2015
The apostle names two signs before the return of Christ, one being the revealing of the man of sin. Is he an individual or a collective concept, a genus of God-haters? And what will he or they do? Possible answers are gleaned from the passage.

Things to Give Up to Have Christ

6:30pm | Sunday 20 September 2015
Conversion to Christ is entirely by grace, or free, yet coming to Him involves leaving several things behind, and here are those things. The Lord's encounter with a very rich young ruler, whose search for eternal life was aborted, shows what our approach must be.

Gospel Responsibility

11:00am | Sunday 20 September 2015
Paul's famous 'backwards text' covers the wonders of the Gospel, the call and the commissioning of preachers, and what it means to truly hear, believe and call upon the Lord for salvation.  The back-to-front order serves to stir responsibility to make Christ known.

Building Discernment in our Age

7:30pm | Wednesday 16 September 2015
Reasons why we fail to prove all things. Here with examples are key rules. Is the idea in the Bible, or dependent on other knowledge? Beware of the secret formula for success. Is it new or novel? Examine carefully the source or origin.

Spiritual Vagueness

6:30pm | Sunday 13 September 2015
It may seem open-minded and non-judgemental to be vague about God and spiritual matters, but here are some of the things vagueness will forfeit and miss. Many are surprising, and all have lifelong consequences. Here are the benefits of following Christ.

The Rock of Destiny

11:00am | Sunday 13 September 2015
Christ, long prophesied, was appointed to obtain spiritual salvation at Jerusalem in a manner that would humble human pride and presumption, draw multitudes to believe, but confound those who rejected Him. To the last day Christ will be the Rock of refuge or of dismay.

Duty & Blessings of Christian Fellowship

7:30pm | Wednesday 5 August 2015
A single study about fellowship drawn from a range of scriptures, covering the command and duty to love fellow believers, the hindrances and gains, personal attitudes and encouragements for advance in the mutual ministry and pleasure of friendship.

The Tragedy of Spiritual Inertia

6:30pm | Sunday 2 August 2015
Wandering far from God we may be entirely 'at peace', having no spiritual interest or troubles of conscience, even dismissing God with scorn. But here is the basis of this peace, what happens when it is broken, and how real peace with God may be found.

Sovereign Mercy

11:00am | Sunday 2 August 2015
Paul upholds God's right to exercise sovereign election, and shows it is the only hope of salvation. He also shows God's kindness during life to the lost, and amazingly, the threefold divine purpose of all human history encapsulated in three unique verses.

Becoming Spiritually Alive

6:30pm | Sunday 26 July 2015
In the Bible, the 'natural' person is incomplete, lacking spiritual life and experience. By contrast, the 'spiritual' person has heard the call of Christ, and obtained from Him an understanding of life's spiritual and eternal context, and a personal relationship with God. Here is how.

Paul’s Longing for Souls

11:00am | Sunday 26 July 2015
The apostle is anguished for the souls of his enemies the Jews. Lessons in intercession. Also the symbols of true spiritual life held before Israelites and their rejection by so many. The same symbols appeal to us, bringing Gentiles into the 'Israel of God'.

Maintaining Union With Christ

7:30pm | Wednesday 22 July 2015
Significance of the vine and the branches picturing Christ and His people, and the daily privilege of abiding in Him. The three-fold fruit - character, praise and witness - and the vital means of abiding listed by the Saviour, all contributing to the realisation of His presence and power.

The Removal of Shame

6:30pm | Sunday 19 July 2015
Proven facts about the reliability of the Bible, verifying its unique, inspired character. Why believing in Christ is the only way of escaping humiliation at the end of life's journey. How an unmistakable experience of God's forgiveness and presence may be obtained.

Arguments of Certainty

11:00am | Sunday 19 July 2015
Proofs that Christ's love of His own can never cease, ranging from the immeasurable price paid for them, to the impotence of all forces seeking to block the flow of His love. Here is the kind reasoning that carries us over attacks on assurance.

Lessons Before the Entry into Canaan

7:30pm | Wednesday 15 July 2015
Israel's susceptibility to the Moabite strategy of penetration and corruption, and Satan's use of this today. Moses retired, the type of Christ to be unblemished for entry into the land. The Reubenites and our tendency to settle down rather than fight the Christian warfare.

God’s Explanation of Our Salvation

11:00am | Sunday 12 July 2015
Here is the solid foundation of assurance in all the problems and needs of living for Christ in an increasingly hostile world. Also, the great objective of election and calling - likeness to Christ - and the features of character that should mark us out for Him.

Regeneration and Gospel Persuasion

7:15pm | Wednesday 8 July 2015
Even preachers are often confused about whether they should use reasoning in Gospel preaching. Paul persuaded all the time, and so did Reformers, Puritans and preachers in Awakenings. The old Calvinistic view of regeneration compelled it, but today's view crushes it. What are the differences?

Communication With God

6:30pm | Sunday 5 July 2015
Before conversion, we do not realise how out of touch with God we are; how little we know about Him, and how unable we are to even address Him. This healing miracle by Christ teaches how channels of communication are opened by His loving kindness.

Sighs of The Spirit

11:00am | Sunday 5 July 2015
The incomparable privilege of having the Holy Spirit's prayers on our behalf; what they are, and what love they show. How they should greatly energise our prayers. Also, what is meant by 'all things' working for good, and why this is as much a challenge as a comfort.

Light from a False Prophet

7:30pm | Wednesday 1 July 2015
Why God used the phenomenon of an ass seeing the angel of the Lord and speaking. Balaam's true visions, and how he grasped the vulnerability of Israel should she lose her distinctiveness. The outcome - 'the doctrine of Balaam' - found to this day among evangelicals.

Spiritual Warfare

7:30pm | Wednesday 24 June 2015
From the meaning of the 'serpent of brass' to the lessons of Balaam's contradictions. A true prophet, and false; sincere, yet insincere; powerless, yet unleashing against God's people the most devastating and enduring Satanic strategy. Balaams surely 'live' today; the biblical record is for us.

Why We Should Believe Christ

6:30pm | Sunday 21 June 2015
Why should we believe the compassionate call of Christ to all souls? After 2000 years, how may we be sure that He is the Lord of life and the Saviour of souls? Here are the credentials of our Maker, the Son of God, Who came to save. Verily, verily, I…

The Longing of Creation

11:00am | Sunday 21 June 2015
Famous verses depicting the creation as a person subjected to the judgement imposed on mankind through sin, and looking forward to the end of the age, when it will be transformed into the home of the children of God. Here is the full, glorious picture.

The Word – Binding and Powerful

7:30pm | Wednesday 17 June 2015
The people craved a repentance-free, non-challenging religion, but God commands that His appointed worship be kept sacred. How His rules for ministry are disobeyed today. The profound message of the red heifer. Also the error of Moses that cost his entry into Canaan.